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July 4/07      Used gear for sale.


This is a ready to fly package. Paramotor Walkerjet model Simon XC,  Walkerjet trike, Sky Paragliders Sky Paraglider Atis size M and Sky Spare  rescue parachute size - tandem. There is approximately 30 Hrs on glider and 15 hrs on paramotor. 0 hrs on rescue ;-) 


    Email for price 

July 3/07      Next PPG course starting this Sat.

This is Sat to Wed course. There are 3 people booked. Between me and Mark we have one more spot available. Book now you can be pilot by Monday....

July 1/07      Art's fancy footwork and his first foot launch..

Art gets to grips with his ground handling skills in preparation for his first foot launch under power.

July 1/07      PPG course - Friday.

Got together with Don and Art on Friday at 4:30 pm. Great conditions. Art managed 6 flights on trike totaling close to 2.5 hrs. Don flew twice foot launch. Art got signed off as he completed 11 flights through out the course.  Trike does make it a lot easier...

  Don getting ready to land.

July 1/07      Port Dover - Friday the 13 th.

Come and see us at the biggest gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in Ontario. We will be in Port Dover on  the Friday July 13 promoting powered paragliding. We will have a booth located at the Harbour St. marina at the end of St. Andrew St. 

Map here.  More info here:     

June 30/07      PPG course - Wednesday and Thursday.

Wed was complete write of write off. Winds gusting up to 360 km/h. Forecast for Thursday evening was OK so we gathered at the field at 4:30 pm. Wind was still strong and gusty. Waited till 8 pm. I jumped in for quick flight and proceeded to fly up, bit forward, bit back bit forward , bit back so no flying for students. We opted for beer at the Chippawa House. We are becoming locals there...

As far as training goes, two crappy days.

June 28/07      Another course date added to our training schedule.

It is getting busy. We have added July 7 to our training schedule. Two people are already booked in. We can handle two more. This is a shorter course: Sat July 7 - to Wednesday evening July 11, 2007

June 28/07      PPG course - Tuesday.

After an air show performed by Spitfire and Harvard all practiced some ground handling. Then wind decreased and we started to fly...

Don managed to foot launch again. He asked how long he can stay up. I said "As long as you wish." So he flew for close to 1 hr. It was perfect take off and perfect timing on landing flare. I just put him into the uncut part of the field. Chi chi.

Janus tried another foot launch. All went well until he decided to sit down too early. This resulted in another minor parableding. The verbal reaction to his repeated mistake was priceless!

Steven missed the opportunity to fly. Not sure why did not set up and gave it a try. Maybe seeing Janus parablend on Monday and then again today made him bit un easy.

Art, the smallest person from this class, successfully managed perfect foot launch take off and amazing soft landing.

June 27/07      Note to all students in June PPG course

No flying or training today. Weather forecast is crap.

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

Output produced by TAFs form (1203 UTC 27 June 2007)
found at 
Text: FM1500 23014G24KT P6SM SCT050 SCT100
Forecast period: 1500 to 1800 UTC 27 June 2007
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the SW (230 degrees) at 16 MPH (14 knots; 7.3 m/s)
gusting to 28 MPH (24 knots; 12.5 m/s)
Visibility: 6 miles (10 km)
Clouds: scattered clouds at 5000 feet AGL
scattered clouds at 10000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather forecast for this period
Text: FM1800 23017G27KT P6SM SCT050 BKN100
Forecast period: 1800 UTC 27 June 2007 to 0100 UTC 28 June 2007
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the SW (230 degrees) at 20 MPH (17 knots; 8.8 m/s)
gusting to 31 MPH (27 knots; 14.0 m/s)
Visibility: 6 miles (10 km)
Ceiling: 10000 feet AGL
Clouds: scattered clouds at 5000 feet AGL
broken clouds at 10000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather forecast for this period

June 27/07      PPG course - Monday June 25/07

Don flew first foot launch yesterday. Art added another two trike flights. Janus flew trike for first time after minor parablending mishap.

Don promised that he will write story about his training so let's hope he will do it soon


June 24/07      Great Weekend for PPG training - story by Mark

The forecast looked doubtful with strong winds making reverse launches challenging, but the students all did very well in the conditions and developed pretty good canopy control skills. Sunday afternoon turned out to be much lighter conditions and students were able to master the reverse launch and also try out the forward launch as the wind strength decreased. Just before sunset Art and Kieren made their first solo flights. Not bad for two days of intense training. Well done to all our new students!!


June 24/07      PPG course June 23/07


June 22/07      Ajay flies again.


Friday evening looked good for a bit of training so we took Ajay out for a few flights. We were interrupted when the spitfire came out to play, but we didn't mind.


See video here:


June 15/07      Flight in May.


Here are some pics from great flight that I had just before I went to see Sky paragliders in Czech Republic.


June 14/07   SKY PARAGLIDERS TEAM wins in German PPG open. 

Sunday 20th of May 2007 was the day of great success of SKY Paragliders paramotoring team. In the PPG category Tomáš Berka ended fourth in the overall German Open Championship, the MPG category was triumphed by Petr Matoušek, Michal Krivánek ended third and Zdenek Andrlík was fourth in the overall ranking.

All the pilots flew ANTEA in paramotoring version.

June 13/07        Pricing for fly engines - dealers email for dealer pricing.


Fly engines  Prices in EUR
                          F 100 manual F 130 electric F 130 manual F 200 electric
Engine type Single cylinder air cooling Single cylinder air cooling Single cylinder air cooling Single cylinder air cooling
Displacement 100 cc. 130 cc. 130 cc. 200 cc.
Power 18 hp 22 hp 22 hp 27 hp
Max. rpm 10000 8000 8000 7500
Bore 55 mm 54 mm 54 mm 66 mm
Stroke 45 mm 56 mm 56 mm 56 mm
Reduction 3.8 3.1 3.1 3.1
Reduction type Belt Belt Gear - box Belt
Weight of complete motor 10,5 kg 13 kg 12 kg 14 kg
Carburetor Walbro Walbro Walbro Walbro
Ignition Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic
Centrifugal clutch Yes  No Yes No
Exhaust Chromed Chromed Chromed Chromed
Starter Manual Electric Manual Electric
Retail prices 1560 EUR 1625 EUR 1690 EUR 1690 EUR


June 12/07               Demo flight for Cornelius - May 30/07


I am showing off Fides 28 color Mars and new XC with F 130 engine.




June 12/07               Visit with Sky Paragliders June 4/07



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