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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news    


July 20/07   Demo and nice flight on Wednesday.


On Wednesday myself and Mark went to Staff field to meet a possible customer Doron, who wanted to see PPG in reality. We got together at the Staff field at 5 pm. Managed several short flights in high winds and bunch touch and goes to demonstrate how PPG flies, answered questions etc. By 6 pm Doron, left and wind came down a bit. We decided to go for Cross Country flight. Mark flew the Walkerjet XC with F130 engine and his Firebird, DHV 1 medium size glider. I flew Walkerjet RR with F200 and Fides 2 Size XS by Sky Paragliders. This incredibly fast combo. Very maneuverable and very agile. After take off we headed into the wind which was SW. I was lot faster then Mark so after while we parted and went our separate ways. I flew to Bieda's field wanting to ask Henry if he successfully managed to break work record on skipping Skidoo over water. I circled couple of times and then decided to land. Flags were moving quite well so I did not bother to trim glider back to slow speed and did not take wrap on brake toggles. When I go to 4 ft from the ground I was still screaming at 40 km/h and even perfectly timed flare did not slow me down to les then 20 km/h. What a fast landing. Have not had one of those for while. After I took my helmet off I realized there is absolutely no wind on surface. Very strange as the flags 20 ft up were flapping in the wind. I stayed about 10 min hoping Henry would come out but either he did not hear me or was not home. Forward inflation and I was on my way back. The return trip was very fast with wind to my back. Mark landed just before I did. He did some low flying. The it was off to home.


July 18/07   Czech Open 2007 won by Renáta Kuhnová on Eris 2.


Renata, member of Sky Para Team was flying Eris 2 glider by Sky Paragliders. Czech Open was held in Italian Pieve d’Alpego. Congratulation Renáta.



July 18/07      PPO will only train students on WJ paramotors and Sky paragliders.

Occasionally in the past we had students that would show up with equipment that was purchased used on Ebay or from some "fly by night" paramotor or paraglider manufacturer. This equipment was often outdated, not certified, not proven, not appropriate and down right dangerous. We have come to conclusion that it is just matter of time before student under our guidance using inappropriate gear will get injured. This is last thing we would like to see. Therefore PPO will only train students on WJ paramotors and Sky Paragliders.

This is not to say that accident can not happen with what we use but there is lot less of a chance that it may happen. Over the years we have seen some students to sink both brakes down attempting to stall the Sky Paragliders we use, we have seen students put extremely sharp turns on just after take off attempting to put glider in negative spin, we have seen some very bad steering, oscillations etc. To this day we have not had single injury beyond some scratches or bruises. We want to keep it that way. 

As far as paramotor goes, it is a same story. We have seen people sit too early, come down in no wind and not get up out of the seat skidding along at the bottom of WJ frame, we have seen people tumble forward getting protected from face plant by comfort bars, we have seen people to "turtle"  with no damage to sturdy Walkerjet frame and no harm to pilot. Most other paramotors out there would disintegrated and possibly result in injury.

We believe that what we use for training is the safest and most appropriate flying equipment for PPG and will no longer train anyone on any other gear. It is just not worth the risk. You can still purchase what ever you want but when you fly in training you will fly Walkerjet paramotor and Sky Paraglider. We know this combo is safe!

July 17/07      Next PPG course starts this Sat morning.

I still have some space left. Call to register or book on line.

July 17/07             Kieran manages 3 foot launched flights on Friday evening.


Mark and my self planned to do nice late afternoon XC flight on Friday. We got to Sodom Rd. field at 4:30 pm but winds were still quite high and very gusty. We ended up jumping in every half hour for 5 min test flight but conditions did not improve till 6:30 pm. At that time Kieran came and proceeded to execute 3 perfect foot launched take offs and 3 perfect landings. These flights were 10 out of 10 on all levels. The only thing that I have noticed that Kieran was rocking about quite a bit as he flew. I thought it may be aggressive flying due to his skydiving experience so I asked him on radio to fly smooth for while and he did. When he landed he said that that was good thing that I did, as he did not realized that the aircraft will fly smooth and thought that the rocking was normal. I guess he was trying to correct the oscillations but was getting the timing wrong. Great successful day except me busting hinges on back of my car window. Long story, I will tell you over beer one day. 


Anyone can figure out where to get 2 hinges for back window for Ford Escape?


July 15/07             Mark flies low...


Just a few shots messing about with the camera strapped to his foot...



July 14/07             It is raining out - time to party.



July 14/07             Walkerjet testing new motors in Africa, Sahara desert - Fall 2005.


part 1 part 2  part 3  part 4 


July 12/07             No need for training harness.


Mark doing some ground handling without any harness. PARAGLIDER Fides 2 by Sky Paragliders.



July 11/07             Powered Paragliding Ontario promotional video.


Mark came with an idea to make new promotional video for PPO that would better introduce PPG to someone who has no idea what it is. We got together one windy afternoon and in 1 hr got all the footage we needed. Note that this was sort of half fast approach without tripod proper mic etc. We needed it before this Friday so there was no time for fancy schmancy. I must say that Mark did miracle with editing and the whole thing is awesome. I can not wait to hand these out to the older bearded Harley Davidson dudes in Port Dover.



See video on Mark's web site here:


July 11/07             PPG course July 10 - day four.


OK, another early morning. I have picked up Mike and Patrick at 5:30 am so we arrive at the field by 6 am. Both trikes assembled at 6:30 ready to fly. As Mike was bit better on ground handling he was first to try. He was off on second inflation but at approximately 15 feet he started to pull brakes down quite a bit. I got on radio and said "release brakes, release brakes" no response...




July 11/07             PPG course July 9 - day three.


No training. Too windy all day.


July 10/07             PPG course July 8 - day two.


As forecast for Sunday afternoon and evening  was absolute crap we decided to get up at 6:30 am, ouch, to do more ground handling and some trike practice...




July 9/07      Chad, his big truck and PPG in small compact car.


Chad drove his big truck to Peaks on Sat morning. This is what he emailed me later that day.




I was driving home, and cursed the truck.... getting 1mpg and bouncing me all over the highway. When I got home, I swore that if there is a will there is a way! Something good had to come out of this day... so I made the following pictures for your website! A real good seller on compact aircraft!




Now who can fit PPG into Smart Car?  ;-)




July 9/06      PPG course July 7, 2007 - Day one ground school and kiting.


...the early afternoon was very windy so we did not get to field till 5 pm. Wind were quite strong but by the time we explained how to untangle lines, hook up glider to training harness etc. wind came down to point where we could ground handle. Both Mike and Patrick started to pick it up quickly. Then it got dark. Time to go home and get some sleep because we will be getting together on Sunday at 6 am as the afternoon supposed to be very windy again. I think that will kill me... ;-)




July 5/07      Forget the strobes - this the way to do it....




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