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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news


May 9/08      PPG course May 5, 2008 - Day 4 - Tuesday.

Tuesday morning:

OK, I'm sort of losing track of things. We did get together on Tuesday morning. Ron was still working on his ground handling skills but it wasn't going very well. Evan flew flawlessly 2 times. We finished at 10:30 am as wind started to gust and went to Dora's sorry I meant to say Europlates for nice lunch. I called the flight services in St. Catherine's and was told that the forecast for late afternoon is really nice. We made plans to meet at four o'clock with Ron to practice one on one ground handling skills. I told all the others that they can either come at five o'clock and go straight to flying or show up at four grab a glider and a training harness and practice on their own I really wanted to dedicate myself to Ron as his struggling was presenting a personal challenge for me...


May 8/06      PPG course May 5, 2008 - Day 1 -  Ground school

May 7/06      PPG course May 5, 2008 - Day 3 - Monday

Forecast for Monday morning was showing light winds from Southwest. A perfect conditions to get together for more ground handling. Ron and Evan showed up we got the gliders out and started it with forward inflations. We spend couple of hours working on kiting skills. Evan got it but Ron was really struggling. Ron seem to be a leader not a follower and he tries to fight the glider all the time rather than work with it. Evan is definitely ready to fly. He managed to ground handle with the engine on his back absolutely no problem.


May 6/06 PPG course May 3, 2008 - Day 2 

Our tentative plan for Sunday was to meet at one of clock. Unfortunately the winds were really high and we had to push our meeting till 5 p.m. When we got to the field the wind was gusting up to 35 km/h per hour. I thought it was too windy to do anything but Mark suggested that we take our training glider designed for ground handling in a very high winds and do quick demonstration on forward and reverse inflation.


May 4/06      PPG course May 3, 2008 - Day 1 - write up by Mark


For the first time ever, all our students arrived before 8am and we were ready to start on time. We got the paper work out of the way and went through the theory, before hooking into the machines for a taste of what's to come. After checking the weather it was obvious that ground handling would be out of the question; rain and strong winds were forecast for the rest of the day. Fortunately, Andre had a plan!



May 2/08      Great flight on Friday Apr 24, 2008


Last Friday was a pretty much amazing day. I woke up in the morning, checked the weather forecast and it was perfect. It's been a while since I went on a nice flight so I e-mailed Mark and ask him if he wanted to come along. I didn't get any answer from him so I packed up at four o'clock and left Catherine's to go to Staff's field for some flying...




May 1/08   Sunday at flight field - Write up by Mark.


Sunday turned out to be a hell of a lot windier than the forecast, with south winds howling down the runway. Even getting the wings out of the bags proved entertaining. Thermal gusts were coming through in cycles. They were spaced apart just far enough to trick you into thinking the wind might be dying down, before unleashing their power. Since it was far too windy for any of our new students to ground handle I took the opportunity to brush up my skills in strong winds and was soon being wrestled off my feet by 30 square metres of wing before being dumped back down in the mud. With a bit of effort I was able to get 5 feet in the air on a flat field, but I was still overpowered twice, ending up running down wind trying to locate the C lines. We took a break for lunch at EuroPlates and grabbed some coffee before returning to see if the wind conditions had died down. They had not.


  Read more here  


April 29/08   Another good weather website for those planning to come to our field for training.


  Thanks Doron for pointing it out.


April 25/08      May course is full.

We have 4 students booked for May 3 course. We would only accept one more student if he/she had extensive PG experience or was planning only to participate May 3 and 4 (Sat and Sun) then schedule another weekend/s.

April 18/08     Three new pilots celebrate their first flight at Europlates - Apr 17/08.


My self, David, Roy and Jason got together yesterday for more training. The winds were good for reverse inflation practice and that is what we did for couple of hours. Roy was showing bit better glider handling skills then Jason and David so he would be first try to fly once wind drops off.  We have practiced running with paramotor on Roy's back as he missed Monday when everybody tried that. About 45 min before sunset wind started to drop off very rapidly. I wanted to jump in to re test the air but wind was decreasing so quickly that we did not want to loose any time. Roy strapped in and executed very good take off. There was a slight tendency to sit down too early. Roy was using WJ 23 HP XC model with Fides 28 but for David and Jason  we needed more power. As Roy was buzzing around we pulled out the Simon XC with 28 HP engine and Fides 30. Next was David to go. We hooked up the paraglider to the machine, started it to get it warm then Roy flew over quite low. I thought it was just circuit but Roy turned off the engine and proceeded to land. He had good approach, right direction but did not get out of the seat at all. He landed the famous WJ way on the bottom frame - got the love the WJ frame design. I typically want to be involved in student's first landing so next time Roy; just tell me you are getting cold and you wish to land rather then doing it on your own. It was pretty good landing job though and nothing broke as Roy turned off the machine so at the end it was OK. Next was David to go. We went over the take off run stressing that he needs to run till he is lifted of the ground. Last time David sat down too early and only by luck did not chop any lines. He had very good inflation, run and good take off. After 10 min Our plan was to practice one inflation We have  for beer at Europlates. There was still slight tendency to sit down too early but not as bad as first time. Good flight and not bad landing. There was a bit of a skidding along the bottom of the frame as David did not get quite out of the seat. Next was Jason. First inflation went well but Jason was bit hesitant on throttle as he was aiming for the big patch of muddy part of field. Eventually glider suffered minor symmetrical tuck and I called "kill the engine". We re aligned, good inflation, glider came up quite crooked but Jason applied appropriate brake, feathered the power on the engine and sorted things out like a pro. I am not kidding. Then he was in his take off run. At this point there was no wind so Jason had to run very fast and did he ever. Nice, gentle, very gradual take of and very short flight as sun was almost down. Three first flight in 45 min! I must give a lot of credit to these guys. We only had 45 min of appropriate weather and I thought it would be impossible to get everyone off the ground. Well done! Congratulation pilots on your first flights!


From left to right Roy, Jason and David. 


April 17/08     News from Sodom Rd.


On Monday I got together with Doron and Doron's father Uri who used to be jet fighter in Israel at Europlates. We went over the PPC related ground school and I have issued Uri's SPP. Conditions at the field were bit gusty so we decided to wait. Don was there practicing ground handling hoping for flight. After about 40 min the wind has decreased a bit so I took Uri for intro flight in Xcitor. Once we got off the ground we started to rock about and drop up and down. After 5 min I handed controls to Uri but we both had enough shortly after. We landed uneventfully  and after 10 min of gusty and turbulent flying. Don started to pack up as it did not look like the wind will die down. We waited bit more but as it was very cold so we opted for beer at Europlates.


Don with his WJ RR



  Uri taking cover of the Xcitor.


April 16/08     Safety reminder - Secure your muffler springs.


If you do not have your muffler springs secured I suggest that you do so before one of them breaks and goes through your prop. 


   Use metal wire and end stoppers.


  Then  clear silicone the eyelets.


You can purchase the wire and stoppers here: 


April 15/08   Very good weather website for those planning to come to Sodom Road for training.


  Thanks Doron for pointing it out. _____________________________________________________________________________

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