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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news


March 21/08      April course is full.

We have 4 students booked for April 5 course. 

March 20/08      Mandy's first kiss with Canadian skies - write up by Doron.

The day starts --------------

Saturday, 23 Feb 2008, 5:50am. Excited with anticipation, I woke up before the alarm went off, dressed quickly, downed a cup of coffee and went outside. The first light of dawn and a full moon lit the sleeping neighborhood in a strange mix of colors. I dragged Mandy the XCitor out of the garage, hitched her to my car and took off on the hour-and-a-half trip to the grassy airstrip near Niagara Falls, where Andre would be waiting at 8am.

March 19/08     I am sick.

I will be out of office for couple of days. You can email me.

March 18/08     Second day flying Xcitor...

Doron after first 2 successful flights on his Mandy the Xcitor. It was quite nice to be passenger for change and let someone else to do the tough job of flying...

  Happy Doron just after second landing.

March 17/08     Leroy bought Walkerjet trike attachment and Atis glider.

Here is Roy testing the balancing point while getting scalp massage from John. I have no idea what that is all about... ;-)

Feb 29/08     Leroy bought Walkerjet Simon XC.

Here is a picture of the beautiful job he did on registration marks and handy comfort bar bag that he found and mounted....


Feb 28/08     Xcitor improvements.

Doron added panoramic mirror so he can watch the ground and the wing at the same time...

Feb 25/08     Andre's and Doron's exciting Xcitor adventures...  note and video by Doron

Andre, an experienced powered paragliding instructor, launches my Mandy the XCitor for the first time into the frozen skies above Niagara Falls and gets a real kick out of the experience....


Feb 25/08     Andre's exciting Xcitor adventures...


Feb 24/08     Andre's exciting Xcitor adventures...

This Sat morning I flew Doron's Xcitor for the first time. Wow, what an aircraft! Self inflating and self stabilizing, slick, agile, super fast and super powerful. I must say I was crapping my pants because I have never flown such machine before and there were so many new things to deal with that I was glad when the first flight was over. For start when I took off the 3/4 of power put me in such steep climb that I thought stall was imminent. I was not used to foot throttle so it took me while to get sorted out and smooth things out. The thermals were punching through and it just felt like nothing I have experienced before. Second flight was much better as the weight of passenger (Doron) made the aircraft bit more docile. We took off and headed for Niagara Falls. Boy, it flies fast, 10 min latter we are making wide turn over the falls and heading back for landing. The thermals were even stronger and it was quite tricky to bring the fast flying aircraft down to touch down without too much rocking and oscillation. It started to be quite gusty, with cumulus clouds popping out everywhere so we decided that we should not go for another flight. Doron practiced few successful taxies with glider inflated and then we wrapped it up as I needed to be at Peaks for 12 noon.  Great morning, I love the machine. It is a Cadillac of solo/tandem trikes and I can not wait to fly it again. BTW It you want to fly the best and have close to $ 35 K I can order one.... 


Jan 30/08     Flying tandem with Walkerjet RR equipped with F 200 engine




Jan 29/08     Doron's exciting Xcitor adventures...

I was left alone in the house this afternoon, and couldn't resist the urge anymore. I crawled out of bed, put on a pile of warm cloths and went outside. I pulled the Xcitor out of the garage and put it with its nose against a wall, just to be safe. I poured in some oil and some gas, ensured it's in idle, hopped in the front seat and strapped on the safety belt.

It took no more than 2 seconds of starter and the engine kicked into life. Quite amazing after the long trip from Germany and in a sub-zero temperature. I pressed the gas pedal and thought I heard the machine say "Daddy!" as it spun up the propeller.

I pushed it back, turned around and went out to the street. Mild pressure on the gas pedal, and I shot forward as if I was taking off an aircraft carrier. This thing sounds nothing like the PPG engines I flew so far. It is quiet, smooth and resonant, like a modern Japanese motorcycle. As the speed built up, the engine sound was only barely heard through the wind noise.

My eyes started to water up before I even reached the end of our street, so I turned around, went back home and put on a full-face helmet. Back to the streets. Wow. This thing accelerates like a motorcycle, but I'm sitting much closer to the ground. Strangely, there's no handlebar or steering wheel to hold. My hands are free and available for nose picking or ball scratching.

I stopped at a stop sign, preparing to turn left. I noticed a Police cruiser parked nearby. Ahmmm... am I violating some law? Probably - I have no license plate. No choice, really, I cannot back up, so I must proceed. Sure enough, the cruiser took off and was right behind me. I drove straight home, cruiser in tow, making sure I stay within the speed limit. As I turned off our street into our driveway, the cruiser stopped behind me. I unbuckled, rose out of my seat and took off my helmet. The policemen looked at me, one of them talking on the radio. Either they are just curious, I thought, or they are consulting with HQ what kind of ticket to write me. I decided to take a chance, smiled, bowed and waved to them. They smiled, waved back, then drove away. Phew...

As I pushed the Xcitor back into the garage and headed back to bed, it occurred to me I should give it a name.


Jan 27/08     Xcitor arrives to Canada - write up and pics by Doron


Andre arrives from the airport. It's -5C, but the sun is shining. I'm pretty sick with the flu, but don't care.



Jan 8/07     Out of office.

I will traveling outside of Canada from Jan 11 till Jan 22. I will check my email every couple of days.

Dec 23/07     


Thanks to all who supported Powered Paragliding Ontario in 2007.

Dec 20/07     Get spare prop.

I now stock wooden props for Walkerjet Apache or WJ XC with F 130 engine. This 45 " (115 cm) prop. Great as cheaper replacement option or awesome as spare prop. 

Dec 20/07     PF 2008.

Dec 2/07     Keep your hands warm.

Get electric gloves.   $ 195 Cad.  

Nov 18/07     Training schedule for  set 2008 


Note: Safety deposit was increased to $ 500 Cad.

Nov 18/07     We will teach on Walkerjet and Sky Paragliders only.

After 8 years of teaching PPG accident free, we have decided that we will not teach students to use other brands of equipment as we are no familiar with. We feel that by doing so we can maintain our of level of safety and accident free record. You can purchase any gear on Ebay or such, but we will only teach you using Walkerjet paramotor and Sky Paraglider. We are very familiar with this equipment and over the years it has proven to be safe in situation where some other brands would simply self destruct, collapse, explode, injure etc. _____________________________________________________________________________

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