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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news 

Nov 3/08      Leroy flies his Walkerjet Simon XC with Sky Paraglider Atis. 



Nov 2/08            No training today either.


Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

Output produced by METARs form (1500 UTC 02 November 2008)
found at http://adds.aviationweather.noaa.gov/metars/index.php 
METAR text: KIAG 021453Z 09014G19KT 10SM FEW025 BKN250 04/M02 A3049 RMK AO2 SLP340 8/108 T00391017 50007
Conditions at: KIAG (NIAGARA FALLS, NY, US) observed 1453 UTC 02 November 2008
Temperature: 3.9C (39F)
Dewpoint: -1.7C (29F) [RH = 67%]
Pressure (altimeter): 30.49 inches Hg (1032.6 mb)
[Sea-level pressure: 1034.0 mb]
Winds: from the E (90 degrees) at 16 MPH (14 knots; 7.3 m/s)
gusting to 22 MPH (19 knots; 9.9 m/s)
Visibility: 10 or more miles (16+ km)
Ceiling: 25000 feet AGL
Clouds: few clouds at 2500 feet AGL
broken clouds at 25000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather observed at this time


Nov 1/08            No training with Mike, Eduardo and Paul.


After week of crappy weather we finally had some good forecast for Saturday. 8 knots from north. Unfortunately I was scheduled to work at Peaks from noon till 4 pm so the only possibility for flying was Sat morning. I really do not like to do the morning sessions. It is cold, one has to get up early, there is no time to do the final phone check as plans are firmed the night before. At 8:30 am I arrive at the filed and flag at the end of the runway is already flapping in steady NE wind - looks like reverse handling. Next thing to find out is whether the air is stable or not. I set up one of the machines and take off. Right of the bat I feel major turbulence but it may be from the trees on east side of the field; once I clear the tree tops it may be OK. Well it is not, higher I go les predictable the air is. I decide to turn down wind and then I pretty much park my self over the center of the field for couple minutes to feel the air. It is bad. Lots of quick jerks and fast up and downs with glider going all over the place, plus I am flying backwards. ( I later check TAF and see that I was in gusts up to 18 knots) I work the steering toggles trying to keep the canopy over head and go off power to glide down for landing. As I descend, things get even worse. OK I am only couple hundred feet of the ground so there is not enough height to recover from collapse so I decide to pull big ears to prevent uncontrollable collapse but ....with the high hook up points on the machine I can not quite get my hands high enough to do a clean pull on the outside A lines. So I pretty much induce 80 % symmetrical close to ground which spooks the students watching below. I release the A lines, glider recovers and I glide in for smooth landing from about 30 ft high. OK that was scary! Decision made, no flying now and most likely not later either. Bummer but safety must come first. We go for breakfast hoping that wind may decrease or smooth out but no luck, at 10 am it is still very windy and gusty. I do not even bother to test air again so we shake hands and I go to work at Peaks. 


I hate when I tell people to come and weather does not co-operate. I think I am done with the morning sessions and east winds. They are rarely good. Andre

Conditions at:KIAG (NIAGARA FALLS, NY, US) observed 9:53 am UTC 01 November 2008 Winds:
from the NE (50 degrees) at 15 MPH (13 knots; 6.8 m/s)
Conditions at:KIAG (NIAGARA FALLS, NY, US) observed 8:53 am 01 November 2008 Winds:
from the NNE (30 degrees) at 16 MPH (14 knots; 7.3 m/s)
gusting to 21 MPH (18 knots; 9.4 m/s)
Conditions at:KIAG (NIAGARA FALLS, NY, US) observed 7:53 am 01 November 2008 Winds:
from the NNE (30 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 knots; 4.2 m/s)

Oct 22/08             Training with Roy and Jay - Oct 19/08.


Sunday afternoon training was limited to students with their own equipment as my car is still in the shop. Both Roy and Jay completed 2 flight each flying their own gear for the first time. It was beautiful fall afternoon. Days do not get any better then this. Apparently though it was bit cold in the air...


Oct 16/08      Not available to train till Monday or Tuesday

My car is in shop for repair and the rental does not have a hitch. 

Sorry.  Andre

Oct 16/08      Paul B - flight numero uno...


Oct 15/08      Jazz, me and Mike H - great touch and go...


Oct 14/08     Letter from a lawyer...

If you are in adrenaline - high adventure - sport business and receive a letter from a lawyer it is usually bad news...

Luckily, this one is not!

Oct 13/08     Busy Saturday - write up by Mark

Having a couple of days off work I was hoping to make some progress on my basement renovations. I need to earn some brownie points with the wife, since the project has slowed down a bit now that my long summer vacation is over. Of course, just as I am getting into it, the phone rings. It is Andre. How would I like to join him at the field for a couple of hours and get some flying done while he trains a few students? How can I refuse?

I tinker around in the basement for a couple of hours making sure that I make lots of noise and sound like I am getting lots done. In reality I am trying to relocate a drainage pipe, and the concrete is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I figure three hours of this is enough to justify disappearing for the rest of the afternoon. I head out to the field to find that Andre is a busy man. There are at least 9 cars parked along the road and many new and returning students are at the stage where they can fly under Andre's supervision. Andre seems to have it all under control, so I grab a machine and a glider and hop in the air for a quick flight. I am flying a Walkerjet. It has been a while since I flew one and I remember that they are quite heavy, but not as heavy as I remembered. The hand position in flight is more comfortable, but I didn't adjust the balance point before launching. I noticed it, but was too lazy to change it. This means I am tipped forward a bit. This made-take off a little different but now has the effect of putting my brake handles somewhat near the cage and the prop. I decide that I should readjust this when I land. Engine off, I come in for a quick landing. I adjust the balance point to my normal setting and go for another inflation, but I keep catching the throttle as I attempt to launch. This is not good as it means I have to unclip and set up the machine again. I decided that I will attempt a reverse launch even though the wind is extremely light. Somehow it works and I am off again. Take-off is always my favorite part of a flight. I just love that feeling of my feet leaving the ground. It is something that never gets old. Since conditions are so ideal I practice a series of landings and take-offs.

Leigh and Mike, Mark and a few new students are getting some flights in too, although at one point I realize that there were two gliders in the air when I launched and now there is only one that I can see. I scan the sky to see if I can locate the second glider. After some time I realize that the second glider has landed. Leigh had caught the kill switch just after his take off and was now knee deep in the long grass. I check to see if he is ok. He smiles and waves. I guess he can now check the box marked 'emergency landing'! He starts the long march back to the airstrip. Personally I would have taken the far shorter distance to the second runway and launched again. Leigh later admits that this did not occur to him, but it would have saved some work.

With the sun low in the sky we call it a day and pack up before heading out to the bar. The flying season will soon be over, but for now all is good.

Mark Andrews

Leigh  Mike H. Paul and Eduardo

  • Eduardo - 3 flights
  • Leigh - 4 flight
  • Mike H. - 4 flight
  • Paul B. - 3 flights

It was busy day but with all the above students in the flying stage it was great and rewarding training day.

Oct 9/08      Nice email from Ted...

----- Original Message -----
From: Ted Davey
To: Andre - Powered Paragliding Ontario
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 10:25 PM
Subject: Ted's Trike
I am inspired to tell you that your professional instruction (and Mark's as well) has been a tremendous help to me. Every part of the training program, from the first-rate ground school  to the airfield work at forward and reverse launching and actual flying, was so well done that I can't imagine it being any better. At the age of seventy seven you and Mark have made me feel like I'm about eighteen! The sheer joy of flying the WalkerJet Trike is fantastic for me,.. a dream come true! Many thanks Andre! You've put me onto a "learning curve" that makes life very exciting and fulfilling! I know that my close friends, Leigh and Mike, feel the same way too. We all hold you in high regard!

Cheers!     Ted

Oct 8/08      Not available to train from Tuesday Oct 14 till Friday Oct 17/08

My car will be in the shop for repair and I will no means to pull my trailer. 

Oct 8/08      Mike H. in flight + lands PPG nicely. 

  Training on Oct 5/08

Oct 7/08      Mike M. talks about his 2nd trike flight. 

    Training on Oct 5/08

Oct 5/08      Back in business. For while anyway...

I was able to tie down my engine hood and replace light bulbs in my head and blinker lights so I can train till my car goes in shop for repair.

Oct 3/08      Not available to train till further notice due to car accident.

I got in accident today. Someone hit me and my car is damaged. Headlight and blinker does not work + engine hood will not stay down. I have to sort out rental car through insurance. It should be done by Monday mid day if all goes well. But I am not sure if I can get one with hitch and same wiring to hook up my trailer so we will see. I will keep you posted.

Sorry.  Andre

Oct 1/08      Powered Paragliding Course Sep 29/08 - day three.

Paul and I got together one on one at 3 pm to work on his ground handling skills. We had very low winds and thus practiced forward inflations. Within 10 tries Paul had it down pat. We decided to strap on the engine and that is where Paul struggles. For some reason as soon as Paul has the engine on his back he looses all his skills. We have more work to do. Around 4 pm Leigh and Ted showed up.  I have asked Leigh to do one practice inflation, Leigh did it no problem with 100 % control so from then on proceeded to flying. He managed 6 foot launched flights for total of nine in 3 days. He is natural! Since winds were low we were able to assemble trike and have Ted practice taxiing. He first struggled but I slowly corrected his technique and at the end he managed another trike flight. We wanted to get another flight but fuel in his unit was low and by the time I mixed more the sun went down and it got damp very quickly so we decided to pack it up. Good day. Again no pics or video. I keep forgetting. Sorry. A

Sep 30/08      Powered Paragliding Course Sep 28/08 - day two.

We had full house on Sunday. Mike H. from last course came to complete 3 more flight, Kieran managed  5 more flights. Leigh added 2 more flights to his log book and Ted decided to re visit the trike and practiced hand throttle control. Unfortunately it was too windy for him to practice trike taxiing. At one point we had 3 students in the air. It was neat; I was on radio with Kieran and Leigh and Mark was looking after Mike H. Very successful day also very busy. There was no time to take pics or video. Sorry. A.

Sep 29/08      Powered Paragliding Course Sep 27/08 - day one.

Three students started PPG course on Sat morning. 

From left to right Ted (refresher course) and two new students Leigh, Paul.

After the usual ground school (taught by Mark), simulator and all paperwork we headed to the field. We worked on forward inflations and by 6 pm Leigh was ready to fly. We have tried few practice runs, last one with helmet on and motor idling and it all went well. I gave Leigh option to fly and he took it. 5 min later he was in the air. After 15 min flight I guided him back down to perfect landing. Paul was also doing well with forward inflations but when he put the motor on his back he lost most of his skills. We see this quite often bit more training is required to get used to the awkwardness of the machine.


Congratulation Leigh on accomplishing your first flight on day one! 

Sep 25/08      Powered Paragliding Ontario on CBC Radio.

Listen here:  Better quality here: http://www.cbc.ca/outfront/listen/2008/08-09-24.html

Sep 24/08      Silviu comes back for 2 more flights...




Sep 20/08      Eduardo comes back for 3 more flights...



Sep 10/08      Course Sep 6/08 - Day 3 - Ted talks about his first flight



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