April 16, 2003       Work on trike for WJ Simon XC plus continues......


April 16, 2003       Holy gadgets:

I just took a break from working on computer and as look at my work area I can not believe the amount of gadgets that most (well some) of us use each day: telephone, digital camera, calculator, palm pilot, computer with "joystick" and speakers, answering machine, cell phone, CD player, aviation radio, FRS radios, GPS, variometer, printer, scanner.... The world would end if we had to go back to notebook and pencil! 

April 16, 2003       Pleasant surprise - 46358 hits in March with daily average of 1495!

Summary by Month

Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits

Apr 2003 1542 1160 257 85 1108 315616 1276 3864 17409 23133
Mar 2003 1495 1152 257 81 1994 632087 2531 7983 35718 46358
Feb 2003 687 557 129 40 659 173462 680 2193 9476 11682

Totals 1121165 4487 14040 62603 81173

April 15, 2003       Justin is not lost.....

----- Original Message ----- From: "Justin O...." To: "powered paragliding also known as paramotoring Ontario" <info@poweredparaglidingontario.ca> Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 1:20 PM 

 I just read the news updates and all this time I  thought you were saying "see you later" when you  flashed your lights at me as I passed after we left  the field. I didn't get lost or anything, I took the  QEW toward 403 West and made it home, no problems.   Justin

April 15, 2003       Walkerjet paramotors - new 3 blade props available soon:

WJ is experimenting with 3 blade props to further increase the power on WJ units while decreasing the size of the prop cage. The 3 blade prop will soon be available upon request.


April 15, 2003       Ground school + glider training and powered practice:

I have picked up this awesome aviation watch. It has an altimeter, rate of ascend and descend, total ascend and descend, total accumulated altitude, maximum altitude + many regular watch features such as alarm and stop watch etc. I have purchased one for my self and since the price was right I got two more for anyone who is interested. They are $ 120.00 + PST and GST. I only have 2 so if you want one ...hurry. This is an awesome deal!


April 12, 13, 14, 2003       Ground school + glider training and powered practice:

..........Paul was one of the quickest students to pick it up although here and there I would say "left brake, left brake" which means "pull left brake down by 4 - 5 inches" and Paul would proceeded to pull right brake down.... So I would say "Paul,  I said left brake, left brake so why are you pulling right brake" and he would say "Andre you are screwing me up" and I would say " you are screwing your self up" but this was all with smile on our faces, we both knew that things are going very well and progress is quick. We were just razzing each other......Read more here



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