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Powered Paragliding, Paramotoring, PPG - news   _________________________________________________________________________

March 28/05       Course with Frank - Day 4

No training today - too windy

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

Output produced by TAFs form (1727 UTC 28 March 2005)
found at 
METAR text: KIAG 281653Z 02013KT 10SM BKN022 BKN130 OVC200 09/04 A2965 RMK AO2 SLP047 T00940044
Conditions at: KIAG observed 1653 UTC 28 March 2005
Temperature: 9.4C (49F)
Dewpoint: 4.4C (40F) [RH = 71%]
Pressure (altimeter): 29.65 inches Hg (1004.1 mb)
[Sea-level pressure: 1004.7 mb]
Winds: from the NNE (20 degrees) at 15 MPH (13 knots; 6.8 m/s)
Visibility: 10 or more miles (16+ km)
Ceiling: 2200 feet AGL
Clouds: broken clouds at 2200 feet AGL
broken clouds at 13000 feet AGL
overcast cloud deck at 20000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather observed at this time

March 28/05       Fun email from my mailbox.... 

-----Original Message-----
From: borasca0107 [mailto:borasca0107.....
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 12:11 AM
Subject: greetings from Toronto

Hello hello...
This weekend I have accidentally found your PP website.I must say, I'm impressed!! First of all with these powered paraglides - had no idea about them! - then the beautiful movies and pictures
and most of all the sense of humor generally spread around:)
I must say - if I found this page a week ago, I would already be begging you to let me enroll into your classes over this easter weekend.  Now I have to wait until I save some money 'cause last Thursday I spent some huge mula on my trip to South America next month and I really feel sorry I did that - after I went through your pages! GRRR 
Looking at your pages and movies I started to think that this little thingy with an engine could be a nice addition on my back pushing me forward while hiking on Inca trail:) 
I always dreamt of paragliding but I'm too fat for that - so my goal over a few years now (GRRRR - still unsuccessful) was to loose weight first and then start looking around for a perfect place/instructor to start that flying... unfortunately, I would've had to start living on carrot fields of Saskatchewan first, away from any food source other than carrots - far away from all the crappy junk - for at least five years to start loosing even an ounce - I'm too addicted to ice cream grrr... so I kind of gave up on my dream... but now browsing through your page I couldn't believe that after all it's probably possible for me to try!! After all, I'm a bit less than 5000 Ib. :)
I'll be back from my trip at the beginning of June - probably completely broke:) so I guess I would be able to finally register in the fall season (I can't believe I'll have to wait that long!!!) if there will be any spaces available....
My main question, however, is - how do I get to the training place without the car? I live in Toronto and do not plan on buying a car - and won't always be able to ask my friends for a ride. Are the Greyhound buses stopping anywhere nearby?  I'm curious - how many kilometres approximately is it from Toronto? Do you have your classes during long weekends? - I won't be able to get days off from my work:(  etc. etc.
I have maaaaaaaaaaaany more questions but I'll save them for later.
Once again - thanks for that great webpage and most of all for these GREAT MOVIES!! 
Thank God you're not far away from Toronto! I'm pretty sure that I'll give you a huge 'instructoral' headache this summer or fall at the most:)
Hope to hear from you!
Best Regards,
Bozena L.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    
God, if you can't make me thin, 
please make my friends fat  

March 27/05       Video from course with Frank - Day 3 

See Frank landing supersuperfast and me stomping around in rubber

March 27/05       Traffic jam? 

No this is picture from the world paragliding championship in Governador Valadares, Brazil where Czech team came third. Congratulation!

Official results:
1st nation: Switzerland
2nd nation: Germany
3rd nation: Czech Republic

March 27/05       Course with Frank - Day 3 

Woke up this morning thinking that I will go to Peaks to get my RR and maybe the trike. I have used Frank's equipment. The 14 hp Walkerjet Spider electric and his small glider can get me off the ground but RR is RR. Of course only for those who can handle the weight. It would be total over kill if Frank was trying to fly the RR. Anyway as the morning went along I started to fell like crap again. I am still not over my flu, cough or what ever it is. Running around the field with no hats and flying does not help the recovery. So I though screw it. Read more here

March 26/05       Course with Frank - Day 2

  Read here

March 25/05       Course with Frank - Day 1 

Since Frank was the only person booked we decided to start day earlier as Frank arrived for this course all the way from NB on Wed. I have been bit sick since Monday, it was long day today so I am too tired to write my report now. I will do it later, I promise. Here is report from Frank. Andre

Day one - Ground school started at 0800 hrs. We covered the theory of flight in relation to powered paragliding. The basic theory was complete by noon in which we packed up our kit, and departed to Sodom field for hands on training. On arrival at the field, we unpacked my glider and in no time I was practicing kiting. The wind speed was steady, however not fast enough for reverse inflations. So we carried on with forward inflations, I have to say that it sure harder than it looks. The main goal for day one, was to inflate the glider without looking up at it and just get the feel of what the glider is doing and to keep it under control. We spent several hours practicing this technique in which I was slowly getting used to it. That didn't mean that I had it down but, Andre felt that I had enough technique to carry on with the next step. We went back to that trailer and pulled out my paramotor in which we practiced running under thrust from the paramotor. Next, we connected the paramotor to the glider and practiced forward inflations. We had attempted several inflations, however to no avail. I took a short 10 min break while Andre did a demo flight. He made it look effortless. When he had completed his demo flight, we wasted no time and we were back to practicing forward inflations. Finally after several attempts I had a successful inflation and the next thing I knew I was in the air. My first flight lasted around 15 mins, unfortunately due to cold hands I had to land. On final approach everything was going great until about 50 Ft off the ground I started to oscillate. I attempted to correct it, but unfortunately I blew the landing. That's OK, if the equipment and pilot can walk away with no repairs required, it's a good landing. We called it quits for the day. I'm looking forward to day two, Frank.

March 19/05       Training with trike as progression step to foot launch. 

I am planning to change the concept of the PPG courses I offer. What I would like to do is  to start with trike training with should be much easier then learning how to foot launch.  I truly believe that it will be possible to complete ground school in the morning, have lunch,  then go to the field practice forward inflations and go for flight the same day. Trike should eliminate all the physical work as there is no need to carry the paramotor on your back. This will give chance to women, disabled people, and all those who simply can not handle the weight. With less physical work one should be able to complete several flights each day as they will be less physically taxing. Trike should also eliminate the occasional stumble on take off and landing as with trike one does not have to run to take off and student can easily practice landings with touch and go's and land powered. Once the trike technique is mastered student can proceed to foot launch. I will use Frank (he is booked for March 26 course) as "Guinea pig" :-) to see how the trike option will work in reality. I will keep you posted on progress.

March 19/05       Trike option available for those with Simon RR. 

I have longer axle made that fits to the trike so now it is possible to use it with Simon RR. 

March 18/05       PPG course starting April 16/05 is on.

I have one person registered for the April 16/05 course.  See here. Want to fly like a bird? Just call, register and you can be fully licensed pilot by April 22/05. Spaces are available.

March 15/05       PPG course starting March 26/05 is on.

How would you like to fly by the end of March? With one person registered the course starting March 26/05 is on. See here. Do not hesitate and book your spot. You can be fully licensed PPG pilot by April 1. 

I am planning to implement a trike option this season which I believe will decrease the time one needs to get in the air. With trike there is no need for physical fitness. Those with bad knees or otherwise physically challenged now have an option to fly. Trike is also ideal for women. Get your wife, daughter or girlfriend flying! 

March 10/05       Winter sale ended. 

Feb 22/05             Winter sale ends March 10/05

Last chance to save some money on equipment before season starts.

Feb 21/05       Video from Ray's second flight.

See here. High speed internet is necessary.

Feb 20/05       Check this out...


Might want to post this to your news page "Close Up" - an PG documentary 

Tuesday February 22, 2005; 9:00 am - 10:00 am This event does not repeat. The next reminder for this event will be sent in 1 day, 1 minute. Event Location: National Geographic Channel - cable Notes: The story of New Zealand paraglider pilot Bryan Moore and friends trying to cross over the New Zealand Alps. Showing Feb 22 and March 22 at 0900 on the National geographic Channel "


Feb 17/05       Jerry takes to the skies...    paramotoring!

  Way to go Jerry! Jerry flies WJ Spider el and Sky Paraglider Lift 26.

Feb 10/05       First on Google!  

When searched for generic term "powered paragliding" otherwise known as paramotoring or PPG.

Many companies would pay thousands of $$$ to be listed as first on ....well..... I did not! Good content, many links to my site from people who enjoy coming back and few other tricks did it for me with 0 (that is zero, zilch, nada, nicego, nic, nothing) money spent. 


Wouldn't it be nice if you sell say DVD's and your site always came up first on most search engines when searched for "DVD's for sale" or "buy DVD". How would that increase your sales?  If you run a small or big company and want to know how I did it, email and I will tell you... ______________________________________________________________________

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