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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news    

Aug 30/05      I will only be available on weekdays for next few weeks..

I am off this Thursday till Monday Sep 4 . Then I am available Tues Sep 5 - to Thurs. The weekend Sep 9 - 11 is our fly in - I will not be doing any training just flying my ass off with all of past students  and doing bunch Monkey Butlers at Dora's. Then I will be available Mon - to Friday but the weekend of Sep 16 - 18 I am committed to Peaks. So for the next few of weeks I will only be available for training on weekdays. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Aug 30/05      Muffler safety - see news Aug 20/05.

     This is how I did it. Automotive clamp and old paraglider line...

Aug 30/05      Busy day at Sodom Rd. field on Sunday

Dan flew trike. Greg worked on inflations. Bob flew 30 min and 1.5 till he ran out of gas. Mate flew his ass off. Great day. Just have to figure out why is Dan's machine vibrating.

Aug 30/05      Do you want to get very cool PPG T-shirt? Wait no more!


Click here and check out the rest of the merchandise. 

Aug 27/05      Tandem flight with Andrea.

This is a short clip from Andrea's first tandem flight. The daring 18 year old saw the featured article in the Globe and Mail and knew she had to try it. She turned up with her mum, and was soon ready to go for her 30 minute flight.

    See the video here.

Aug 26/05      I will not be working Sep 2 to 5, 2005.

Aug 26/05     Firebird under power - Thursday 25th August 2005 - write up by Mark

This week has been a blast. I have flown Tuesday, Wednesday and today. I finally got to fly my Firebird Z-One under power today. The first flight was on a Walkerjet Airwolf. It was slow to climb and a little sluggish in powered turns. These are my first impressions anyway. It seems somewhat different under power. Later I got to try it on Andre's big machine; the twenty eight horsepower Walkerjet RR. This baby will get anything shooting skyward. It is heavy, especially when full filled with fuel, but it really does climb fast.

With no chance of any thermal activity (the cloud cover was pretty constant) I decide to make a series of landings and launches. This is always a good idea if you want to hone your skills. There is little to be learned from pootling about with your engine on. I completed five touch and go's and three separate take off and landings. I don't want to be rusty for Andre's fly in!

At the field

Bob and Bruce turned up, ready to get some flying in. They have got their skills polished to the stage where they no longer need to spend time ground handling and can reap the rewards of all their efforts. Bob's launch a bit dodgy. He seemed to take forever to get in the air. He was rapidly running out of room. In addition, he was not running into wind. The tendency to run up the airstrip and not into wind overwhelmed him and he did a cross wind take off barely clearing the fence. Into wind would have meant coming nowhere near the fence. Having said that I think we will be moving students a lot further back in future. Bruce flew too and made an excellent take off. Both pilots are now at the stage where they simply have to accumulate ours and practice take off and landings.

Herb showed up for the third day in a row. He had flown prior to my arrival and did not fly again today. He was very pleased to have had three days flying in a row.

Since the weather was looking bad for Friday it was time for everyone to say their farewells. 

Frank and Joanne, who had been staying at the Sodom Road field all week, would now be getting ready to go back to New Brunswick. They will be making all the arrangements necessary to set up Frank's new training school - Powered Paragliding New Brunswick.

Thanks for all the: Tea, Beer, Grapes, Peaches, Peanuts, Crisps but most of all your HOSPITALITY

Aug 26/05      Mete with Walkerjet and Sky Paraglider goes to 6040 ft.

See the video here.

Aug 26/05     New PPG radio helmets available

Aug 25/05     Another day of fun... another write up by Mark.

Today, there were two students to train and three tandem trike launches to organize. Bruce was back again to try for his first ever foot launch. Herb also joined us and Bob was keen to get back in the air after a short break. Roy made his first tandem flight after six years and we got two lovely ladies in the air!

  Read more here.

Aug 24/05        Ha ha ha!                             Write up by Mark

Now that I am only working mornings at my day job my afternoons are free. This is very fortunate when you happen to have a generous boss willing to let you use his equipment for. Throw in the pick up and drop off and life gets pretty sweet!! 

Andre e-mailed me the night before to see if I would like to go for a flight. After considerable thought for all of two seconds I e-mailed my reply. Of course! 

We arrived at the field at around 1:30pm. Frank was already at the field. He is training with Andre to become an instructor. Frank has slightly more powered air-time than me now and has been flying at every opportunity, since gaining his powered paragliding license in March. I took the quick tour of the RV while Joanne, Frank's wife, put the kettle on for a cup of tea. Andre went for a flight to check out the conditions. It was pretty windy and he was making little penetration for a while. 

After a while Bob arrived at the field. Bob has been training on and off with us for a while now. He has finally come to the conclusion that the odd day here and there does not allow for the progression that many days in succession do. He has now taken time off work to get his training completed in one go.

This was Frank's chance to try his hand at training; something he is familiar with from all his time in the military. Soon Frank had Bob performing inflation after inflation and old skills were coming back. Bruce also joined us for the next step in the training.

At this point I jumped in for a flight. The conditions were thermic, which suits me since I am a free-flight pilot at heart. Flying the RR gave me the opportunity to switch off the engine and have a go at thermalling. Conditions were perfect and I was soon thermalling , engine off for twenty minutes at a time, using the power to head from cloud to cloud so that I did not drift off. If I had wanted to do a free flight XC it would have been the perfect day.

I landed and saw that Dan had joined us. I worked with him for a while and discovered that his technique was still very good. He had been getting lots of practice in at home. He was keen to fly and soon got the opportunity to do so. 

Herb turned up too. He has a distinctive blue wing with a chequered pattern at one end. He was keen to get in the air once it had smoothed out a bit and made a great launch. Within a short period of time the air was filled with the buzzing of several paramotors. Frank and I went for a flight together by the river and got some good video shots, before switching off at altitude to do some wingovers and a pretty tame spiral in to landing. The sun was getting low so we all packed up, cracked open the beers and got stuck in to the peanuts. It was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Aug 21/05     No demo today - far too windy

METAR text: KIAG 211853Z 21016G25KT 10SM FEW040 SCT048 SCT070 28/16 A2986 RMK AO2 SLP106 TCU DSNT NE T02830156 PNO $
Conditions at: KIAG observed 1853 UTC 21 August 2005
Temperature: 28.3C (83F)
Dewpoint: 15.6C (60F) [RH = 46%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.86 inches Hg (1011.3 mb)
[Sea-level pressure: 1010.6 mb]
Winds: from the SSW (210 degrees) at 18 MPH (16 knots; 8.3 m/s)
gusting to 29 MPH (25 knots; 13.0 m/s)
Visibility: 10 or more miles (16+ km)
Ceiling: at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: few clouds at 4000 feet AGL
scattered clouds at 4800 feet AGL
scattered clouds at 7000 feet AGL

Aug 21/05     Nice video of Sky Drive Sky Paraglider steerable rescue parachute.

Aug 20/05     Safety notice - Tie back your muffler.

As I wrote couple of days back I had customer whose muffler failed and prop was busted too. I recommend to use automotive clamp around the "coke like" end of the muffler so if it brakes off it will not cause further damage. This is 5 min job that may save your prop one day.

   Put clamp on 1 and tie to 2

Aug 19/05     Frank is here to become instructor.

I'm back, this time to get my instructor rating. My wife and I have arrived early and are currently living in our motor home on Sodom Field. In the past 6 months I've had plenty of opportunity to fly and have currently logged in over 60 hrs flight, this is mainly due to my retirement from the Canadian Forces and a lot of time to fly. I'm looking forward to working with Andre and learning the instructional techniques along with the  business end of starting a PPG School in New Brunswick. In the next couple of days, I'll be assisting Andre with training students. 


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