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May 23/05       Flight from Jack's cottage - May 20, 2005


As I said before my dad is visiting here in Canada so for this long weekend we drove to my father in law's place on lake Huron. The cottage, well more house then cottage, is right on the lake, a beautiful area to spend few days, relax and


  Read more here.


May  21/05      Course May 26/05


I will be starting course for someone on May 26 this Thursday.  Anybody else interested to start?



May  21/05      Surprise.


We have a new baby in our family and things will be different.... 


Read more here


May 19/05       Update from Matt.  

Hi Andre,

I will be there on September 2-4 and I am looking forward to another good time at your annual Fly-In. I have flown at least once a week all winter long and now that it is getting warmer I fly at least 3 times a week and I am in the air for a minimum of 2 hours at a time. This sport is a major stress reliever for me and I hope to do this for the rest of my life!

P.S.    I have just flown and documented my 100th hour on my Simon RR in just under 18 months and it is still running like it did from day one!

Thanks,  Matt MacArthur

May 18/05      Update on training.


I am spending this weekend with my dad who is visiting from the old country. I will be available though for training on Monday afternoon from  2 pm on if the weather permits. If you are interested to go on with your flying call or email to reserve a space.


May 18/05      Fly in 2005 - Sep 2 - 4, 2005 


It is that time of year again when we can start to look forward to the annual fly in. This year's fly in is going to be a lot of fun, maybe even better organized than last year and there will be prizes for each task. Some of the tasks we aim to complete (weather permitting) are listed below. Feel free to contact us with any ideas of your own. There will be an opportunity to try out the trike, and if it gets too windy to fly you can also try out the trike in its kite buggy configuration. We will be having a barbeque midday for those that want it. As ever, there will be plenty of drinks in the evening at Dora's. Camping at is available for those of you that plan to come from some distance, just make sure to eat and drink at Dora's. It would be handy to get an idea of numbers in advance. Everyone is welcome. If you plan to fly you must hold a Canadian Ultralight pilot's license. I can issue you with a student pilot permit if I am satisfied that you meet certain criteria. Read more here.



May 17/05      Sunday 8th May 2005 - Ellicottville


We set off early for Ellicottville. We headed for a sculpture park, that Andre and Chris knew of. This would make a great visual backdrop for some filming. The launch site was a bit dodgy for take off due to the wind direction. It was coming over a row of trees in the distance, giving the possibility of some rotor. Take off was going to be tricky and a little risky.....


  Read more here.


May 14/05        First trike student in the air - congrats Barney


See video by Mark here.


May 14/05        Answer to Ray's question with respect to Chris's collapse.


Mistake # 1 - The collapse  happened at 4:30 pm which should be generally safe time to fly even in May. One thing that escaped our attention was that the whole morning was overcast so 4:30 pm was actually about 11:30 am on thermal time.
Mistake # 2 - None of us jumped in foot launch to test air - we just kept flying the trike. Flying foot launch we would have noticed that air is extremely turbulent and decided not to fly. You just do not feel the bumps on trike as you would without it.
Mistake # 3 - Chris was flying with very little or no brake pressure. He admitted he did not "check" (brake) the glider surge just before the collapse.
Mistake # 4 - Chris was flying low to the ground for most of his flight. If he was at higher altitude he would not have hit the ground.
One thing that was good was that Chris was flying DHV 1 glider Lift 28 by Sky Paragliders. You can see that the recovery was instant. There is nothing one can do to speed it up so flying a glider that is quick to recover without any major surge, dive or steep turn is super important.
To conclude: 
  • Late afternoon or evening may not be safe time to fly if it was overcast for the first part of the day
  • Keep in mind that bumps you feel on trike are actually huge bumps as you can not feel them as well.
  • Fly actively when flying in turbulent air. See here:
  • Stay high and fly with rescue parachute!
-----Original Message-----
From:  []On Behalf Of Ray ......
Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2005 8:38 AM
To: p.......

Subject: Re: [Bulk] RE: ppgOntario- 80% collapse on video

Andre,  I was trying to figure out what Exactly caused the collapse......Would like to hear your input on it?  Might be a lesson in it for me.  Ray W 

May 13/05       Important changes to course fees and structure.


See here:


May 12/05      Clarification.


I got an email where someone is asking if the 80 % collapse Chris had on Saturday was a first collpse we have seen with student? 

  • No Chris is not student. He is an experienced pilot. 

  • ...and yes this is first time in 6 years we have seen such major collapse. It happened at 4:30 pm, a generally safe time to fly in May, but since all morning was overcast 4:30 pm was actually about 11:30 am on thermal time. Similar thing happened to me at 10:30 am on Sunday flying in Ellicottville but I was about 500 ft up so glider just recovered and I continued flying....

May 12/05     Update from Frank and my reply.


You certainly got the idea. You must keep improving on your own.  Flying in turbulent air is far more challenging and no amount of experience will eliminate ALL risk. That is why I simply advise against it during the course. If air is extremely rough you will eventually get whacked, lets hope it will be very high and not on landing or take off. If that was the case remember that you want to lift your knees up and let the Walkerjet stand take the hit. See what happened to Chris on news page. Taking free flight course is a good idea but I would make sure to select proper company and site. Nothing in the east part of Canada is good.
Stay in touch         Andre
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2005 4:38 PM
Subject: Frank

Hey Andre, how's the flying going on down there. I've been flying at every opportunity whenever decent weather comes along. I've been working a lot on improving my skills and I must say that getting off the ground is much much easier than it was when I first started. My forward and reverse launches has improved considerably in the last twenty or so flights. I've been flying mostly in light wind conditions and I have the paramotor running before inflating the glider. Once you get the feel and timing for power on inflations, your chance of getting in the air the first try improves dramatically. I'm now working on properly controlling the glider when entering, flying in and exiting thermals. Yes, even though we all like to fly in nice smooth air, it rarely happens. Even though I'm a newbie as a PPG pilot I have been bounced around quite often and you must be prepared to control the glider at all times. I have the chance of reviewing some videos like Dixon White's, "Flying in lifting air" and also some other articles on flying and controlling your glider in thermals. A basic PPG course gives you the basic understanding of controlling a paraglider, but in most cases this is done in normally in very calm conditions. I believe it's up to the individual pilot to improve their knowledge and skills to be able to handle a paraglider in less than perfect conditions. I now have a better understanding and respect for the free flight paraglider pilots and I am seriously considering taking a free flight course this summer to improve my PPG piloting skills. Powering to thermals would be the ultimate experience, Frank. (Andre, I'll see you again sometime in the Fall)



May 9/05   Crazy days of summer Saturday 7th May 2005  Video by Mark.

  • Hand towing - see the paraglider hand towing movie video here.

  • See me take off in trike here

  • Fly with us! Or not? Paraglider with trike - major collapse. Video from this paragliding accident is here. Huge 80 % paraglider collapse very close to ground. See the video here.

  • Czech engineering - how to fix bent axle on trike. See PPG video here.

May 9/05   Crazy days of summer Saturday 7th May 2005 - story by Mark


The weather was looking good after an overcast start to the day, a light breeze warm and sunny. Andre and I arrived at the field just before 2pm. After testing the trike out during the week, Andre was confident that this would be a great progression step for students; he was keen to get our first triking student airborne. The trike allows you to make many launches without getting tired. Barney would have the honor of being the first PPO trike student through the school. He worked on his inflation and kiting skills while Andre set up the trike.....Read more here.



Mark got everything on video so movies will follow soon.

May 7/05        Update from stunt man Tom F. - he really is a stunt man. No kidding!

-----Original Message-----
From: Tom Farr []
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 7:52 PM
Subject: Hello from Tom F....

Hey Andre,
I went for my first flight in a while this morning at about 8:30 am. Conditions were great with a 5 km/h wind.
My hands still got cold however. I did a reverse inflation in front of my garage and was happy to be in the air on my first attempt. I went for a 30 minute flight and did some touch and goes in a big field for practice.
I then came around for a nice powered landing in our yard. A successful first spring flight! I f you guys want to come up and fly from here some time that would be great.
Anyways, talk to you soon, happy flying!

See stunt man flying here.

May 6/05       200 km XC flight on one tank of gas? No problem.

Today would be day to do it. Take off in 6 MPH wind, climb pass 2000 ft into the wind shear layer then travel downwind close to 70 MPH.... This would be kick ass! Too bad I do not have anyone today who would pick me up 200 km down the road.... 

Forecast for: KIAG
Text: KIAG 061120Z 061212 12005KT P6SM FEW090 SCT250 WS020/20030KT
Forecast period: 1200 to 1400 UTC 06 May 2005
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the ESE (120 degrees) at 6 MPH (5 knots; 2.6 m/s)
Visibility: 6 miles (10 km)
Clouds: few clouds at 9000 feet AGL
scattered clouds at 25000 feet AGL
Wind shear: at 2000 feet ( 610 m) AGL, from the SSW (200 degrees) at 35 MPH (30 knots; 15.6 m/s)
Weather: no significant weather forecast for this period

May 6/05     Update.


May 6/05       Ground handling with Brett and trike test. 

So I have finally tested my new trike and let me tell you it is awesome! After couple busted inflations and loss of pants (I have added this extra bracket for additional foot support that ripped my pants - and shortly after removed it again) I have perfected the take off technique and flew the trike about 8 times. I have got to tell you it is kind of nice when one does not have to get up with the machine... Definitely way to go for someone who does not have the physical fitness to carry the paramotor. Especially with the superpowerfull Simon RR...


So trikes are now available and I guarantee perfect functioning with every Walkerjet machine. The trikes are very light as they are built from thin but very strong stainless steel tubing. The bracketing system is made out of aluminum. Cost $ 750 Cad including seat for kite buggying. More info on trikes here.

 See the video here.


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