April 1, 2003      Paramotors from Walkerjet are here:

I have finally received the shipment from Walkerjet. Yupiiii. Please contact me to arrange to pick up your equipment and for payment logistics unless you have prepaid the equipment and shipping in full. In that case I will ship your stuff tomorrow morning.


March 27, 2003      Book your spot in ground school.

The ground school on April 5/03 is getting full - reserve your spot if you wish to participate.

I will be out of office from March 27 to March 30.

March 26, 2003        I have obtained rights to sell WJ products in New York State. 

Note: Due to the franchise agreement all paramotor sales to New Your State customers must follow current WJ USA pricing. See WJ USA price schedule here.

  • Why?  US pricing must be consistent. 

  • Do I make more money?  No! I have to remit the extra money to the US master dealer for awarding me the dealership rights.

March 24, 2003         Paramotors finally in transfer:

It looks like the shipment of equipment you all have been waiting for is finally registered at Prague Cargo. The airway bill number is 064-11506051 You can track the shipment here

March 22, 2003         First ground school of this year.

Well, I have changed the concept of the ground school since last season so I was a little nervous before we started since I was not sure how well will things work out. There was four students, Jerry, Randall, Steve and Matt.  Everything went well except that I kept mixing up Matt's and Steve's names so I felt bit like an old confused  grandma.... I was not able to remember until I told my self "Steve studies on campus", since he was wearing a "Campus Crew" T-Shirt.  The only problem was that I said it out laud! So every time I would glance at Steve's shirt he would say "Steve" before I was be able to say anything... Anyway, we have finished at 12:30 pm which was bit behind schedule and the plan was to go to do some ground handling. As we stepped outside to load the trailer it was raining and that was the end of today's training. Since we had the machines out I have suggested to start one and so we did and that was it. Matt and Jerry are meeting me tomorrow at 9 am for glider ground handling. Hopefully, the weather will be good. If not, I will eat my shorts! Read more here.

March 21, 2003         Mistake made

The shipment was actually from Sky Paragliders not from Walkerjet??!!!! I drove a big moving truck to Toronto to pick up 1 ONE  paraglider! What I waste of $ 200.  Why did this happen? When I order just one paraglider, the customs have always processed the GST charge through Canada Post and I just pick it up at local post office and pay the GST through the Canada Post. I have no idea why they did not do the same thing with this glider. So when I have received the call, I have assumed it was the paramotors as the shipment of paramotors has been waiting at Prague airport for some free cargo space for couple of days now.... BTW  Jean your Lift 30 is here.

March 21, 2003         For those who pre-paid:  Shipment of paramotors has arrived.

The shipment is at the airport in Toronto - I will pick it up today if all goes well.  I will have your equipment ready to be shipped or picked up in the next couple of days.  

March 20, 2003         Off for weekend:

I will be out of office from March 27 to March 30.

March 19, 2003         For immediate release ...

We have completed testing the Simonini Mini 3 Plus engine, that will be the new flag ship for our Tandem unit. At over 30hp and 200lb of thrust, it is the most powerful PG unit on the planet.

Walkerjet USA

March 18, 2003         Please complete your paperwork if you wish to start training:

Those of you who purchased study materials note that it takes about 7 - 10 business days for Transport Canada General Aviation Office in Hamilton to issue the student pilot permit that is necessary to have before your first solo flight takes place. Since the beginning of season is quickly approaching it would be wise to sent me the completed paperwork so I can apply for your permits.

March 17, 2003        I have one space left for the ground school on Saturday March 22/03.

If you are interested, email me to book this spot and I will keep you updated on training field conditions and weather forecast for the above date.

March 16, 2003         I am sick - missing the best flight conditions ever  ;-(

Conditions at: KIAG observed 16 March 2003  14:53 UTC
Temperature: 7.2C (45F)
Dewpoint: 1.7C (35F) [RH = 68%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.97 inches Hg (1015.0 mb)
[Sea-level pressure: 1016.0 mb]
Winds: calm
Visibility: 9 miles (14 km)
Ceiling: at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: few clouds at 25000 feet AGL
Present Weather: no significant weather observed at this time
KIAG 161453Z 00000KT 9SM FEW250 07/02 A2997 RMK AO2 SLP160 8/001 9/001 T00720017 50002

March 16, 2003         Muffler tie down on WJ Simon models:

I have received email from Walkerjet paramotors recommending that muffler should be tied down to the main frame. Just like any other piece of machinery things can brake and there have been few Simon mufflers on which the holding bracket cracked just above the two bolts fastening the bracket to the engine body - see the red line on picture. Note: None of these resulted in any serious problems as the exhaust muffler port can hold the muffler on its own. Those of you who purchased any of the Walkerjet Simon models should install tie down such as the one I have installed on my Simon RR as a precautionary measure to make sure that if the muffler bracket gives the muffler will not be able to get into the prop. Read more here.


March 14, 2003        Long, smooth but very cold winter flight 

.......this was the only part of this flight where I got little spooked. As I was getting close to the Niagara Falls I was fiddling with the camera and taking pictures (not knowing that there is no memory left) So once I started to concentrate on where I am I have realized that I am at 4000 ft ASL right on the edge of the Niagara Gorge just below the Falls and I am not having any forward speed even though I am pretty much standing in my speed system. Holy shit, I thought, if I can not penetrate I may have to turn 180 degrees and fly over the Niagara River to USA. Yikes, that would be illegal entry if they do not shoot me down first. I could just see all the problems and the media coverage. Headlines such as "Man parasailing losses control of his parachute and enters USA illegally" would for sure appear in local newspaper. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity but I do not think so. Anyway, I am not moving forward in fact I am inching backwards toward the USA border.... Read more here.   


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