May 6, 2003         If you have fast connection you MUST see this video. (59 MB)

Unbelievable 300 km tandem flight in Nepal on paraglider Vector/Discovery manufactured by Gradient - another great Czech paraglider manufacturer. (This is a high resolution video and even with high speed connection the video may be "jerky" so you may have to right click on the link above and  "save as" on your hard drive first and then play.)

May 5, 2003         Knots to kilometer conversion demystified:

  So maximum wind to fly in is 10 knots!

May 4, 2003         I have miss placed my cell phone:

Those of you trying to get hold of me by calling my cell are out of luck. Call me at 905 988 5013 until I sort this out.

May 4, 2003         Czech pilot tosses spare:

This video (8 MB) is worth the wait - spiral on performance glider gets out of control and pilot is forced to toss his rescue parachute... To download this video right click on this link and choose save target as. This file is DivX movie file. If you can not open this file, download (700 kb) and install the Playa viewer by right clicking on this link

May 2, 2003         PPG course on April 26 and 27, 2003:

Who? Stella Artois and one happy pilot Steve.

It was a great day. My students acquired 2.5 hours of flight time. Congrats guys. I am proud of your achievement.

  Who? Orest ground handling with paramotor on.  Read more here.

May 1, 2003         Super super long flight:

....OK, loosen the straps holding the auxiliary gas tank, lift it as high as possible and tip it slowly. I see the fuel draining and I am only hoping it is draining into the main.... Done! I peek over the left comfort bar and see that my main fuel tank is now 85 % full and I still have about half in my spare tank. Great except all of a sudden I am noticing that while I was re-fueling the weather has changed to worse..... "Kurva doprdele to mi tak jeste schazelo." (bunch of Czech swore words) The visibility has dropped and I do not think I have any forward speed. Geeeee Andre, what did you get your self into this time? I look around examining the clouds and do not see any possible threats. It all looks OK so why can I barely see 2 - 3 km?..... Read more here.


April 29, 2003         Anybody for flight tomorrow?

Super forecast for tomorrow..... Anybody for flight? Chris? I would like to take off before sunrise and see it + take pictures from the air.....

April 26, 2003         Sure way to crash.

A few days back I have received this email from a new PPG pilot and recent WJ Paramotor purchaser:


Thanks, ... How does it look for some flying tomorrow evening around 5:00? The weather for Buffalo predicts partly cloudy around 45 degrees F some sun and 15 - 25 mph south winds.... 

This person was seriously thinking of going flying in the 15 - 25 mph south winds.....???!! I thought I would make it easy for you guys and save you some experimenting. Here is a few pointers on how to get hurt.... Read more here

April 26, 2003         Super long flight:

I woke up this morning and first thing that went through my mind was ....I am going to pleasure my self..... ;-) 

Oh, come on guys.... (and girls) not the way you think... I have peeked out the window it was sunny and the leaves on the walnut tree in front of our house were not moving at all.... Awesome weather for a flight! I have been spending a lot of time with my PPG students a that usually means that I do not get to fly much. Sure, little demo here, little demo there, but that is not the same as nice long sunny flight. I have decided to use an auxiliary fuel tank on this one as I wanted to stay in the air for at least 2 - 2.5 of hours without worrying about the fuel level. So here is my Simon XC plus formally RR with extra tank mounted on one comfort bar and rescue parachute on the other - all that you need for a long possibly thermal flight..... Read more here.



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