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Dec 3/12    Stan - 5 more flights

Got together with Stan again. No wind at all. Stan used his glider for the first take off then we switched to one of mine (Cima K 2 M) as his does not work very well in no wind conditions - Stan then completed 4 more flights.

Take off

Nov 30/12    Stan working on his license

Stan came to me partially trained in USA with 2 flights on his belt. He is now working on his Canadian license.

Here are some excerpts from his log:

Powered training 2:30 to 5 pm 6 flights, all reverse inflation, first 3 in bumpy conditions, tried inflate with trims and half position - corrected, flight 2 could not get in seat seat adjusted, flight 4 too much flare corrected, all take off good, failed 4 forward launches,

Powered training 3  to 5 pm 8 flights, all reverse - even in very low wind, holding A lines under other lines corrected,  all take off good, all landinggs good, Fl;are not very smooth corrected

Powered training 1  to 3:30 pm 6 flights, all reverse - even in very low wind, Glidser does not work well in low wind situation, I have accidentally shut of fuel supply, forced landing handled well, one one landing Stan did not get out of seat and hit ground with frame hard, practiced tight turns,

Ground handling  First solo flight

  Getting ready  Prep

Nov 27/12    Greg - PPG course day two.

Very cold day. Worked on forward inflations, the wind picked up so we have mastered reverse inflation and reverse kiting skills. After 3 hrs Greg was ready for first solo flight. Forward inflation, great take off, no problem flying and very good landing. Perhaps bit too close to the bushes at the north side of the runway. I expected big celebration and happiness after first solo but Greg was not feeling well - he has problems with motion sickness so he was not feeling well. We have decided to sleep on this first flight.  We are planing  to fly on Friday so I will keep you posted. It would be too bad if Greg could not fly PPG because of this - he is definitely above average and would for sure enjoy this sport.

  Forward ground handling  First solo flight

  Great reverse ground handling skills in high winds

First solo flight after only 5 hrs of ground school and 5 hours of practical training. Very well done Greg - congratulations!

Nov 20/12    Greg starts his PPG course.

Completed ground school in am - issued SPP.  Worked on forward inflations as winds were light. After 1 hour Greg was able to inflate the paraglider with motor on his back. He is "natural" and will fly soon.

Nov 15/12    Garry - PPG course day 3.

Very nice day BUT no wind. Worked on forward inflations.  It is a slow go. Almost there but no cigar as Garry says.


Nov 14/12    Garry - PPG course day two.

Again very cold day. Worked on forward inflations as winds were light. Practiced riding trike. At the end Garry was able to inflate the paraglider with motor on his back. He will fly soon.

  Practice runs

Nov 13/12    Garry started his PPG course today.

We have completed ground school, issued SPP and put in 2 hrs of ground handling. Garry managed quite few forward inflations with pretty good control afterwards. It was cold!

Nov 12/12    Switch to Apple computer - no updates for while.

I needed new laptop and I have decided that I will switch to Apple. I can't seem to find any wyswig html editors in App store so this update is from my ancient laptop. So what is new? Both Anton and Bryan did very well in the course. Anton had 25 flights and Bryan 11 flight after 5 days of training. The weather turned bad on Thursday and both Anton and Bryan needed to be back home on Friday so that was it for this course. Bryan did not rush, he already has his private pilot license

Here is note from Anton:

----- Original Message -----

  • From: Anton

  • To: Andre Zeman

  • Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2012 12:51 PM

  • Subject: Thank-you


Thanks so much for the amazing PPG course.  There were times when I wondered if I should give up but you were there with great feedback, reminders of how there are things out of our control, and realistic perspectives on ones progress.  That really helped me relax, slow down, and enjoy the doing.  

If I was to leave a note for your future students I'd say this; exercise like crazy starting three months before your PPG lessons to get in shape.  It will allow you to practice twice as much and that means you'll learn that much faster. If you are looking for specifics then over three months work up to at least regular endurance running (5mph x 30min) with regular runners, sprinting (10mph x 30sec) and leg-ups(30) with heavy boots on. 

Looking back on what I learnt from you I have a hard time believing just how much you taught us and how much stuck in such a short time!  I'm definitely going to recommend you as an instructor to my Peterborough peeps who sat on the sidelines dreaming of the someday that they start PPG.  

Keep in touch,


Peterborough, ON

Anton take off.      

Sep 29/12    Anton and Bryan started their PPG course.

    Bryan in simulator         and ..... Anton in simulator

     Bryan ready for forward inflation     

     Dry motor run      


Sep 15/12    Irek ground handled and Markus added 5 more flights to his log book

  Irek under suspicious sky.. he is ready to fly!

Markus finally nailed his landings and cleaned his take offs. Very well done both of you.

Sep 13/12    See-Yong adds another 3 flights in his log book.


Sep 12/12    See-Yong adds another 2 flights in his log book.


Not bad for someone who is 63 yrs old. He does have to stop landing on his ass though...

Sep 12/12    See -Yong and Kiarash add 2 more flights each to their log books

  Kairash    Roger cruising....

  Future pilots....

Sep 11/12    Roger is flying a lot...

Sep 11/12  Stoney Creek Fly in - written by former student Paul Barker

Stoney has confirmed that the 22nd will be okay, so... the consensus rules, the 22nd it is. Andre Zeman of Powered Paragliding Ontario, has graciously agreed to fund the cost of the Port-A-Potty to take the strain off the Airport, so on behalf of everyone here, thanks much, Andre. I think we should maybe also, pass the hat, to the tune of five ten bucks, per pilot, to give to the EAA club, just to be gracious, for the use of the field, cutting the grass etc. making us welcome, etc.

Overnight camping is available onsite. Anyone who has any PPG related stuff for sale, bring it down, and we can see who's interested. Tell your friends who may be interested in learning to fly to drop by and look things over.

Let's hope for good weather.

Regards Paul Barker

Sep11/12    See-Yong - flight numero uno...


Yong has managed very nice forward inflation, great take off and handled him self in the air very well. Landed OK in no wind conditions but on his ass.... How about using your legs Yong? ;-)

Sep 10/12    Markus, Kiarash and See-Yong

Another great day at PPO. Markus added 3 more flights to his log book. Kiarash had a first solo flight in absolutely NIL wind conditions - thank you Cima K2 XL. See-Yong came all the way from Ottawa and started his course today. He was close to first solo flight but wind has died and we decided to wait till Tuesday.

Sep 9/12    Irek and Markus started their PPG course    Practicing powered runs

  Practicing powered runs

  Markus flight number 1

  Markus after flight number 1

Congratulation Markus on first solo flight! Great achievement after only 10 hrs of training. Irek will fly soon as well.

Sep 7/12  Kiarash started his PPG course on Friday Sep 7/12

 Kiarash in simulator

Sep 5/12    Lawrence came back for two more flights - flights 3 and 4


Sep 3/12    Lawrence is back in the air...

  Lawrence kiting    Lawrence flight two

Sep 3/12  Mark started his course on Saturday Sep 1/12

  Mark in simulator


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