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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news    


Oct 18/06            New world record in Tandem Paramotor: 360 km

Spanish pilot Angel Javier Carrasco (71kg) and his nephew Luis Alberto Navarro (63kg) set the distance mark on October 13th, after flying from Albacete in northwest direction to the province of Caceres (central Spain), where they landed after 7 hours. They used a paramotor Airfer VR200 equipped with Walkerjet engine W 200 and 130 cm 3-blade Helix prop + paraglider Mac Para Pasha II. 

The recordmen still had 4 liters of fuel in the tank at the moment of landing, but as they were not sure of the remaining amount of fuel and the terrain was not easy for a landing, they chose to go down on a safe area after covering a total of 360 km. The most technical part was the launch-run by two people with 53 liters of fuel, in no-wind conditions. But they had already trained this many times to make the record. As a matter of fact, they say they will try it again next time the goal will be to double their 360 km! This FAI record had not been done until now.


Oct 16/06            Serge keeps on flying...


Hi Andre,

I would like to express my deep gratitude for your time and efforts you dedicated to my training. Well, without too big exaggeration I can say that you have opened another world for me. I can fly... Wherever and whenever I wish...I recall how it started. Just by chance I have seen your site. Then there was a first lesson. Than I made big mistake deciding to cut corners and continue a training by myself which cost me, besides of ripped wings and busted propeller more than one year of "being grounded", what was the worst part. But now it is all over and I got another level of freedom... 


One of the most important thing I gained is a confidence (although, to be honest with you, I still feel a little bit nervous right before a take-off) I believe my season is over in this year (I might fly one more day) and would like to ask you to let me stop by some time next year at your field to fly together and clarify some "advance" operations and maneuvers.


Thanks again and please remember that you are always welcome in Leamington sky.

Thank you


Oct 10/06            Alex keeps on flying...


To this day Alex (recent PPO student) completed 7 short (25 min each) flights. Congrats on your achievement Alex.


Alex, Fides 2 XS,  Walkerjet new XC with W 130 engine


Oct 6/06            First noise complaint.


On Sat we had first complaint about noise we create when flying. It came from property owner located in area marked red. Effective immediately you must not fly over the red area. If you wish to cross QEW highway to the west do so outside the yellow area. 




This field privately own and I am in charge of making sure that all pilots are "legal". You must be properly registered, insured, licensed etc. Please email, fax or snail mail copy of your ultra light pilot license, aircraft registration, proof of liability insurance and this release form  so I have it on file. 

If you would like to visit and fly from Sodom Rd. field email or call first to get permission to fly from this location. If you do not call and/or you are not registered, insured, licensed you will be asked to leave!

Sorry for such strict tone but I have no choice; access to this site is becoming very fragile!

Oct 6/06            Story from fly in  - Saturday.



Oct 5/06            Story from fly in  - Friday.



Sep 29/06            Fly in update.


Forecast: Fri - will be flyable. Sat morning also looks good. It is going to start raining around 12 noon and will continue to do so till Sat midnight. At this point Sun looks flyable. 

Where: We will camp along the road between the first green arrow and second one. See pic below. Basically come in, bypass the edge of the runway, pull to the left or right and park. Directions here. There will be portable toilet there for the weekend. My cell is 905 380 1284



Bring all you need to survive at the edge of the field for couple of days. Dan says that he would take care of Sat night dinner for everyone. The cost will be reasonable. 

All are invited, bring friend/s along. If you are going to fly make sure you are legal. You need to have your license or student pilot permit. Any questions just call.

Sep 28/06            Package for sale.


1. New Paraglider - Lift 26 (for pilots from 65 kg to 85 kg) or Fides 28 (for pilots from 86 kg to 105 kg)

2. Slightly used paramotor - Simon XC more info + pictures of this unit here - only 2.5 hrs on this engine



3. Simple PPG radio helmet 



4. Training - two days - typically Saturday and Sunday


Total $ 9900 CAD or $ 9 000 USD (taxes included in this price) 


For under $ 10 000 you can learn how to do this or this.


Sep 26/06            Short video from last ground school.


Mark explains some advanced PPG ground school rules...




Sep 25/06            Flying in the rain and video night.


Mark, Chris and I went flying from Staff field on Friday. Mark was off first but as soon as he took off I felt some light drizzle. I took off second and while buzzing around the field the drizzle slowly turned into light rain. Mark landed and started to talk to a guy who showed up wondering what we are up to.  Chris was off third and after about 5 min the light rain turned into regular rain! I was getting soaked and so was my glider so a landed ASAP. Chris did too, we packed up and went to my place to watch collection of Mark brother's adrenalin videos. Had some burgers and beer. Good time.


Check these puppies out. Lots of fun...


Get some here. 


Sep 19/06            PPG course Sep 16, 2006


Sebastian completed two trike flights. Ray flew his motor. Jerry had couple of good flights. Rob ground handled. Alex managed trike flight and foot launch flight... 




Sep 15/06            Fly in 2006

The date for fly in has been set for the weekend of Sep 29, 30 and Oct 1. Dora's restaurant was sold and is currently closed for renovations. I am not sure if it will be open in time.  We will camp along the side of Bossert road - the gravel road that we use to drive in to the end of the runway. I will get a portable washroom and cost will be divided between attendees. 

Bring all you need to survive at the edge of the field for couple of days. Dan says that he would take care of Sat night dinner for everyone. The cost will be reasonable. 

All are invited, bring friend/s along. If you are going to fly make sure you are legal. You need to have your license or student pilot permit. Any questions just call.

Lets hope the weather is good.

Can you drop me a quick email to let me know that you will attend? I want to have rough idea how many people will come. Thanks.


Sep 12/06            Powered paragliding course. 

Next PPG course starts this Saturday,  September 16 at 8 am at Peaks. 1 space left. Register and you will be PPG pilot soon...

Info on courses here:

Sep 12/06            Breakfast Fly in Sep 10 - story by Mark

On Sunday Andre and I headed across the border at 7:30 am for a 'breakfast fly in' - US style. We had been invited by Jim, an ex Powered Paragliding Ontario student. After a little adventure in map reading, we arrived at the airstrip to find it was bigger than we had imagined. This was a well organized event with a good representation of many light aircraft, ultralights, vintage planes and gliders...



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