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Oct 17/05     Who wants to fly PPG to Montreal tomorrow afternoon?

Below is forecast  for tomorrow afternoon. It will go as such: We take off at Sodom Rd. field then climb to 2000 ft then step on speed bar then travel down wind at 76 miles per hour... We should be in having smoked meat sandwich in Montreal by 5 pm...

Text: FM0400 22010KT P6SM OVC040 WS020/24045KT
Forecast period: 0800 to 1800 UTC 18 October 2005
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the SW (220 degrees) at 12 MPH (10 knots; 5.2 m/s)
Visibility: 6 miles (10 km)
Ceiling: 4000 feet AGL
Clouds: overcast cloud deck at 4000 feet AGL
Wind shear: at 2000 feet ( 610 m) AGL, from the WSW (240 degrees) at 52 MPH (45 knots; 23.4 m/s)
Weather: no significant weather forecast for this period

Oct 17/05     Dudes, check the forecast before you call me!

I had bunch of student calling me on Friday trying to see if there will be any training or flying on Sat. The forecast was clearly showing that it will be very super crazy windy. Please check forecast here before you call me. 

METAR text: KIAG 152053Z 28015G23KT 10SM FEW030 SCT045 BKN085 14/06 A2971 RMK AO2 PK WND 28027/2012 SLP065 8/870 60000 T01440056 56000
Conditions at: KIAG observed 2053 UTC 15 October 2005
Temperature: 14.4C (58F)
Dewpoint: 5.6C (42F) [RH = 55%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.71 inches Hg (1006.2 mb)
[Sea-level pressure: 1006.5 mb]
Winds: from the W (280 degrees) at 17 MPH (15 knots; 7.8 m/s)
gusting to 26 MPH (23 knots; 12.0 m/s)
Visibility: 10 or more miles (16+ km)
Ceiling: 8500 feet AGL
Clouds: few clouds at 3000 feet AGL
scattered clouds at 4500 feet AGL
broken clouds at 8500 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather observed at this time

Oct 13/05     Artur does not fly by his balls anymore and Zbysek's second flight

We got together with Zbysek and Artur on Tuesday to fly more. Zbysek worked on forward inflations having paramotor on his back while I set up tree simulator to adjust Artur's harness,

   Before adjustment and after   

Oct 12/05     Summer is back (for a while) - PPG course Oct 1/05

.....Andre snapped a few as I was doing wing-overs and later we climbed several thousand feet with Andre above me before I pulled a steep spiral dive....

     Read more here.

Oct 11/05     Nice note from Serge.

Mark and Andre, I am really thankful for your time and effort put in me and irritation I gave to you with my "special" requirements. However, I agree completely with what you told me and looking forward to get another lesson. I would like to assure you that all frustration I got for two years of unsuccessful attempts on my own were compensated with this flight. 

Thank you again. Best regards, Serge

Oct 11/05     Summer is back (for a while) - PPG course Oct 1/05

Saturday started early 7:30am. Ground school was booked for three students in the morning. Unfortunately, Joe's wife was sick so he was unable to come, so only one student was able to make it...

     Read more here.

Oct 5/05     Another course?

I have someone who is interested to take a PPG course starting any weekend (we will start on Sat morning) except October 22. If I can find another person we will run it. Anyone interested to learn how to fly? Email or call.

Oct 5/05     I am off for Thanks Giving

I will not be available for any training this Friday - Monday. 

Oct 5/05     Cost per hour of Powered Paragliding Ontario time has increased.

Couple days back I sat down and calculated my hourly wage considering all the time that is required on my part to run the business. Office calls, cell phone calls, emails, driving to and from the field, all the technical support and repairs, web page updates, cost of gas, radio batteries, treats to both field owners  and the list just go on....

I have concluded that I can no longer run the business in professional manner charging $ 40 per hour. Any new students will pay $ 50 per hour for our time. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Oct 4/05     Radio helmet anyone?

Ladies and gentleman I have just purchased two PPG radio helmets the "Standard" and the "Deluxe model". With those I got new Cobra GMRS radios with 16 km range. The whole system was flight tested yesterday and it works great. The communication is super clear at any RPM, the PTT switch on left ear cup works great. Finally we have communication system that matches quality and design of Walkerjet paramotors and Sky Paragliders. I will be making another order on Friday morning so if you are interested to get one call or email. 


Any ladies out there looking for Xmas gift for your pilot? This would be a great one...hint hint


Ed Russell will be flying his vintage planes today. We will be training at location number 2 - Bieda's Powersports not at Sodom Rd.. Directions here.

Oct 1/05     Anybody to fly/train today?

Call me on my cell or show up at the field. We will be there from 2 pm on. Andre

Sep 30/05      Walkerjet owner Viktor Prochazka at Sodom Rd. field -Sep 24/05 

  Read more here.

Sep 27/05     Good weather - finally!

Anybody to fly/train today? Call me on my cell. Andre

Sep 27/05      WJ paramotor fuel stop valve - improvement by Frank

On occasion, when I have a full  to 3/4 tank of gas, I have gas spillage when taking my Airwolf in or out of my van. This can also happen if you try to get up....

            Read more here.

Sep 23/05      Walkerjet owner Viktor Prochazka is visiting PPO


Great engine tuning/fiddling session in the morning. Killer lunch at "Spicy Thai". More engine fiddling in the afternoon. Pleasant but cold flight over Niagara Falls on the new RR based on W 200 engine. 

Sep 21/05      Not related to flying but hilarious...

Check out the video here.

Sep 21/05      Mark is an instructor.


Congrats Mark on getting you instructor privileges! 


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