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Oct 15/04    Few more pics from our flight in Ellicottville. 

      and one more and one more and one more

Oct 14/04    Fire and theft insurance.


I  have located a company in Ontario that will cover the theft or fire damage of powered paragliders in private residences. They were referred to me by Marsh as Marsh do not cover for theft or fire only third party. The company is Bryson & Associates Telephone: 1- 800- 6615196 Contact: Linda Horrobin WEB:  In addition they cover for public liability, the cost of insurance for theft or fire is calculated at 2.5% of the value of the equipment. To obtain public liability you must be a member of U.P.A.C. fees $40.00 a year or $60.00 for family and the aircraft must be registered and info must be supplied as to your level of experience, but they will supply you an insurance for fire and theft if you do not have the aircraft registered providing you do not use the unit ( stored for the winter or such) Hope this helps you, thanks for your help,

Regards Ray B

Oct 13/04    I had 2 great but cold flights over thanks giving. 

      See more pictures here.

Oct 12/04    Email fixed. now works. 

Chris keep your hard drive to your self :-)

Oct 12/04    Listen to a black box - this one sends shivers down my spine...

Do you ever wonder what happens in cockpit of airliner when it is going down? Here you have it:

In 1989 DC-10-10 Flight 232  United Airlines crashed during emergency landing Sioux City Gateway airport in Iowa. The flight took off at 14:09 (CDT) from Stapleton International Airport, Denver, Colorado and was due to have flown to Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania via O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. At 15:16 the fan disk of its tail-mounted GE CF6-6 engine fragmented catastrophically and the engine assembly failed to contain the debris which severed all three of the airplane's triply redundant hydraulic systems. Captain Alfred C. Haynes accepted the assistance of senior training pilot and DC-10 expert Dennis E. Fitch, who was traveling as a passenger. He and his flight crew soon realized that the initial explosion had left all control surfaces on the airplane immovable. There was no conventional means of safely controlling the aircraft and it had an continual tendency to turn to the right and was difficult to maintain on a stable course. Fitch was assigned to control the airplane by adjusting the thrust on the two remaining wing-mounted engines while air-traffic control was contacted and an emergency landing at Sioux Gateway Airport organized. Landing had originally been planned at the 8,999 foot Runway 31 but difficulties in controlling the aircraft left it with an approach on the shorter Runway 22 (6,600 foot) and with little capacity to maneuver. Fitch continued to control the aircraft's descent by adjusting engine thrust. On final descent, the right wing dropped and the nose pitched forward. The tip of the right wing contacted the runway first and the aircraft skidded to the right, ignited and somersaulted.

Listen to the black box recording here.

Oct 8/04   Problem with email.

My email is stuck. If there is anything important email it to

Oct 8/04   Footage from European paragliding championship in Greece.

See here. 

Oct 7/04   Refurbished Walkerjet Simon XC or RR for sale.

Over the years I have ended up with bunch of spare or refurbished parts and it is time to let some go. I have 2004 Simon XC refurbished frame that had a prop strike. The frame is fixed but the paint on the fixed part of the frame does not match the original powder coating. This paramotor will come with used gas tank, 2003 harness, 2004 throttle and throttle cable, 2004 removable battery pack,  110 cm carbon fiber 2 bladed prop. 

I do not have a motor for this paramotor but if there is anyone interested in this machine I will order it and it will take about 7 business days to get it in. Note that I will require 50 % deposit  before I order the Simonini Mini plus 2 engine. And of course the motor will be brand new. 

Price is $ 6400 + PST and GST. 

I also have 2004 Simon RR refurbished frame that had a prop strike The frame is fixed but the paint on the fixed part of the frame does not match the original powder coating. All the other parts will be the same as the parts for Simon XC with exception of prop which will be 2 bladed wood.

I do not have a motor for this paramotor but if there is anyone interested in this machine I will order it and it will take about 7 business days to get it in. Note that I will require 50 % deposit  before I order the Simonini Mini plus 2 engine. And of course the motor will be brand new. 

Price is $ 6300 + PST and GST. 

Oct 6/04   Video from our flight in Ellicottville - see news Sep 28/04 

This video is 9 min long, just under 10 MB.  See it here.

Oct 6/04   Crazy? Yes we are!

Three Czech pilots are leading European championship. After first round the order was Martin Orlík,  Tomášem Brauner and Radkem Vecera! 

After three rounds Tomáš Brauner is still leading, Martin Orlík is second,  Radek Vecera is sixth with small point difference. Czech female pilot Petra Krausová is first so far. CONGRATS! 

More info here.  

Oct 5/04   Training this weekend.

I  am only available for training Sat 9 am till 3 pm.  I am taking Sun and Monday off for thanks giving.

Oct 5/04   Hook up 2003 to 2004 retrofit. 

Those of you with 2000, 2001, 2002 or 2003 Walkerjet 


may prefer following hook up:

This hook up eliminates the possibility of not screwing the shackle pin all the way thus creating dangerous situation. With this set up you can not make mistake. Either you are hooked in or not. The used carabiners are tandem stainless steel locking carabiners. If you are interested let me know and I can order some + the necessary slings. The retrofit package is $ 60.00 Cad + taxes.

Oct 4/04   Update from Sodom Rd.

Sat not flyable. Sun forecast was calling for 11 KN so bunch of us met. Me, Mark, Chable aka Cabo and all the other names we called him so far, Bob, Ike, Wayne + Chris and his son who came to watch. It was way to windy though. Gusting to 17 KN. Only I, Chabee and Mark  were able to ground handle for while and even we found it overpowering. I got my tracking kite out and played with it for while. That sucker was pulling like son of a bitch. I can not wait to get my buggy in. Mark played with the kite for while too till he got pulled forward and lost control. Then the kite pulled even harder and Mark got thrown about 12 ft head first on to the ground. It looked like he was diving in the pool. After he landed this impressive jump/toss/crash he moaned and trashed on the ground for while during which I though he really got hurt but luckily he was OK....and you though PPG was dangerous??!!! Ike brought his new paramotor. Nice machine just bit heavy for him. He would like to sell it. See below. Wayne put together his all season trike/child coffin on the wheels/snowboards.... With all due respect Wayne, it looked very funny....

It was still windy at 4 pm so I called St. Catharines flight services to get latest surface wind forecast for Niagara Falls International Airport. The wind was not supposed to come down till 8 pm. Some people left, some stayed to watch videos on my laptop. At about 5:30 we have decided to go to Dora's for bite to eat. Pizza, and wings. Mmmmm. When we looked out of window just before sunset the wind has died down. Ok, lets go for quick flight. Mad rush begun. In about 10 min we are back at the field, equipment ready. Hardly any wind.  I took off first - first attempt. Mark was second after busting couple and Chabbel did not get lucky this time. It got rapidly dark so we just flew around field and observed the sun to go down. Lots of aircraft in the air. Landed when quite dark packed and went home. Good day, short flight and ... nothing to fix. Actually not true Mark has tangled the lines on the kite to such degree that it will take couple of hours to get them untangled.

Oct 4/04   Paramotor Sova fly 2004 model

I am advertising this machine for a customer who's wife purchased this paramotor for him for birthday but he would like to fly Walkerjet Spider. This machine is based on the CorsAir black devil engine. Please contact me and I will put you in touch with the owner. This is a brand new unit that has never been fired. Please email or call if interested

 More info here.

Oct 2/04   Flying the Russian way.....     

Dude kicks this burning torch which ends up in his lap and literally sets him self on fire. He grabs it and removes it along with his rescue.... See video here. Mark, watch out when you kick things mid air.

Oct 1/04   Bob's second flight - Sep 30/04

I got together with Bob and Ike yesterday mid day. Ike was introduced to ground handling - lots accomplished. Bob took off for his second flight. It was bit on windy side. This time Bob took off without any assistance what so ever. It did take about 20 inflations and one 10 min rest. Landing was good in relatively bumpy conditions. 50 min in the air. Congrats Bob on your second flight.

Oct 1/04   Who was flying PPG (red glider) over Welland on Sep 26/04???     

  I got people that report to will not get unnoticed ;-)


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