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April 26/11   Equipment for sale - contact Curt directly c_davey@sympatico.ca

Dear Andre,

I wrote to you about a month ago concerning my father, Ted Davey's Walkerjet with MZ 34 engine and Sky Paraglider - Tandem wing - model Golem. If you recall, you had said that if we sent you some photos you would post a 'for sale' notice on your website, and that the gear is worth anywhere between 6000 - 7000 Cad.

The ppg is in excellent condition, having always been garaged and well cared for between a total of approximately 12 flights. Due to Dad's failing health there were only a couple of flights in the past year, the final one being October 16th. As you can see in one photo it includes a set of custom made skis for winter use. We also have a dump-type box trailer which was specially modified to carry the ppg. Considering the condition and low use, I would like to ask $7000 or best offer for the Walkerjet complete, and $1000 for the trailer.

I hope this letter finds you in good health and flying above the clouds. As Dad was fond of saying, Rise Up!

Best Regards, Curt Davey

April 26/11   I have a foreign PG or PPG license - can I fly in Canada?

The answer is unfortunately NO. See below:


If i have a Sweden Paramotor license can i use that to fly in Canada. I am from NY and i took a course in Sweden and received Sweden license PPG 1.

thanks James O.....



I just double checked that with Transport Canada. Your license from Sweden has unfortunately no credit here in Canada. To fly in Canada you would need to complete 20 hrs of ground school, pass ULTRA exam and complete minimum of 30 flights (5 hrs total - minimum) under supervision of Canadian Instructor.

Take care


April 8/11     Season starting very late.

I went to the field on Thursday to test fly couple of units that went through yearly carburetor maintenance and engine tune up etc. I met Claudiu who wanted to see PPG and meet as he is considering taking course. The runway is still unbelievably wet and i could not drive my truck onto it as I did not want to damage the grass. Luckily wind was coming from N so it was not very far to walk from where my car was left at the entrance. I flew several times to test the units to make sure that they all work properly and are ready for the season. This was around 1:30 pm and thermals were starting to kick in. I could do this demo in the middle of the day as the morning was completely overcast. It was nice to get in the air - I did not have gloves so each flight was only 5 min or so because my hands got very cold very quickly.

Jan 4/11     Course dates for 2011 set.


Nov 4/10     Training with Vasyl and Oleg.

What a great afternoon we had yesterday. Sunny, warm and slight breeze. Just as we met at the field cumulus clouds started to pop all over the sky, clear sign of thermal activity. I took of for short flight to see if air is bumpy; it was nice flying but bit too rough for students. We decided to ground handle for a while. After about 1 hr or so. I checked the air again and it was suitable for flying. Oleg took off for nice flight and stayed up good 30 min even it was quite chilly and he had no gloves. Vasyl got ready, took off on second try and started to cruise around but 5 min into the flight Vasyl's glider got pretty good collapse. There was plenty of height so I just said on the radio "hand up, hands up". Couple seconds later the glider was back to normal and Vasyl continued to fly. I was carefully observing his canopy and after another 5 min or so decided that it will be better if he lands. Good landing. I took of for yet another test flight. Air was smooth first but after about 5 min I also felt sudden jerk out of nowhere. It was weird; usually there is some warning. I landed checked the forecast, looked at Vasyl's barometer that was dropping rapidly and decided that we should pack up for the day.

  Vasyl     Oleg

Congratulations Vasyl on your first flight.

Nov 2/10     Private courses available.

I am able to teach private (one on one) PPG course any time from now till Xmas. I will suit your schedule. If interested please call 905 988 5013 or email zemanandre@yahoo.com

Oct  31/10     Ground handling with Ian.

Sunday afternoon was bit windy then forecasted. My self and Ian spent 3 hrs learning how to reverse inflate and stabilize paraglider. I did go for a quick flight with one of the Miniplanes to make sure it works well. I just did bunch of preventive maintenance on this unit. I did not like the conditions at all. Very windy, very gusty. Good but tiring session. Not for me but for Ian. ;-)

Oct  14/10     Lynx helmets, headsets and radio gear

I am now a dealer for Lynx products. This is the stuff professionals use. Check it out here. www.lynx-avionics.com The quality is top notch. I know because I just purchased and tested their Micro system. Wow! Works great!

Oct  14/10     Introductory flight with Ben and Mike

I have been emailing with Mike for the last 4 weeks about the possibility to go on tandem flight. He came out while back to check us out at the field. His next step was to see if he will like the actual flight. At 4:30 pm Ben, his son, was ready to go. Nice take off, bumpy 1 hr flight and good landing. We had to do a temp fix on the unit - the spark plug boot needed to be re-fastened. After this was done I took off with Mike and we had a perfect flight. The air was smooth as butter. I also tried my new communication system from Lynx. It is absolutely awesome. It makes all the difference. After we landed, it started to drip rain a bit so I quickly packed and drove back to Peaks to store my unit. Great two flight, two happy co-pilots.


Oct  14/10     PPG course starting Sep 26/10 - day 6 - Thursday - morning

8 more flights to go for Ryan. Conditions at the field were perfect again. Ryan started to work on his last eight flights. All was going well. On second last flight I had Ryan try "Big Ears" - an emergency descent technique. Well done so on last flight we wanted to practice some tight turns. Ryan was up, I called 4 inches on left brake, then another 3 and next thing I know Ryan is in pretty tight spiral... There was not a lot of extra altitude so I yelled, release, release which he did and came out of it with some rocking and pitching. It was too close for my comfort. Lesson learned, student needs to be at least 2000 ft and entry must be more gradual. This was Ryan's flight number 30 and he successfully completed practical part of the course. Congrats! Well done!

Oct  1/10     PPG course Sep 26/10 - day 5 - Wednesday - afternoon.

Ryan talks about his PPG course experience from way up there...

Sep  30/10     PPG course starting Sep 26/10 - day 5 - Wednesday - afternoon.

Back at the field at 4 pm. I did quick test flight. Too turbulent to fly for student. We went for coffee, came back 1 hour later. Good but weak conditions. Ryan added another 3 flights to his log book. We are now at 22 flights and Ryan is taking off and landing on his own.

Sep  30/10     PPG course Sep 26/10 - day 5 - Wednesday - morning.

We have arrived at the field at 9 am planning to go back to solo flying. Great conditions. From 9 am to 12 noon Ryan managed 16 solo flights for total of 19 in his log book.

              Ryan celebrating flight number 10.

Sep  30/10     PPG course starting Sep 26/10 - day 4 - Tuesday.

Very windy and raining - rest day

Sep  30/10     PPG course starting Sep 26/10 - day 3 - Monday morning.

Ian had to go back to work so it was just me and Ryan. It was on the breezy side with wind coming from east. Too turbulent to fly but very good conditions for reverse handling. We spent 3 hours mastering kiting in reverse position. Ryan has got it. At noon it started to rain and the rest of the day was write off.

Sep  29/10     PPG course starting Sep 26/10 - day 2 - Sun.

I have arrived at the field at 8 am planning to take students on do tandem flight.

       Ryan and I

          Ian and I

It was very calm. Both students had a chance to control aircraft in the air, make turns, work the throttle thus change altitude. It was great. The Xenit trike will be amazing tool in process of teaching PPG. We then proceeded to forward inflation ground handling.

By 11:30 am we had very light and variable conditions so we decided to take break for lunch. We were back at it at 2 pm. After another 2 hrs of ground handling Ryan was ready for first flight. Success. He was off on first try and shortly after added another two flights.

Ian will fly on day three for sure. Good two days so far. Well done Ryan. Congrats on your first solo + 2 more flights.

Sep  28/10     PPG course Sep 25/10 - day 1 - Sat.

Two students in this course. Ian on the left and Ryan on right.

  Ground school in the morning. Student pilot permits issued.

Park preparations in the afternoon:

    Learning hook up for forward and reverse.

   My favorite tree branch and power simulator.

Learning how to properly run using the motor for forward motion

We have finished at 5:30. There was no ground handling as winds were up to 22 knots.

Sep  27/10     Solo flights on tandem trike to brake in the engine in.

I have flown the Xenit trike on Sunday morning and again Tuesday morning. In both cases I have used Tandem glider as I wanted to take it nice and easy on the new engine.


This trike comes with Simonini Mini 2 engine equipped with 2 blade 1.5 meter carbon fibre prop. It was very easy to inflate the glider and given the fact that I was using tandem glider I was in the air using 1/3 of the throttle only climbing steadily - this machine is very powerful. I was able to maintain level flight at 20 % of RPM. It is very comfortable, and very well designed. The best part is that it can be flown solo and tandem as well. Another great feature is that it will collapse to a very small box. It takes about 10 min to make it look like this.

Coming in to land on my second flight the thermals were already kicking in and for about 15 min I simply could not get down. The Xenit is only 58 kg, I am 80 kg = 138 kg. The Tandem glider is rated 140Kg to 210 kg. I was on very light side getting tons of lift and basically had to wait till thermals passed before I was able to land. Not even tight turn would bring me down. I had a lot of fun. The engine has now 2.5 hrs on it so next time I fly I will use the Fides 30 as I can take it bit harder on the engine. Can't wait to share my experience with new students.

Sep  9/10     Tandem introductory flight available soon.

I have purchased the Xenit PPG trike that I plan to use for introductory training flights. I will fly it first for 5 hrs solo to brake in the engine then I will be able to take passengers up to 190 lb for intro flights. These flights will mostly be conducted very early in the morning to ensure most pleasant experience with no bumps, wind or thermals or near the sunset.

Cost will be $ 250 + HST for 1 hour flight or $ 450 + HST for two 1 hour flights back to back if you want to bring a friend or girlfriend along. $ 100 + HST will be credited back to you if you sign up for PPG training.

Sep  8/10     PPG course starting Aug 28/10 - day six Thursday morning

Forecast was favourable for training session in the morning as wind in the afternoon were supposed to exceed our 20 km/h per hour limit.

Kevin quickly flew 9 times managing all landings on his own including one touch and go and all forward inflations. I think we nailed his gear package. Miniplane along with Fides 2 - size XS is perfect for him.


Jim added two more flights in his log. Both forward inflations as well.


Well done guys. Congrats on becoming PPG pilots!

Sep  8/10     PPG course starting Aug 28/10 - day five

Unfortunately it was too windy and we could not conduct any training.

Sep  2/10     PPG course starting Aug 28/10 - day four - Tuesday afternoon Aug 31/10

Excellent conditions. Jim quickly added third flight to his log. It was quite long flight and Jim really got good feel for turns, power use and general flight behaviour. Former student Arthur showed up and asked if he could try one of my Miniplanes along with Fides glider. In no tome he was in the air loving the Miniplane. Jim set up for his second flight but realized he was bit sore and tired so he decided that one great flight is good for him. Kevin was still struggling with reverse inflation so we switched to forward and used smaller glider Fides 2. That was it, he quickly managed 5 solo flights with perfect take offs and landings. Good work.

Sep 1/10     PPG course starting Aug 28/10 - day three - Monday afternoon Aug 30/10

Perfect day. Jim and Kevin managed two solo flights each using reverse inflation in all cases.

  Jim after first solo     Kevin in the air

  Kevin "flying high"

Congrats pilots on your first solo flights! Now you have to buy me brewski...

Aug 30/10     PPG course starting Aug 28/10 - day two - Sunday afternoon Aug 29/10

Great day. Both Jim and Kevin improved their ground handling skills to the pint where they started to kite with motors on their back. They will fly most likely fly first solo tonight - Monday

Lupo came back and managed 7 take offs and landings. Well done.



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