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May 12/09      Note from Mike H who was in Sep 2008 course.

From: Michael H
Sent: May-05-09 11:06 PM
To: Andre Zeman
Subject: RE: Flying last weekend

Hi Andre, 

Just to keep you posted, I went flying last Sunday morning in west Toronto down by the lake at a clearing beside a park.  That was my 26th flight. I arrived at 7:00 AM and there was no wind and the grass was very wet.  This was a secluded area - almost no people just beside a very large parcel of contaminated fenced in land.  After a few attempts I realized that a 2mph wind kept changing direction and made it difficult for me to keep the now very wet wing flying.  I aborted about 6 attempts. 

I decided to wait for some wind, and wait for the sun to dry off the wing.  Around 9:30 a slight breeze started from the south east - off Lake Ontario - directly on shore.  It was about a 5mph wind.  Just enough to make a forward inflation easily hold up the now dry wing.  The take off was non eventful and I flew along the lakeshore and occasionally over the edge of the contaminated land.  Being on the water, there seemed to be no thermal activity despite the time of day. The flight was about an hour long ending with a nice landing. 

I would still like some more advice on forward inflations with no wind - I must be doing something wrong (probably not running hard enough!).  So I keep watching your web site for times you may be available - I will get out to see you again soon.. 

Michael H.

Mike in the middle.

May 10/09      May 2009 PPG course - Day 3 with Doruk - Thursday May 7, 2009

Forecast looked OK for Thursday so Doruk came again. Wind was forecasted from SW at 10 knots and it looked like we will have a very good conditions for first solo flight. When I have arrived at the field conditions were less the ideal. Gusty winds from SW up to 25 km/h. Not very good for the first solo. I took off for test flight and sure enough, the air was far too turbulent. Se we spent another 2 hrs working on Doruk's ground handling technique and used hand tow rope to improve his forward control. At 7:30 pm wind started to decrease but it also started to rain gently. I took off for another flight and noticed the air has improved a lot. It looked like the rain will only last 10 min or so we decided to wait. We sat in  my car and watched the "risk and reward" video focusing on the take off chapter. After 15 min or so rain ended. We still had some breeze so I gave Doruk the option to fly. He took it and soon after he was ready to go. Good inflation, power, run but the Doruk simply sat down too early. Not a big deal, we laid out the glider again, I have stressed the need for continuous run till one is in the air and also told Doruk that he was lucky not to break the propeller. On his second try he has repeated the very same mistake. This time the prop did touch the ground and chunk went missing. Bummer. It was getting quite dark so I did not bother to pull out spare prop from my trailer and mount it. We packed and went home. Too bad; Doruk was so close to first flight two times but each time the urge to sit in the seat before aircraft had sufficient air speed prevented him from flying.

May 9/09      May 2009 PPG course - Day 2 with Doruk - Tuesday May 5, 2009

Doruk and I got together on Tuesday. (Albert is busy till Sat) Wind forecast was for NE gradually turning to E. Velocity 18 km/h. This will be good for reverse handling but air may not be flyable as east winds are always messy. We spent another 2 hrs ground handling and the ground handled with paramotor on Doruk's back. After 30 min struggling he made a transition and was ready for solo flight. I hoped in for test flight and like I expected the air was very very turbulent. Not good conditions for first flight. We will have to wait till another day.


So far this year the weather for flying had been terrible. I can count the number of good days on fingers of one hand. Bummer!

May 7/09      May 2009 PPG course - Day 2 with Albert - Monday May 4, 2009

Doruk could not make it for training on Monday so it was my self and Albert at the field. We spent couple hours ground handling and Albert was really getting the hang of it. By 6 pm winds started to come down and we proceeded to ground handle with paramotor on Albert's back. This is the most physically demanding part of the course. Albert made quick transition and his skills were ready for first solo flight. We got set up, went over all info related to take off, flight and landing including emergency procedures. By the time Albert was strapped in wind has dropped to 7 or so km/h so faster run will be required for take off. After forward inflation, Albert started to add power, I gave him the go ahead and he started to run and increase power to full. After about 30 feet of running he went off power. I assume he got discouraged by the speed of the run. No problem. I have a=explained that in lower winds one has to run fast to take off and we got ready again. This time there was even less wind. I again stressed the need for fast run. Again successful forward inflation, good control, power to full so now Albert is running down the runway under full power. It is just matter of time before he takes off but again he decided that this was too fast for him and aborted. Too bad. It was all there on the other hand I would much prefer is students decide to abort if they do not fell 100 %. We will have another day with more wind and it will be better as with more wind one does not have to run so fast. Good day, we have progressed a lot. Good work Albert.

May 8/09      Not available for training.

I will not be available for any training from May 31 to June 10. Sorry for the inconvenience.

May 3/09      Two students in our May 2, 2009 class - Albert and Doruk.


May 3/09      No flying today - Sunday.

To all students. Forecast is no good for today. It will be windy till 8 pm. No flying.

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

Output produced by TAFs form (1417 UTC 03 May 2009)
found at http://adds.aviationweather.noaa.gov/tafs/index.php 

Text: FM031800 23012G20KT P6SM SCT250
Forecast period: 1800 UTC 03 May 2009 to 0000 UTC 04 May 2009
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the SW (230 degrees) at 14 MPH (12 knots; 6.2 m/s)
gusting to 23 MPH (20 knots; 10.4 m/s)
Visibility: 6 or more miles (10+ km)
Clouds: scattered clouds at 25000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather forecast for this period


April 30/09      Next PPG course starts this Saturday.

We still have 2 spaces available. Book now, start on Saturday morning and you most likely fly solo for the first time in your life on Sunday evening. YOU CAN also do this!

April 27/09      First flights of the season - write up by Mark

Andre picked me up at around 3:30pm. We had three students booked in: Mike, Texas and Eduardo. The forecast wasnít great but the weather looked like it might cooperate, so we headed off to the Sodom Road field. Conditions looked great as we pulled off the road. There was a light breeze, enough for a reverse launch. Andre was trying out a new engine and propeller combination and wondered if I might put some time on the engine. He warned me that it might be a little underpowered.


April 25/09      Text me please.

To save time and money I would prefer that those of you who have my cell number text me rather then call if you have a simple question such as "Will there be demo on Sunday?" or "Will you fly on Sat? Can I come?" or such. I will text you right back. I appreciate if you could. Thanks Andre

April 21/09      "My first flight." by Mike D.

April 16, 2009

I came close to flying my first day of training. I had bought my glider, received some initial training from Andre and practiced ground handling several weeks before starting the course. After taking the ground school course, Andre checked the detailed forecast and the winds were favourable up until about 4 p.m. at which point they would change to calmer and alternating directions.

Once at the field, I reviewed my ground handling with Andre for a while and then began some ground handling work with the motor on. Soon after, the winds changed as predicted, right on schedule...

Apr 20/09      Course April 16/09 - day 2


Finally forecast for Thursday was favourable. Mike met me at 4 pm and we quickly proceeded to go on with a bit more of ground handling. After 1 hr Mike was ready to fly. We did couple of dry runs, all went well so next step was to put helmet on and give it a go. We discussed the possibility of radio contact loss, powers loss etc. Mike got ready, reverse inflated, gradually increased power and then took off in very well controlled matter. He had no tendency to sit down. That winch set up (see news Feb 25) is already paying off.




As Mike was cruising around I decided to take some video footage and that is when I saw Mike gliding closer and closer to the ground. All I could say on the radio was more power more power but Mike just landed. He said on the radio that his throttle lost all resistance and would not rev up the engine. Hmmm sound like the stopper from the throttle wire came off. We soon discovered that the stopper did not come off but the wire slipped from its housing which was not pinched enough to prevent such disconnection. We have quickly fixed this and Mike managed two more flights this time using forward inflations. All his take offs are good. Flying is perfect. He does pull some break on landings though which is resulting in less then feather like landings. This is what will work on next time.




This is what I have received from Mike next morning:

From: Mike Dunham [mailto:.............@cogeco.ca]
Sent: April-17-09 6:37 AM
To: zemanandre@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Sodom Road Thursday afternoon

Morning Andre,

Iíve been up since 5:30. I didnít get much sleep. My body was tired but my mind would not shut off. I havenít had this happen since I was a kid. My adrenaline is still running strong from yesterday and I perhaps getting ready for the next flight. 

Have a good day,


Apr 19/09      Got electric scooter.



This thing is a blast. It goes about 50 km/h. It will do about 60 km on full charge that takes about 4 - 6 hrs costing about 30 cents which is 30 times more economical then car. I put about 100 km on mine so far booting around St. Catharines doing errands. I am really having lots of fun. No insurance, license, or fossil fuel needed. If you ever consider getting one of these I sell them. I am working on simple web site www.electricvehiclesontario.ca but it is not finished yet.


Apr 18/09      Course April 4/09 - day 1


The weather forecasted for Sat April 4 was not good at all. Rain and high winds. Since Mike was only student registered and lives relatively close we decided to postpone and get together on Sunday as weatherman was promising better conditions. We completed the ground school, not the best one I have taught, I keep fighting this cold that I had over 5 weeks now and often feel bit under the weather. Anyway off we went to our flight field. We had 2 hrs of pretty good reverse inflation conditions. We worked hard but when we were nearing the level of skill a student needs to attempt first solo the wind has turned into light and variables, not best conditions even for experienced pilot. Speaking of which, Evan came to pick up his new paraglider, PG harness and rescue and planned to go for flight. The conditions were tough but the biggest problem was that Evan's paramotor was acting up and was not achieving full power. He owns Airfer with Black Devil engine which is normally quite reliable set up. We tried couple of things but did not fix the problem completely. Evan was able to get in the air by blowing into his blow tube constantly to keep gas tank positively pressurized but was still only able to fly at 50 % power. Enough to have 40 min flight nonetheless.


  Here is Mike writing his pre-solo exam.


Apr 6/09      I will not be available from Apr 9 to April 12/09


Off for Easter.


Feb 27/09      Leroy is enjoying winter flying...


Gear: Paramotor Walkerjet Simon XC and Sky paraglider Atis



Feb 25/09      I will be away from Feb 28 to March 9.

Sorry or the inconvenience. 

Feb 25/09      Mike in preparations for his course - part of email from Mike.

... attached are some pictures of the simulator and winch I set up. It is totally self-sufficient. After walking around with the paramotor on I hook in and power myself off the floor. I practice slipping into the seat and also slipping out (coming in for landing) and getting used to taking the weight of the motor after touching down.... 


The April course still has space available. Book and you will fly soon...


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