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April 13/06            Video from first course of 2006 - day three - Tuesday

Video from Tim's second PPG solo. Equipment: Fides 28 by Sky Paragliders and Walkerjet New XC

April 13/06            Video from first course of 2006 - day three - Monday

Video from Steve's first PPG solo. Equipment: Fides 28 by Sky Paragliders and Walkerjet New XC

April 13/06            Video from first course of 2006 - day one - Saturday.

Short video from ground school.

April 13/06            First course of 2006 - day four - Tuesday.

Tuesday morning weather was perfect. Both Steve and I were very excited in anticipation of awesome flying. We mounted the new RR on  the trike and proceeded to take off attempts. The unit worked well for the firs 5 min and then we started to have problems. The machine would not run well at all and started to act really strange. We did try about 10 inflations during the time the paramotor was working OK but no success. After while I got sick of fiddling with the carburetor screws and decided to pull the new XC from my funky trailer. Prime, spin with ignition off, turn the ignition on, spin again and wrrrrroooomm. She runs like a charm. So I run it for 3 min to warm it up. Then I try full power for about 30 sec. No problem. OK we will use the W 130 instead the W 200. I fill the gas tank* and we are set to go. Line up the trike, good inflation, Steve goes to full power and all of the sudden the XC starts to choke as well. I administrate another "what the heck - fiddling with the carburetor screws" but we can not get the machine to work. I can believe it. Again we have couple of minutes where things work OK so we try to inflate but both of as are getting very frustrated + I have to leave the field by 11 am so I know te time is clicking and that is getting me even more frustrated. I think Steve is having his own problems, on most occasions he would either not push enough into the A risers or he would push too much also couple of times all went well but Steve did not let go of the A risers once rolling and instead of using brakes for control he would apply downward pressure on one of the A risers, cause frontal tuck and that would be the end of all those take off attempts. OH, and did I mention that we got not one but two flat tires on our trike!!!??? We looked at each other at 10:30 and said "I think someone is trying to tell us something". We packed and made plan to meet back at the field at 4 pm. I went to Peaks and drained the fuel from both machines then put new fuel in that I have purchased from different gas station. I fired both units they both started to worked great so bad fuel was the problem. GRRRRR!

At four pm winds were nice and light. We quickly assembled trike and after several attempts, Steve finally leaped to the air. At this point the air was still bit bouncy but that could not wipe the smile from Steven's face when he landed. Since the conditions were perfect I have suggested that he should go for another flight. 5 min later Steve if flying around like a bird. The weather forecast for Wednesday was not favorable so Steve decided to drive back to Toronto just as Tim pulled in. We went over the trike landing, what to do if we lost radio contact and how to trike land. Tim got ready and took off on first try. Great stabilized take off.  At this point, wind was quite smooth so after about 15 min of Tim enjoying flying I have decided that it would be good idea to  practice landing approaches. Tim came in at about 20 ft, started to descend and proceeded to touch down and land even though the plan was to pas at about 20 ft. It was perfect lending so I asked Tim what happened on radio. He replied "Dude I meant to go around but it sort of landed it self". Yeah, right! Anyway it was very good landing. We took 5 min break and Tim took of again. This time there was a very very minor oscillations on take off. Tim enjoyed air for about 15 min and then we proceeded to landing. This time the thing did not "sort of landed it self" and Tim completed bunch of low passes finally landing quite close to one of the mud piles... 


Terrible morning. Very successful afternoon. CONGRATULATIONS pilot Tim.

April 12/06            First course of 2006 - day three - Monday.

At 6:30 am I have checked the weather for Monday. The forecast was showing 5 KT winds from SSW til 9 am then increase to 8 KT  and by 11 am the winds were supposed to be 11 KT and stay like that for rest of the day. So the only chance for Steve to go on his first solo would be early in the morning. 

I called him at 15 min to 7 am and revealed the plan. 45 min later we are at the field. 55 min later the trike is ready to go. 1 hr later Steve is in the air enjoying first solo flight. 


After about 10 min of flying and 5 min of discussing the level of bumpiness we have decided that 15 min will be nice first solo flight. So we decided to land. Perfect landing. CONGRATULATIONS pilot Steve.

April 12/06            First course of 2006 - day two - Sunday.

See write up on Mark's page.

April 12/06            New microprocessor controlled ignition + info on W130 and W 200.

WJ is going to release new ignition/battery pack controlled by microprocessor. There is a sensor tracking position of piston and the microprocessor ignition will fire always at top dead centre no matter if you are at idle, full power or mid range. This should increase power and over all smoothness of the engine. I cannot wait to get my hands on the first one... 

Bit more about the new W130 and 200. One of the things I like the most is the fact that crankshaft was balanced to perfection. I like Simonini; it has been great engine besides the muffler occasionally cracking. But no matter how well your prop is balanced there is always vibration. With W130 and W200 there is hardly any.

April 12/06            Yahoo group for Walkerjet USA.

I have started new Yahoo group for Walkerjet paramotors. This will be place to chat about WJ units, get tips, technical info etc. If you want to stay in touch it is here:

April 11/06            Walkerjet at trade show.    

Walkerjet attends trade show in Germany.

April 11/06            We will now distribute Walkerjet Paramotors in USA as well.    

Due to some problems between Dell Schanze - importer of Walkerjet units to USA and owner of Walkerjet  - Viktor Prochazka in Czech Republic Dell Schanze of no longer represents Walkerjet company and no longer distributes genuine Walkerjet paramotors. There are rumors out there that he has or is trying to copy Walkerjet design so be sure that you are buying the real thing.

I have been selected to represent Walkerjet in following US states ND, SD, MN, IA, WI, IL, MO, AR, LA, MS, MI, IN, TN, AL, GA, FL, WV, OH, NY, PA, VA, NC, SC, DC, MD, DE, NJ, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME.

I sell Walkerjet paramotors directly to customers or through dealers. If you are PPG school/instructor contact me. My website for Walkerjet USA is

I am looking forward to working with past Walkerjet customers and dealers. 

April 9/06            First course of 2006 - day one - Saturday.

We had 4 students on Sat. Tim, Steve, Francois and Cindy who is paraplegic. Ground school was completed by 12:30 and Mark did outstanding job teaching it as always. Then off to the field. The winds were steady from NNW at 20 - 25 km/h so we practiced reverse inflations. Unfortunately Cindy could not do anything as she could only work on forward inflations and wind was too strong for that. Steve had some paragliding so after initial lesson on how to set up, hold the lines and brake toggles he was soon kiting his Firebird glider no problem. Tim and Francois was right behind. More on Marks site.


April 4/06            Testing equipment for upcoming season.    

We needed to make sure that all equipment is ready to go for new season. Mark, took the opportunity to jump in for 3 flights and get some photos while in the air, but conditions weren't that great so we packed up and headed home as there was no chance the wind would come down. Equipment used: Walkerjet "new XC" and Sky Paraglider Fides.

See video here. Video is courtesy of mark.


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