Sep 5/11    Dave - PPG course - day 2 - morning.

We met at the field at 7:30 am to complete training tandem flight. By 7:45 when we were ready to go the wind started to pick up. Immediately after we took off it was clear that conditions are very turbulent. We completed quick circle and I have decided to land as we were getting tossed around pretty bad. Sorry Dave, not the best introductory flight. After landing we have packed up the tandem gear and went back to ground handling. Wind was strong and gusty but Dave was handling the glider like a pro. Near the end, he started to ground handle with paramotor on his back in very high and gusty winds. Doing very well. By 10:30 am wind started to be even stronger so we decided to pack up and go home. Dave did amazing job kiting. He will fly next time we see each other.


Sep 4/11    Dave starts PPG course.

Looking at the forecast for Sat it was clear that it will get very windy in the afternoon therefore when I met Dave at 8 am at Peaks we decided to reverse things a bit. We will use the morning for ground handling and do ground school and that is what we did. Ground handling in am and ground school in pm.


Dave picked up his kiting skills very quickly he will fly in no time.

  Dave ground handling.

Sep 2/11    Tandem flight with Chris.

Amazing morning flight on my tandem trike with my friend Chris. There was layer of thick fog near ground that we had to fly through. Very weird feel. Once at 300 ft AGL we started to break through and above was amazing sunshine. The flight lasted about 1 hr and 15 min and was probably one of the smoothest flights I have ever had. Great time.

Aug 28/11    Tandem flight with Steve.

Steve has been watching PPG videos for over a year and finally decided that he wants to try what it is like to fly like a bird...

   Actually it was his wife Cindy that treated him to this flight.

Aug 28/11    Additional course.

I am going to start additional PPG course on Sep 4 and 5. The rest of the days will be scheduled individually. I still have room for one more person. Call or email if interested.

Take care 


Aug 28/11    Two  more students for PPG training - Aug 27/11.


Don (left) and Karan (right) started PPG course at 10 am in the morning. By 7 pm Don managed solo trike flight - great take off but bit rough landing. Karan flew twice foot launching Miniplane 115 and large Cima K2 paraglider. The first flight he did not run enough and jumped in the seat. Got lucky - there was plenty of power to get him off the ground. His lending was great. Second take off was perfect, flight too then Karan decided to land on his own, not telling me what he was planning to do and of course did not give him self enough altitude, did not shut engine off, stumbled on touch down and just by luck did not parablend the paraglider. Next time, Karan,  make sure you tell me what you want to do. As you see you are not that good yet.

Congrats on pretty good  flights guys!

Taryl also flew first solo but his flight was not the best. The biggest problem was that right after take off Taryl decided that he wants to fly low to the ground to stay safe. That is one of the worst thing that student can do. Altitude give us safety and time to think things through - at 50 ft any decrease in power brings student dangerously close to the ground and forced/unplanned landing is possible. This low flying combined with major rocking of the canopy caused by Taryl holding his right steering toggle by his shoulder, which is too low,  and of course any time he would let go of the left steering toggle such as to try to get seated, the aircraft would swing to the right. So Taryl would then immediately give up on what he was doing grab left brake and yank it down. This made for very unstable flight close to the ground which was not fun for me to watch  - I like adrenaline but in small doses please. I have tried to talk to him on radio but he was not responding. Basically he was in panic mode. He landed after about 5 min on his own, not quite remembering most of his flight.  I guess after flight like this things can only get better.

Long day, I am very tired

Aug 26/11    Taryl started his PPG training today.


Aug 21/11    Lupo and Andrew - evening training Aug 20/11.

Aug 21/11    Lupo and Andrew - evening training Aug 20/11.

Lupo called me up few days back and asked if he could continue with his training. Last time we train was July 2010 with 12 flights total so far. Sometimes if someone is takes so much time off from flying when they come back we have to start from scratch./ Not in Lupo's case. He was able to jump in and quickly complete 7 more flight. All but one were forward inflations - he was using Fides 28 by Sky Paragliders and Nomad B paramotor with Black Devil motor.


Andrew did 1 hour of ground handling. I have purchased CIMA K2 glider from Sky Paragliders known to be one of the best gliders out there for the ease of use and safety - also quite expensive though. I have also fitted XL harness onto my large Miniplane and this combo did the trick. Andre completed 3 flights. The first take of was quite messy as Andrew pulled a lot of break as he was leaving the ground also after very soft landing his legs were not used to turning from a bird to a human again so he ended up on his ass.  His second and third flights were flawless. Congrats Andrew on first 3 solo flights.


Aug 18/11    Nice note from Pat re:  tandem flight - morning Aug 14/11.


Just had to take a minute to thanks for a great flight on Sunday. I know the weather gods did smile on us but, that was still the best thrill ride ever, I am hooked! I have been up in ultralight aircraft before but the paraglider was so much smoother. The take off was short and very smooth and the ride could only be compared to a hot air balloon but faster. I could hardly believe the level of  control offered by a paraglider and the landing was the softest I have ever experienced on any airplane ride. I truly can not wait to get air borne again.

So, you have me sold, I will be in touch, very soon, to get into the next flying course you offer and to discuss options for something to fly.

Did I mention I'm hooked? Thanks again,

See you soon

Patrick Winter"

  Pat shortly after landing

Aug 14/11    Nice note. 

From: Michelle []
Sent: August-14-11 10:58 AM
Subject: Re: Tandem flight

Hi Andre, 

Just wanted to let you know that Claude thoroughly enjoyed his tandem flight.  He's still on cloud nine.  His video turned out great.  He's been watching your website for over a year and to actually do it in person was a dream come true.  I'm sure you will be seeing him in the future.  It was a pleasure meeting you and once again thank you. 

Michelle & Claude.

Aug 14/11    Yet another superb tandem flight - morning Aug 14/11.

Took Pat up on introductory training flight. Nice 1 hour around Niagara Falls and Niagara parkway. Pat promised he will write few words about his experience so I will post it as soon as he emails it to me. No pressure Pat! Chi chi.

  Pat shortly after landing

Aug 13/11    Yet another great tandem flight - morning Aug 12/11.

Took Claude up on introductory training flight. Nice 1 hour around Niagara Falls and Niagara parkway.

  Claude and me shortly after landing

Aug 10/11    Nice note.

From: Francois [mailto:Francois@....]
Sent: August-09-11 7:32 PM
Subject: RE: Flying yesterday.

Good evening Andre, 

I want to thank you very much for all your help yesterday; The flight really made it all worth while; 

I am still quite concern with the take-off but I remain optimistic. I especially appreciate that you recognized my limitations and gave me regular break to recover; This is a sign of a good instructor and it definitely makes all the difference; I did not feel push and this is why it was successful; 

Again, thanks a million


Aug 9/11    Brian on trike.

Brian is a local guy thinking about taking our trike course soon. He came down to look and try the equipment he would be training on.

Aug 9/11    Another flight for Francois - Aug 8/11.

Started at 1 pm with 5 hrs of ground handling. Good but thermally conditions. By 6 pm. Francois was ready to fly. Since it was overcast till lunch. I went of quick flight to test the air but we still had strong thermals at 7 pm. Waited another 20 min. Then Francois took of and spent 45 min in lovely and smooth air.


Aug 8/11    Another successful tandem flight - Aug 7/11.

Took Rob up on introductory training flight. Nice 1 hour around Niagara Falls and Niagara parkway.

  Rob and me before take off.


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