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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news 


June 23/08    PPG course June 21/08 - day one. 


Three students started powered paragliding course this Saturday. As usual, we started the ground school in the morning at Peaks climbing gym that I own. All three students showed up on time and it is always a good sign. We had Mark, Agnes and Eduardo. It was nice to have a female in the class for change. The ground school went without a hitch. We finished all the theory by noon and proceeded to flight simulator. At the end we checked the weather and it was clear that it will be too windy and will not be able to do any ground handling until about 5 p.m.




June 22/08      Mark, Chris and Andre go on XC flight...



June 21/08      Another use for Walkerjet F200 engine.


This is Viktor's (owner of WJ) personal toy that will go in to production soon. Total weight 75 kg. Max speed 100 km/h min speed 45 km/h. Climb 3.5 per second. 


       It looks like Viktor is having fun...


June 17/08      Powered Paragliding Shop is back.


To buy things go to http://www.poweredparaglidingshop.com


June 17/08      PPG course June 7, 2008 - day 5 - Wednesday early morning


Shane flight 2




June 16/08      PPG course June 7, 2008 - day 5 - Wednesday early morning


Wayne manages 10 flights in 2.5 hrs.




June 15/08      Air show at our training field - Saturday June 14/08.


I participate in display flying...




June 15/08      Air show at our training field - Sunday June 15/08.


Unfortunately the winds sock was doing crazy break dance this afternoon and with thunder storm short distance away and high gusty winds I did not fly today.




June 14/08      Air show at our training field - Saturday June 14/08.


I have been invited to participate in display flying at our flying field air show. Flew in very nice conditions along with Spitfires, Hurricanes, B 17 bomber etc. Lots of fun. I am scheduled to fly again on Sunday at the same time. Come and visit.




June 12/08      Evan is fully licensed pilot. Congrats Evan on achieving your goal!


----- Original Message -----
From: Evan C....
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 5:36 PM
Subject: I'm a Pilot!!!
Hi Andre,

I got my pilot's license today in the mail!!!   Fortunately the issue with the expired SPP didn't cause too many problems.  I had a bit of a delay at the beginning, and they had to forward some documentation back and forth with the Hamilton office - but they were able to work it out in the end.  I've been traveling for work the last 2 weeks so I wouldn't have had a chance to fly anyway.

Another thing, remember that I had mentioned that Doron, the XCitor pilot, looked familiar?  It turns out that his son and I used to be friends back in high school!  We've been out of touch for a while, but I knew that I had recognized him from somewhere.  Probably some drunken house party where he was playing the responsible parent :)  Such a small world.

Anyway, I hope the flying has been good lately, I've been checking out the pix + video on your site and it looks like things have been working well, except for some stormy weather.  

Best, Evan

June 12/08      PPG shop is down


PPG shop part of my web site is down and it will probably take about a week to fix it.


Damn, just as I thought I caught up with things...


June 10/08      PPG course June 7, 2008 - day 4 - early morning




June 10/08      Doron on XC flight.


It looks like Doron is enjoying him self...



June 10/08      Can I fly from park near by?


This is very common question that students ask. The answer is no. You can not fly from parks, soccer fields, baseball diamonds if they are in built in area. Here is section of Canadian Aviation Rules that govern where you can fly from when it comes to towns and cities: 


Section 602.14 of CAR's

1) For the purposes of this section, and section 602.15, an aircraft
shall be deemed to be operated over a built-up area or over any
open-air assembly of persons where that built-up area or open-air
assembly of persons is within a radius of 2000 feet from the aircraft.

2) Except where conducting a take-off, approach, or landing, or where
permitted under 602.15, no person shall operate an aircraft

(a) over a built-up area or over an open-air assembly of persons
unless the aircraft is operated at an altitude from which, in the
event of an emergency necessitating an immediate landing, it would be
possible to land the aircraft without creating a hazard to persons or
property on the surface, and, in any case, at an altitude that is not
lower than
(i) for aeroplanes, 1000 feet above the highest obstacle located
within a horizontal distance of 2000 feet from the aeroplane
(ii) for balloons...
(iii) for aircraft other than an aeroplane or balloon, 1000 feet above
the highest obstacle located within a horizontal distance of 500 feet
from the aircraft.

(b) in circumstances other than those referred to in paragraph (a), at
a distance less than 500 feet from any person, vessel, vehicle or

June 9/08      PPG course June 7, 2008 - day 3 late evening


After insanely windy day things calmed down relatively quickly. We got to Staff field at 7 pm and winds were nice and quite light. Took the Fides 26 out and decided that it may be better if Shane will try to use one of our light units rather then the WJ RR that he just purchased. We laid out the wing, got set for forward and Shane did a perfect one. OK with wind dropping down rapidly lets not lose time,  training harness off and machine on. Another perfect inflation. OK, this is good. Engine idling and helmet on. Another perfect inflation and then... crack. Out of almost blue sky, major lightning strike and major thunder. I can not believe it. Just as we are ready to go it starts to pour rain. We toss the gear in the trailer and hide. Damn. 5 min later it is over. The sky is hazy but otherwise OK so I decide to take quick flight to test air. Ground is wet and air is so humid that it takes me 3 tries to get in the air. When I fly air is absolutely still. Not a stitch of wind - just wet grass and humid, foggy air. Not good conditions for first flight. We accepted our fait and packed up. The beer was good. Especially the introduction to English specialty - the Black Velvet! 


BTW Shane is jinxed!


June 9/08      PPG course June 7, 2008 - day 3 


Current status as of 5:38 pm June 9, 2008: Windy as hell.


Output produced by METARs form (2139 UTC 09 June 2008)
found at http://adds.aviationweather.noaa.gov/metars/index.php
METAR text: KIAG 092053Z 23017G27KT 10SM FEW045 SCT350 32/19 A2979 RMK AO2 PK WND 24027/2051 SLP081 CB DSNT NW-NE MOV E 8/903 T03220194 55003
Conditions at: KIAG (NIAGARA FALLS, NY, US) observed 2053 UTC 09 June 2008
Temperature: 32.2C (90F)
Dewpoint: 19.4C (67F) [RH = 47%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.79 inches Hg (1008.9 mb)
[Sea-level pressure: 1008.1 mb]
Winds: from the SW (230 degrees) at 20 MPH (17 knots; 8.8 m/s)
gusting to 31 MPH (27 knots; 14.0 m/s)
Visibility: 10 or more miles (16+ km)
Ceiling: at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: few clouds at 4500 feet AGL
scattered clouds at 35000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather observed at this time

METAR text: KIAG 091953Z 24018G30KT 10SM FEW045 SCT350 32/20 A2978 RMK AO2 PK WND 23033/1908 SLP079 CB DSNT NW-NE MOV E T03220200
Conditions at: KIAG (NIAGARA FALLS, NY, US) observed 1953 UTC 09 June 2008
Temperature: 32.2C (90F)
Dewpoint: 20.0C (68F) [RH = 49%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.78 inches Hg (1008.5 mb)
[Sea-level pressure: 1007.9 mb]
Winds: from the WSW (240 degrees) at 21 MPH (18 knots; 9.4 m/s)
gusting to 35 MPH (30 knots; 15.6 m/s)
Visibility: 10 or more miles (16+ km)
Ceiling: at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: few clouds at 4500 feet AGL
scattered clouds at 35000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather observed at this time


June 9/08      PPG course June 7, 2008 - day 2


Saturday was for sure long day, started at 8 am and finished at 9:30.pm. We ended up on high note as Wayne foot launched for the first time on day one. We do not see that very often. The forecast for Sunday was not good though. High winds right from 7:30 am till 7 pm. So we made plans to meet at 6 pm. When I arrived at the field everybody was already there and Wayne was ground handling having his glider attached to his pants belt. I thought this will be great, it is already flyable and Wayne will probably fly couple more times and Sam will most likely get in the air too. By the time we unpacked the gliders and hooked up, the sky started to look quite black. Winds were nice at about 15 to 18 km/h - perfect for reverse inflations. Both Sam and Shane were finding the reverse technique quite confusing and it took them while to adjust. Now when I think about it though, Shane did but Sam did not. He struggled till wind dropped to the point when forwards were possible and switched to forward. Meanwhile Wayne was ground handling with motor on his back doing very well. I was just about to give him the option to fly again when I heard the roll of thunder. Bummer, it looks like there will not be any flying tonight. Meanwhile Shane had an epiphany and his reverse technique really improved. After another 20 min later the dark cloud started dissipate and I though that we may be able to fly. Just as I thought that, another cloud started to grow and again there was sound of distant thunder this time directly up wind. Hmmm this sucks. Another 30 min later I jump in the air to see what it is like. Bad idea, very bad turbulence even though on ground we only had a gentle breeze. I flew just enough to turn around and landed immediately. At this point it was getting dark and mosquitoes were out. We packed and wanted to go for beer but even Derrick's was closed. Grrr! Just one of those frustrating days. There was no thunderstorms in the most accurate KIAG forecast + I feel really bad for Shane who traveled from very far to be here for the course and so far this is turning out to be one of the worst weather conditions we ever had for PPG training. BTW the forecast for today evening sucks as well. Crap! Welcome to Powered Parawaiting Ontario. Over and out! 




June 8/08      Silviu  is back to fly more - June 6, 2008




June 8/08      PPG course June 7, 2008 - day 1


Hooking up for forward inflation and powered simulator



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