April 25, 2003         WJ Simon carburetor adjustment and tuning:

...well, most of you will say "How the heck am I supposed to turn the LOW screw if the engine is vibrating" It is impossible to do and I am afraid my screw driver will end up in my prop. Well, I do not blame you for your concerns. I have super glued a bent nail with end flattened by hammer to fit into the grove of the LOW screw so it can be now turned by hand... Read more here.

April 25, 2003         The  unnamed "prop buster" pilot...   :-)  ;-)  :-)  ;-)


April 24, 2003         Unusual flight regime clinic:

I am planning an unusual flight regime clinic. Participants will be able to try all the emergency techniques and recoveries from unusual flight regimes under my radio guidance. We will cover: steering with D risers, big ears and recovery, spiral and recovery, B-stall and recovery, symmetrical collapse and recovery, asymmetrical collapse and recovery. For those without rescue parachute one will be available to use. Cost will be $ 99.00 Cad + GST. Let me know if interested.

April 22, 2003         Only the BEST materials for Sky Paragliders:

Canopy - The cloth is manufactured using the “Rip Stop” weave structure, out of super polyamide (PA 6.6) by the American firm DUPONT. French company “Porcher Marine” specializes in the cloth airtight  treatment. In last two years Porcher Marine has been heavily involved in advanced paraglider fabric development; creating new, more durable coatings which has led to a new generation of materials that came to be known as NEW SKYTEX. The new coating is much more resistant to abrasion, UV resistance, and humidity. Sky Paragliders exclusively use NEW SKYTEX 9017 and coating E77A (bilateral water base coating that impregnates the fibers, rather than just the surface) for the top surface. The under surface of the wing is made from the same NEW SKYTEX fabric with an E38A coating. The internal ribs are made from SKYTEX 9017 and E29A coating. 

Lines - The lines on gliders by Sky Paragliders are of the highest quality, supplied by the German firm EDELRID. These lines combine high resistance to mechanical abrasion as well as a high degree of length stability. For the upper cascade Sky Paragliders use ELDERID 7850-080 lines. These lines are one millimeter in diameter; the core is manufactured out of “dyneema” and the outer sheath from polyester. The lower lines are manufactured out of 6843-200 and 6843-160 line series with 1,8 and 1,5 millimeter diameters. The core is made from “aramid” and the outer sheath is again polyester.

Risers - The risers are made from 25mm wide webbing, that is manufactured by supplier MOUKA TIŠNOV. The suspension lines are connected to the risers by means of quick links (Maillons); these come from the French supplier Maillon Rapide.


April 22, 2003      Pirouette landing on ATIS XS ACRO manufactured by Sky Paragliders:

The ATIS XS has been specifically developed  for acrobatics addicts …Even though it owes its origin to the ATIS, make no mistake, this is a weapon!!! Sky Paragliders maximized speed, dynamic response, and handling to create a glider that can handle the toughest maneuvers… See Swiss Sky Paragliders ACRO team member Titi performing "pirouette landing" Here.  1.2 MB file

April 21, 2003         Recent purchaser of WJ unit busted prop:

When you hook up speed system make sure that the speed system ropes on A risers are properly routed through the speed system pulleys.  In case of the above unnamed individual the rope slipped  out of the top pulley during aircraft assembly and went unnoticed during pre-flight check. This caused the speed system rope to be long enough once released for the foot bar to swing back into the prop.... Prop tip damaged beyond repair, pilot flew back to landing zone and landed without problems. I suggest to leave the oval metal quick links attached to the glider not to the speed system foot bar rope - this should eliminate the above problem. 

April 21, 2003         Info on PPG propellers:

  • Adding number of blades generally reduces efficiency, thus a two blade will be more efficient than a three blade, and three more efficient than four. Adding blades though reduces needed prop diameter resulting in smaller cage size and/or more cage clearance.

  • Propeller tracking has little effect on vibration, unlike helicopter blades. If it vibrates, it is out of balance! Many props and hubs have been destroyed by excessive torque in an effort to perfectly, and unnecessarily track a propeller.

  • Prop bolt holes must be tight. A 3/16 round file, carefully used can size a new prop to your unit, so it goes on and off easily, without over sizing the holes.

  • The prop does not cause what we in PPG circles call P' Factor. It is purely a function of your engine torque at rpm multiplied by your gear ratio. The torque, or P' factor will be the same at same throttle setting / engine rpm whether you are cranking an efficient propeller or a two by four. True P factor in aero engineering is a different force common to high powered propeller driven aircraft, but is not the same force that plagues PPG's.

April 19, 2003         Ground school, glider handling, triking and flying:

....then it was time to go. I am sitting down in in the trike, holding the A lines between my index finger and thumb ready to gun it. 3, 2, 1 GO!!! Good inflation but just as I thought this is it, I have felt the glider going to one side so I aborted. What a rush. My heart was beating and adrenaline rushing aaahhhhh. "Dolce vita" - I am adrenaline junkie you know.....So next couple of tries went pretty much the same until the fourth one where the glider snapped up, I have applied power and as I was carting on the relatively uneven surface with the steering wheel bouncing around all I remember was thinking "holy shit I am going pretty fast, crashing at this speed would really hurt". Well, I did not know what was coming....        Read more here.


April 17, 2003       WJ harness hook up for ground handling:

I have received bunch of emails asking how or where do you  hook up paraglider on WJ harness... This picture should help. Use the lover strap hole.


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