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Sep 20/05      Fly in 2005 - Sunday

I was rudely awoken, in the small hours of the morning, by the sound of Mete and Matt arriving back from the Casino. Matt was singing some random country song and there was lots of slamming of car doors. Evidently the partying had continued late into the night.

     Read more here.

Sep 16/05      Fly in 2005 - Saturday afternoon

.....when I turned back the air started to move and shifted to east. Every time we get these kind of conditions there is always major turbulence in the air. The snaps are quick and violent. I headed back slowly progressing to the field. As soon as I crossed the highway I have descended to about 10 ft and continued to fly at that altitude all the way to the LZ. I did not want to take a chance on the rotor possibly coming of the trees on east side of the field. I must be getting wiser ..or older.....

        Read more here.

Sep 15/05      Fly in 2005 - Saturday morning

         To read the story click on the link below.

Sep 14/05      Sky Paragliders on the roll... congratulations!

16.8.2005 Renata Kuhnova third in British Open - Renata Kuhnova came back from the Dutch Open and British Open in Piedrahita, Spain. During the British Open she ended third in the female category. Renata is flying ERIS size S and she says is happy as a child about the wing, especially in the rough air. Congratulations and thanks a lot, Renata.

20.8.2005 FIDES 2 is the world Champion  - Marketa Tomaskova flying FIDES 2 won the World Championship in Serbia , in the female category. Tomas Lednik flying CIMA ended sixth. The Czech national team was third in total results Congratulations

28.8.2005 BRONTES 2 third in the World Championship  - Petr Matousek flying as one of the few BRONTES 2 - the new generation of BRONTES - ended third in the World Championship in France. Petr is flying the MPG (PPG with trike) category.

Sep 14/05      Marks web site. 

Those of you who do not know yet, Mark has a web site too. He has got some cool interactive features such as caption competition, chat, he sells awesome PPG and PG  T-shirts and updates site regularly as I do. 

      Check it out at

Sep 12/05      Fly in 2005 

This year's fly in was a huge success. We had somewhere between forty and fifty participants throughout the course of the weekend, old faces and new. A great spread was laid on by Dan and Natalie who really made the event much more comfortable for us all, with an endless supply of coffee and treats. What follows is just some of what happened, since, otherwise I would be writing pages and pages…


Read more here

Sep 8/05       Life the Universe and Mufflers…                write up by Mark

Hi Andre, I jotted down some thoughts in response to the muffler....if you want to use them.

The trouble with a paramotor is that, unlike a motorbike, parts need to be light. Take the muffler as a good example. Of course it would be possible to engineer a muffler that lasted forever. Simply make the whole assembly much thicker. That would work great, but remember, this is a machine that has to be carried. Weight is a crucial factor in the design criteria. An everlasting muffler that never fails, but weighs 20 lbs (rendering the paramotor too heavy to lift) is no use to anyone. Conversely, an incredibly lightweight machine that buckles and breaks easily is no good either. Naturally, the design becomes a constant trade off between strength and weight. Different manufacturers have reached their own compromises. Some have lightweight fragile machines, while others have sturdier, heavier paramotors.   I guess I am stating the obvious here. What I do know is that designs are constantly improved upon, year after year. The perfect paramotor is not here yet, but we are marching closer to that goal.

Sep 8/05      Great flying by lake Erie.

Sep 8/05      New acro move - Infinite Tumbling - Raul Rodrigues

Check it out here... and no your player did not get stuck, he does about 60 tumblings in the row...crazy...

Sep 8/05      What is up with these mufflers that crack??!!     My reply to concerned WJ owner.

Yes things do crack and brake and will do for many years to come. We are far from car industry. It is not WJ who is responsible. It is Simonini. They produce the engine, not WJ. They do try to address the issue. There have been some improvements over the lest 4 yrs but at this point think of mufflers on paramotors as brake pads on your car. They simply wear out.   Andre

  • -----Original Message-----
  • From: Ian P..... []
  • Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 7:42 PM
  • To:
  • Subject: Marks write up

Ha A Just read marks synopsis of 07/05, that boy does have a way with words. Found the last bit a little scary though, how many of these mufflers are braking?????(all in the same spot)?? and is w/j aware of it, and are they doing any thing to correct the problem, maybe a recall on the mufflers, like the auto industry does when they have a bad batch of part. One or two out of a hundred could be the start of a bad name, five or six and some one getting hurt or worst could be potent ional disaster costing them millions in law suits not to mention the lost income by people switching to another brand of paramotor. I am not too concerned about mine, other than the $$$$ it will cost to replace hopefully just it, cause I bullet proof it like you advised but I,d hate to see any one get hurt/worst because of a piss poor welder on a bad day or bad material. Just a question from a concerned customer. I know your very buss. organizing the w/e but if you get a chance, give me your thoughts or what you have said to w/j and their solution to the problem? if they have one. Ian.

Sep 7/05      Training with John, Everett and Bruce - write up By Mark

Andre and I arrived at the field at 2:30pm. John had just pulled in ahead of us. The conditions were fairly good, although there were some thermal gusts coming through. John is a paraglider pilot with both foot launch and tow launch experience, now training to use power. Shortly afterward, Everett and Bruce turned up.


As ever, we started with plenty of ground handling. John actually got lifted up eight feet into the air. A thermal gust caught him during inflation and he applied brakes making the situation worse. John got dragged, while practicing inflating the wing with the additional weight of the machine. The conditions were pretty thermic, so we took a break.


I took the opportunity to ground handle. You can never get too much practice. I was messing about trying to inflate the wing while sitting down. Without being able to move left or right with the wing, it is pretty difficult to keep it overhead, but I managed it a few times. On two occasions, the wing actually lifted me straight off the ground.


When conditions had calmed down a little it was time for the students to get in the air. John had a go first, but was unable to get in the air. Next up was Everett. He executed a good take off and enjoyed a smooth flight, landing in the long weeds. Everett and John were done for the day. Last to fly was Bruce. His first reverse launch required some adjustments to the machine. It was not tuned properly. The second flight was a forward launch. At this point I took the opportunity to jump in the RR and get some nice aerial shots of the field with Andre's digital camera. I climbed to six thousand feet so that I could get the whole field in the shot. It was a little hazy but I think the results look ok. At this height I was being blown towards Niagara Falls at considerable speed, so I didn't hang about for long. Once I had my shots I turned off the engine and spiralled down to the landing field.


Chris (the collapse man) Miller had arrived. Chris had recently flown with me in the Alps, his first real taste of free-flight paragliding. He had loved the experience, but was concerned because his wing had still not arrived in the mail. He had sent it from Annecy post office over a month ago and had expected it within two weeks. For now he was using one of Andre's wings. I topped up the RR and launched first…perfect (even if I do say so myself). Chris launched and headed off towards the river. I flew around the field to get some aerial photos of Dora's restaurant and the field. We will get them blown up, printed and framed. They should make nice gifts.


Once I had more photos, I flew off to follow a guy on a quad bike, who was riding down the lane. He could hear me, but I don't think he knew where I was. I was quite low at the west side of the field when I heard the engine noise suddenly changed to a throaty throb. Power was reduced, and I was some way off the shorter grass. I headed back to land. Andre was waving me down, so I knew something was not good. When I landed, it turned out the muffler had cracked completely. Luckily, Andre's extra ties had stopped it going into the prop! Thanks Andre! After over 100 hours, (this machine is regularly flown) the muffler finally gave out. We quickly removed all supports and ties and detached the muffler from the machine. Andre has replacement parts in stock, so the machine will be running again tomorrow.


The sun was getting low and Chris had returned from his excursion to the Niagara River. He was coming in to land a little high. There was no wind, so I knew the landing would be fast. This was going to be interesting! I grabbed Andre's camera and ran to the long grass, for this was clearly where Chris would land. Sure enough, he managed to land in the shrubby area beside the main strip and I got my photo.


Bruce made one final flight of the evening, a perfect launch in zero wind conditions. This was definitely a progression point. He made a committed launch, driving the wing up until it was ready to fly, controlling it well with the brakes. It all came together in this launch. Once Bruce had landed, we packed up and headed over to Dora's for a drink and a bite to eat. This is where we will be camping out during the fly in. I recommend the BLTs.  


See you all there for the fly in….(September 9-11, 2005)

Sep 6/05      Accommodation for fly in.

Here are bunch of motel and hotel #'s that are very close to fly in.

1 800 667 7931;   1 800 263 0713;   905 295 3331;  1 866 295 1805

Sep 6/05      Andre goes high...

  8010 ft... baby....

Aug 31/05      Andre goes wild and dangerous...   ;-)

See the video here.

Aug 31/05      Mete goes wild.

See the video here.


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