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July 4/11    Thursday June 30; finally flight for my self - write up by my flying buddy Mark

I had to borrow a neighbour's ladder to climb into my garage through the roof access, past a wasp nest. I'd locked myself out and needed to grab my new wing for an evening flight with Andre. We met up at Andre's place and drove to the airfield only to find that the wind was pretty strong. I decided to get the new glider out to see how it ground handles. I was excited to get it out of the bag for the FIRST time. It handled well, coming up quickly and locking into place. After a few minutes of messing about with the wing it was apparent that the wind was not too bad so we fuelled up, suited up and got ready for an evening flight. Andre launched first. Then I was up next. I still love these lighter machines. They are so easy to launch. We flew south towards Lake Erie and over some nice properties. I chased a deer for several hundred metres across freshly ploughed land. It was kicking up dust as it ran and looked like the gazelles you see on safari documentaries (only slower!). We were thinking about investigating a huge fire over in Thorold, but Andre radioed that his spark plug boot was loose and we decided that with the wind direction it was probably not worth the trek. We later found out that it was a scrap yard that was burning for a day or two! After that we headed back so that Andre could secure the spark plug boot. We landed back at the field. Five minutes, and one zip-tie later we were in the air again. This time we headed out low to do some ground skimming in the large open fields, now that Andre was confident his ignition was to work.. We saw more wildlife and I tried to chase a second deer, but it disappeared into woodland before I got close to it. After a quick fly by of the local campsite we headed back, people waving at us as usual. A cool beer was all we needed to wrap up the evening, although at the prices we were charged you usually get a free show!

  Andre    Fire    Mark


On this on one you can actually see how I am pushing back the spark plug boot in flight. Got zapped pretty good...

Much needed great flight.

June 30/11    Sunday June 25 at the field.

Andrew ground handled more, unfortunately when he was ready to fly wind has died off completely and it did not happen for him. Ian added 3 more flights to his log book.


June 21/11    Sunday June 18 at the field.

I met Sebastian and Andrew at the field at 4 pm for ground handling. Wind was coming from NE at about 8 kts. So very good conditions for kiting. Ian has arrived at 6 pm ready to fly so I took off for quick flight to check air. Unfortunately the air was very turbulent as it always is with E wind and sometime with NE or SE winds as well. So Sebastian and Andrew were working on their kiting skills and me and Ian talked about some paramotor purchase choices. Another hour later I have tried again but still very turbulent air. Sebastian had enough, was tired and went home. I later told Ian that it will not be flyable today and so at the end it was just Andrew and my self. His kiting got to the point where I put motor on his back and he did quite well forward inflating without any issues. I am pretty sure he will fly on his next training day.


June 18/11    Andrew starts PPG course.

Ground school first as usual.


Then off to the field to work on ground handling and powered run practice.


Ian came as well later on to complete 7 more flight in absolutely amazing air.


June 15/11    Brothers Oleg and Vasyl fly again - video

I have to figure out what makes the awful clicking sound. 

June 15/11    Brothers Oleg and Vasyl fly again.

There was hardly any wind at the field so at one point I thought. Bummer. These guys came all the way from Toronto for nothing. Then wind picked up a little bit. Oleg got in the air first and Vasyl followed shortly after. Since conditions were not very good for many short flights, I let these guys fly and fly and fly in incredible warm and smooth air...

  Vasyl on left and Oleg on right.

June 12/11    Introductory flight with Anne and Michel.

I have been emailing with Michel about the possibility to go on tandem flight. The forecast for Monday night was good. I hour flight with Anne and another 1 hour sunset flight with Michel. Landed just after sunset.

  Mosquitoes were ate us us alive after klanding but other then that great flights!


June 6/11   Jose - training day # 4 - June 5/11.

Met Jose at the field at 6 pm and we went to straight to flying. George, who I was emailing with for while, showed up to check out the sport. The conditions were quite nice and for next 2.5 hours Jose was taking off and landing. Jose added 9 more flights to his log book with couple of flights being 30 min long as conditions at the field were absolutely awesome. All were forward inflations with well done take offs and great landings. Equipment used - Miniplane 125 and 115 and Sky paraglider Fides 2 size XS. This set up works like a charm!

Jose in the air    Jose's father

May 31/11   Ian - first solo flight - May 30/11.

Ian started his training in fall of 2010 but was only able to come down for first two days - Sat and Sunday. He since purchased his own Fides 26 paraglider to save time and practiced ground handling on his own. We got together last night for more training. After 2.5 hrs Ian's ground handling skills were up to a standard required for the first solo flight attempt. After verbally going through all that new pilot needs to know on first solo flight to refresh Ian's memory he was off on second try. He then flew one more time. Great but very hot and humid session also grass at the field is very tall and can not be cut as the tractor would disappear in mud! I can't believe how wet this spring and summer is so far.

     Ian - flight # 1 

Congratulation Ian on your first two solo flights!

May 19/11   Jose - training day # 3 - May 9/11.

Met Jose at the field at 4:30 pm. Few other visitors showed up to check out the sport. The conditions were quite turbulent for next 2.5 hours but things finally mellowed down around 7 pm. In 1.5 hour Jose added 5 more flights to his log book. All were forward inflations with well done take offs and great landings.

May 8/11   Jose - training day # 2.

Met Jose at the field at 2 pm to work on ground handling. After 1.5 hr of fine tuning his skills Jose was ready to kite with paramotor on his back.

   Jose and Miniplane 115  

We first needed to practice the powered runs which look like this:      Pretty silly eh?

Jose did fine, so we started to ground handle with the motor on Jose's back. After another 1.5 hr he was ready to solo. I have checked the air by going up for quick flight. Too bumpy. We waited another 1/2 hour, I have checked air again and it was good. In no time Jose was up in the air and proceeded to do that 4 more times. 5 flights were completed. Congrats Jose on your first solo + 4 more flights to log. Not bad after only 15 hrs of training.

May 7/11   Stuart picking up his Polini based Kangook.

This is first Kangook paramotor I have laid my hand on. I got to say. Very very nice unit with some unique features. Also the Polini engine is one beautiful piece of machinery. You can tell it was produced by large industrial company. Also the way Polini ships the motor is professional too. The engine was mounted in steel frame that was then placed inside of heavy duty cardboard box.

   Polini    Stuart and his new unit

May 6/11   First course of 2011 - day six Thursday.

Forecast was good so the plan was to do last morning session as George needed to head out Thursday mid day. We met at 7 am. George got 2 more flights in but thermals started to kick in unusually early and we had to pack up at 8:30. George is now ready to write and hopefully pass the ULTRA exam with Transport Canada. Congrats George on 13 flight completed despite the terrible rainy weather we had.


May 5/11   First course of 2011 - day five Wednesday.

It was raining when I went to be so I thought there is almost no chance that it will be somewhat dry in the morning. Woke up at 5:50 am. Yikes! Sidewalk in front of our house is dry so I texted George to be at field at 7 am. He confirmed so 45 min later I have my rubber boots on and am setting the paramotor and glider to be ready when George arrives. 10 to 7 - George is here. Nice steady wind so we go right into more flights. In couple hours George manages 5 more flights. So far we have 11 - all well done with some minor issues on landings.. Thermals are starting to kick and I also have 10 am doctors appointment so we pack up and leave. Forecast for the afternoon and evening shows very high winds and gusty conditions so most likely that is it for today.


May 4/11   First course of 2011 - day four Tuesday.

Rained all day - rest day

May 3/11   First course of 2011 - day three Monday - Video.

George - flight # 3 - out of six 

May 2/11   First course of 2011 - day three Monday.

Heavy rain this morning. Started to taper off around lunch time. No rain at 2 pm. Nice 7 kts breeze. I have arrived at the field at 3:30. Went for test flight. Pretty smooth with occasional minor bump, 8 - 10 kts wind south wind. George arrived and we went straight to flying. After short prep talk, George was ready to go. Reverse inflation, good run, minor attempt top sit down too early but kept running. Good take off. Short flight and perfect landing. Over the course of 3 hrs George managed 6 foot launch flights each lasting 12 - 15 min - not bad for someone who is 60. (I hope the age is not a secret George.) Half way through our training we took 30 min break and it just so happened that Rick V, who is amazing acrobatic pilot, has showed up to practice at the field with his Sukhoi. What a great display of amazing manoeuvres - super fun to watch.


Great afternoon that we have finished off with pint of beer. It does not get any better. Congrats George on your first (+ 5 more) PPG flights.

May 1/11   First course of 2011 - day two Sunday.

There was only short possibility to do any practical stuff this morning as winds were forecasted to gust up to 20 knots by 9 am. It was not worth for Jose to drive in for such short window of opportunity so it was just me and George starting at 6:30 am. Ouch! We ground handled both forward and reverse. Then did the same with motor on. Practiced powered runs and got familiar with all the aspects of paramotor. Then we watched and discussed the "Risk and Reward" training video. Great morning. George is ready to fly solo.


April 30/11   First course of 2011 started today.

Two students - George who traveled all the way from Thunder Bay and Jose from Toronto. We accomplished the usual stuff. Ground school, Pre solo exam, Student pilot permit. Then off to the field to do some ground handling. We finished at 7 pm with tandem flights. Very successful day. George had some previous PG experience and is pretty much ready to fly. Too bad forecast sucks for tomorrow. Jose need some more ground handling but he is getting it quickly too.


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