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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news    

July 31/06          Quebec flying


July 26/06          I will be out of office from July 27 to July 30.

July 19/06          Kitesurfing is great fun.


July 18/06          Few more pics from Oshawa

I flew just after these guys hoping for non turbulent air.

  Ready to go...

I am taxiing out of runway....

July 17/06          Light and variable!  13th July 2006 - story by Mark

After joking about André's insistence on reverse launching in almost all wind strengths we arrived at the staff field to find that there was no wind at all. We would both be forward launching with flight suits on in stifling heat.... 


July 16/06      Yet another great flight.....


We had great flight on Friday. Took off around 3 pm and flew from Staff's field to Bieda's. We landed at Bieda's to say hi to Henry then took off again and flew to Cave Springs soaring ridge and then went by Balls Falls on our way back. Total flight time 2 hr 15 min.




July 13/06      Short video clip.


  Mark flying over the quarry.   


PS: It will take a while to download..


July 11/06      New items added to PPG shop.





July 11/06      Get hi resolution pics for desktop wallpaper or print large poster


  Download hi resolution image here and another one here.


July 10/06      Ground school - July 8, 2006


  More pics here



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