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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news    

Aug 19/05     Walkerjet will release new motor soon.

When I visited Czech Republic I had the opportunity to take the first glance on the new WJ motor that is produced by Walkerjet it self. The emphasis was put on reliability, light weight, high output. Here is the sneak peak.

  Walkerjet owner Viktor Prochazka with his new baby W 130, 22 HP engine

Aug 17/05     Nice note from Scott.

Sure, You can post it if you'd like. I stand behind every word! Feel free to have any prospective customers email me too. I appreciate the time you took to make sure I had what I needed and I especially appreciate the fact that you didn't snow me on what I needed to make it all work. MANY THANKS!

Thanks for the reminder to do a hand test. I guess I'd better get that done today...the weather is looking like it may be flyable in the next day or two and I would hate to lose a second of it hanging in a and this pretty lady have a date with some clouds! See you in the air!

"Andre @ Powered Paragliding Ontario" <> wrote: 

Thanks for the nice note. Can I post it on my website?

Make sure you do hang test to practice in and out of the seat before you leap in the air.

-----Original Message-----
From: Scott []
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 2:33 PM
Subject: RE: Tandem Walkerjet question

Hey Andre! Thanks for responding.

As a side note, I got my motor mounted on the new frame and everything looks good. I kited the frame yesterday for the first time (we've had bad weather for almost two weeks) and man was it different! I kept wondering why the wing wasn't producing the normal lift that I was used to feeling. It took a few moments to figure out that the wing was lifting the weight of the motor. I could run twice as far with my Simonini as I could with my old system!. If it flies like it kites...I am in for a real treat!! Thanks again and take care!

PS. I am cheerleading for you to anyone who will listen and telling them that you are the guy to buy stuff from. I hope you get lots of business!

Aug 16/05      Safety notice to all Simonini motor based paramotor pilots.

I have had customer whose muffler recently broke. The very end piece of the muffler that looks like a coke can in shape (with a small pipe coming off it for the exhaust to exit), broke off completely mid flight from the muffler at the weld. This is a serious safety issue as this piece has some weight to it and can cause quite a bit of damage to the paramotor.  I have now added a strap to my muffler that will prevent this piece from going through prop causing further damage if it breaks. This is a simple hose clamp with safety wire or better yet nylon 1/4 inch rope leading to the frame short enough not to allow the piece to reach the prop in the event this occurs again. Plus remember you must preflight and post flight your machine before and after each flight.

Aug 16/05     Back in the office.

Rested but jetlagged....

July 17/05     Out of office

I am on business trip from July 18 until Aug 15, 2005. I will not be able to get any voice messages. You can get hold of me by email but it may take several days before I get back to you.

July 15/05      New used equipment

I am selling  barely used WJ Airwolf -  this is 2005 model with 3 bladed carbon fiber prop.

This paramotor only  flew tree times. It looks brand new. This unit was purchased by experienced 220 Lb PG pilot  who decided to trade it in for Walkerjet RR. I am asking 6500 Cad + taxes. This is s a great deal - you save almost $1000 (including taxes) to buy pretty much brand new machine. To convert $ CAD to other currencies click   If interested, please email me at or call me at 905 988 5013 

July 14/05     Fly in  - date change 

I have to change the Fly in date from Sep 2 - 4, 2005 to next weekend Sep 9 - 11, 2005. I apologize for the inconvenience.

July 14/05     Busy day at Sodom Rd field - July 10, 2005. 

   Pictures here - write up will follow

July 12/05     Crappy flight with Mark July 6, 2005. 

It has been a while since we (Mark and I) went for nice long flight. I picked Mark at St. Catharines airport around 5:30 pm and off we went to Sodom Rd. field. There were some nice large cumulus clouds so we were both excited about thermal flight...

  Read more here.

July 6/05     My schedule. 

I will not be available for any flying until Sunday, July 9. I you would like to go on with your training please call or email to let me know. After the Globe and Mail article I am getting a lot of inquiries for introductory tandem flights  - it is very busy - so if you do not call or email there may not be any time or equipment available for you.

July 6/05     Write up in Globe and Mail 


Good article, awesome exposure but why did they use picture of non motorized paragliders which can not be used in Ontario due to the lack of large hills or mountains when I sent them nice pics of powered paragliders?


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