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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news    


June 11/05     Quick report from course.


Dan completed preparatory ground school, paraglider ground handled, took a tandem trike flight, tried to take off in solo trike - unfortunately after numerous attempts no luck



Corona Dan completed preparatory ground school, paraglider ground handled, was too heavy for a tandem trike flight, took off in solo trike - nice 25 min flight, great landing



Umang completed preparatory ground school, paraglider ground handled, took a tandem trike flight, decided to quite earlier due to long drive home.



Success everybody got taste of air......


June 10/05     Evening PPG flight with Mark and Jeff on Walkerjet paramotors. Story by Mark.


We arrived at the field late in the day. The air was smooth and we were all set for a nice evening flight. While waiting for Jeff, Andre did a bunch of take offs and landings as well as some foot drags and touch and goes. These were the perfect evening conditions that allow you to fly real low and be happy that you are not going to experience any turbulence. Jeff, Andre and I decided that a quick flight to Lake Erie would be nice. It is very relaxing to fly up and down the beach at sunset. Jeff was up in the air and buzzing around the field for a good 15 mins while we set up and packed away any equipment not being used.


  Read more here


June 10/05     Used package for sale.


I have 2 year old Lift 24 and one year old Airwolf in perfect working order. The whole package ready to fly is $ 7000 CAD. To convert $ CAD to other currencies click here. More info here.


June 10/05     Rescue parachute chucking/rescue parachute repacking party.


I thought that everybody should practice proper rescue deployment so last weekend in January 2006 we will have rescue parachute chucking/rescue parachute repacking party. Everybody will be able to try rescue parachute deployment, watch how to repack rescues, watch PG and PPG movies, tell stories of good flights and survival + eat pizza and drink beer. It should be lot of fun. Both new instructors Renata and Eliska will be present.  ;-)   Stay tuned for more details.


June 10/ 05   Update 


   Another new instructor Eliska  ;-)


June 9/05     Important info about rescue parachutes.


I had a customer who came in to repack his rescue so we though may as well practice tossing it. We mounted his RR in simulator and tossed. There was 2 issues: 


1) This pilot did not know to let go off deployment handle and the whole parachute inner container which can be a big problem. Read this for proper sequence.


2) The straps on pilots rescue parachute was not routed properly which caused premature opening of the inner container. Read this for proper strap routing:


See video from the toss here.


June 8/05     Sign up and fly!


There is one space left in our PPG course starting this Sat at 8 am. Do not wait and book.


You can be flying this weekend....


June 7/05     Tandem trike flight with Mark - June 5, 2005. 


  Read full story here.


June 6/05     Technical update - battery charging


Once your battery pack is charged you must remove the charging connector from the battery pack it self. If you just pull out the adapter from the wall outlet and the charging connector will not be removed it will slowly drain your batteries.


  Remove connector 1 once your battery is charged


June 6/05     Tandem trike flight with Mark - June 5, 2005.


Another success! The whole Sunday afternoon was very windy. All forecasts  were calling for light rain associated with thunderstorms so it looked like there will be no flying. By 6 pm wind started to come down so I called Mark to see if he would be in for quick tandem trike flight - flight number two. 30 min later we are heading to Sodom Rd. field hoping that the local fly in is over and we will be able to hop in for quick spin. Damn, it is not over! Still lots of traffic. OK, lets go to Bieda's. It took us quite a while to get there as I had one of those bad driving days, not only I could not find my way around but almost could not keep the car on the road... Eventually we have arrived. Henry was cutting grass so we said hello and started to assemble the trike. 20 min later all is ready. We had one busted inflation and on the second one all went well. We negotiate our way around Henry's jeep, avoid the low fence and finally are off. As we leave the ground I watch our climb and realize that Mark's fat ass ;-) is holding us back, the row of trees is coming towards us very quickly. This is not going to be good.....


  Read more tomorrow.


June 2/05     Tandem trike intro flights available.


Those who are considering signing up our powered paragliding course but would like to see what it is like to fly PPG first have now an option to take tandem trike flight. I charge $ 75 + GST for 30 min introductory flight. We will take off from Sodom Rd. field and explore surrounding area. You will be able to pilot the aircraft once in the air if you wish but of course, I will manage the take off and landing. 


Please note that tandem flights will only be offered late in the afternoon in 0 - 15 km/h winds for passengers up to 185 lb  Please call or email to book.



June 2/05      Update on training.


My dad is leaving on Saturday evening so no flying till Sunday. I will be available for training on Sunday afternoon from 2 pm on if the weather is OK. If you are interested to go on with your flying call or email.


June 1/05       Basic flight rules...


Try to stay in the middle of the air. Do not go near the edges of it. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and other things. It is much more difficult and dangerous to fly there.... ;-)

May 31/05     Tandem trike tested.


Success! I had a chance to try the new tandem trike and it works great. After visit to Niagara Aviary I got the chance to take my dad's girlfriend for intro flight. It took us about 30 min to set up as I needed to put RR prop on. I normally fly with the shorter XC prop as I constantly try new things and with Chris borrowing my machine here and there the longer prop would not last too long.... 


  Read more here.


May 30/05     Tandem trike completed.


All I need now is half decent weather to test it out.



May 30/05     Having fun with my dad...


As I said before, my dad is visiting from Czech Republic so flying has been put on hold a bit. This is my dad's first and probably last trip to North America so I want to make sure it is a great visit.



May 28/05    Ground school with Barney and Lewis May 26, 2005.


Barney and Lewis completed ground school. Then Barney made quick of transition from trike to foot launch and completed 2 flights. Both take offs and landings were very good. Lewis learned how to kite the glider in about 2.5 hrs. He took off on trike next day in the morning. 


  Pictures here - story  will follow.


May 23/05       No flying today - too windy. Grrr...


Forecast for: KIAG
Text: KIAG 231727Z 231818 06012KT P6SM SCT025 BKN035
Forecast period: 1800 UTC 23 May 2005 to 0000 UTC 24 May 2005
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the ENE (60 degrees) at 14 MPH (12 knots; 6.2 m/s)
Visibility: 6 miles (10 km)
Ceiling: 3500 feet AGL
Clouds: scattered clouds at 2500 feet AGL
broken clouds at 3500 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather forecast for this period


May 22/05     Update.



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