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Recommended paramotor powered paragliding equipment flight packages in Canada or how do I select proper set of PPG equipment? 

The most important deciding factor is your weight.

  • If you are less then 190 lb you can select any of the paramotor models offered: Miniplane 115 or 125

  • If you are 180 lb to over 220 lb:  BH 120 or Kangook Polini

  • If you are over 300 lb or want to fly trike you have to select: BH MZ 34 or Kangook BD 172 or SD B with BD 172

Important: Often people think that more powerful engine will make you fly faster but that is a common myth. Stronger engine will only increase your climb but not the speed. Your speed is given by your paraglider size and it's category.  

The rest of the choices are up to you. Once you decide which paramotor you wish to purchase then select the proper glider size. 

The simple rule is this: Add your total weight including your self, paramotor weight, rescue parachute weight and flight accessories. Then select proper size glider. It is common practice to overload glider by as much as 30 % over the recommended range.

For example: If your total weight is 190 lb you only have one choice - Fides 2 - XS (it is recommended to be between the Max flight weight and Max flight weight < 30 % on table below) but if you are 200 lb you have 2 choices Fides 2 - XS or Fides 26.  There is an article on glider selection here that will help you to decide which paraglider size would be better in this case.


Fides 2 - XS
Fides 26
Fides 28
Fides 30
Tandem Golem
Flight weight 
175 lb
198 lb
231 lb
275 lb
462 lb
Max flight weight < 30 %
up to 215 lb
up to 257 lb
up to 300 lb
up to 358 lb
up to 601 lb

You also should fly with rescue parachute:

Take care. Andre

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