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Sep 14/04     I had a great 2 flights on Monday and Tuesday.

Total of 3.5 hours added to my log book.


Sep 13/04     Lift by Sky Paragliders kick ass.

See video here.

Sep 11/04     Training with Ray, Csaba, Roy and Imad.

We flew from Bieda's Motor Sports at the weekend since the regular field was hosting a big event. This is a playground for big kids to play with big toys; skidoos, quads, dirt bikes, jet-skis and just about anything that has an engine. We arrived a little after midday. Imad (who loves big toys), Csaba, and Ray were all eager to fly. Imad was to make his first successful flight today in near perfect conditions.....Read more here.

      My commentary will follow shortly.

Sep 13/04   Jerry on the Cloud 9...

Hey A

Awsome Flight saturday morn,The field was clear and calm.Just got off the ground and flew around the feild a couple of times,just then a thick fog blew in I climed to 1000 feet.It was increadable nice smooth air and an increadable view.I looked north and could see clear sky,so iheaded north,I flew around for 90 minutes thinking the fog would clear.No such luck,so I picked a nice field to land just so hapens I new the property owners and they were quite happpy to give me a lift back to my truck. Just thought you would injoy these pics off to germany tomorow,hope to check out the paragliding store in munick See ya jer.


Sep 6/04             Hot, tired and stupid! Sep 5/05 - report by Mark.

Sunday was just as hot as Saturday but with a gentle breeze it was much easier to inflate the gliders. Jamie arrived after a 4 hour slog from Toronto in heavy traffic. Less running around meant that he was able to attempt a launch on only his second day. The first attempt was "good to go", but Jamie was a little hesitant on the throttle. I don't think he really wanted to take off! Now that he had a feel for it he was a lot more determined and the take off was nice and clean. With full power on he was soon up and away climbing nice and high. After a few minutes admiring the view and getting used to this new sensation Jamie was setting up his approach to land. Everything was just great except Jamie forgot that he needed to get out of the seat. This new style of seated running was very funny to watch but not too effective! With a nice headwind, however, there was no harm done and it was still a pretty good landing. With new found confidence Jamie was ready to try again. The conditions were just perfect and he made his launch attempt. The glider came up a little faster on one side and unchecked continued to swing around to the left. With the engine still running and the throttle still pressed the glider swung around further. With too much going on at once Jamie didn't cut the engine in time and he stumbled and nicked his first prop and the cage putting the machine out of action for the rest of the day. Meanwhile Mark (Butcher) had been acquainting himself with his glider. Several inflations later and a bit tired he was getting a bit frustrated. After some colorful language and a rest he was ready to try again. There were several good inflations by the end of the afternoon, but the heat and humidity were zapping everyone's energy. Dennis arrived with his machine , but was unable to fly due to a previous injury. Dennis has a tendency to sit down on take off. I think that this will soon be rectified after he watches his slow motion action replay on video. I'm sure he will soon be a master of the launch technique . I look forward to seeing it! Shawn was also hard at work on Sunday. He was determined to build on the success of the previous day. His forward launches were looking really slick now and he had two nice long flights in calm conditions. Shawn was still at the field when everyone else had gone. Andre suggested that he get the spare machine running (to replace the one Jamie damaged) and we all fly over the falls. A great plan! I had been looking forward to this since my first flight. I was finally going to fly over the falls!!! Well we were all getting ready. Shawn went for a launch. I didn't see it all but what I did see out of the corner of my eye was Shawn doing a somersault with his engine running. Then I heard the now familiar thwack of a prop busting (2 days old!). I turned off my machine and went to see if he was alright. He was fine but PISSED OFF!!! The cage had been severaly dented too. There was no chance of fixing this today and Shawn was grounded. Having seen that he was alright we went back to our machines to continue setting up. Andre was soon airborne after a couple of unusually sloppy attempts (we were all getting tired). I couldn't start the spare machine. I didn't know that it was set up differently. Shawn came over to help. He got it running. Great, I am ready to go. The engine cut out. Then the starter cord snapped! No flying for me then. Andre came in to land and we all packed up, disappointed not to have made a nice evening flight over the falls. Ok so I have covered HOT and TIRED, here comes the STUPID bit..... As I am packing all the stuff back into the trailer I put the keys on top of the trailer. You guessed it, I got distracted and forgot I had not locked the trailer (only shut it tightly and replaced the lock). Half way home it suddenly occurs to me that I think I left Andre's keys on the roof of the trailer. Well you can bet they are not there now! We pull over and surprises. I can tell Andre is really pissed off, but he doesn't make a fuss. All his climbing gym keys and house keys are on that key ring. We go back to the field and look to see if they dropped off anywhere on the dirt track. Shawn and Andre check the ramp to the QEW and I get eaten alive by mosquitoes. NO KEYS!

Two busted props, two busted cages, a broken starter cord and no house keys.


Sep 5/04     Czech pilots kick ass...

Czech PG team won task 10 at the latest world championship event in Turkey. Czech female pilot Petra Krausova came first in over all results. Congrats.  See results here.

Tak hosi to vam k tomu vitezstvi hezky blahopreju. Andre 

Sep 5/04     Important info re Sodom Rd training field.

On Sep 10, 11,12 there will be an aeroplane fly in. I was asked to make sure that there is no PPG that (next) weekend. Any PPO training will be done at Bieda's field.

Sep 5/04    HOT HOT HOT!!! - Sep 4/04

Wow what a scorcher! The sun was beating down on the Sodom Road field as some old faces and some new turned up to hone their skills. There was Jamie, who was on day one training after a morning of theory with Andre at the climbing gym. Russian Dennis and friend, American Dennis, Mark, Jeff, Imad (in his shiny new red love machine), Sean (Shawn?), Andre and myself. By two o'clock everyone was overheating except for Shawn who was attempting inflation after in inflation in light variable winds. The wind never really seemed to decide which way it was coming from until the evening when it seemed more reliable. American Dennis performed his second ever launch after prematurely retracting his landing gear before putting it back down and running like a man possessed! Eventually he rose into the air. Next time Dennis we want to see those legs moving until you are at least 10 feet in the air! Shawn finally nailed his forward inflation and made a near perfect launch in stunning calm evening conditions. Russian Dennis got signed off and Imad finally got to try an inflation with the power unit on his back. All in all a successful if not exhausting day. By the end of it we were all smellier, wearier but happier. Tomorrow should be even better. Mark.

           Pictures and my commentary here.  Andre

Sep 5/04     Aviation the Russian way....

It sure is pretty darn cool when you retract your gear right after take-off. But it definitely looks stupid when you touch that lever too early ....see video here.

Sep 4/04      Life just gets better and better!

I finish my day job at 4pm, go home and grab a bite to eat. At 5pm Andre calls to say he's meeting up with Chris to go for an evening flight and do I want to come along! Hmmmm ok then! Since I have nothing better to do! We leave about 5:40pm are at the field by a little after 6pm. The wind is light and conditions are nice and smooth if a little hazy. We are all in the air by 6:30pm heading out low towards Lake Erie. Chris is not paying attention and his radio isn't working. After heading off on his own for a bit he loses sight of us and we continue without him. We later learn that he went to the falls. Andre and I continue buzzing along nice and low over open farm land and golf courses. Wherever we fly people wave and look up. I'm sure we wouldn't get the same reception in any other aircraft. We keep going until we are eventually at the lake sure. By this time Andre has made a bit of headway since his glider is a little faster than mine. The beach is a great spot to fly by. People are coming out onto their patios and everyone is waving. It is like being a superstar. We fly along the beach a bit more until it is starting to get dark. The sky is getting really hazy, the visibility dropping rapidly I decide to head back down wind to the landing field. The outward journey took about 45 mins but the return trip is much faster. I climb to around 3000ft and get a bearing on where I am before setting the cruise control and sitting back to enjoy the view. I am soon back on the ground packing up in the failing light, being eaten alive by swarms of mosquitoes. Soon to follow are Chris and Andre. Andre descends from 7000 ft telling us he had clocked 90km/hr on the GPS. He was in high level winds and was concerned that he might get blown into the States. He spiral dived to descend quickly into the lower level calm air mass. Chris told us he had lost sight of us early on and decided to fly in the opposite direction to Niagara Falls. We all packed up and went to Dora's for a quick beverage and a bite to eat. Same again tomorrow? I hope so! 


Sep 3/04      Another idiot with helicopter bites the big one...

See the video here.

Sep 2/04   Thanks for the compliments Barry

Great web site Andre! I only recently started flying PPCs and love it. My instructor, Wayne Mitchler of Sky-Biker Aviation is also a PPG instructor (along with his wife Susan) and I've watched him teach other students in their PPG training. I must say, the more I watch, the more I want to learn to fly PPGs too.

I really enjoyed reading your stories and looking at the pics. Very entertaining and interesting. I've not gone over it all yet but I'm reading it all little by little (when I get a chance here at work). I'm a control room operator at an oil refinery so I have time to browse your site.

I really look forward to checking back and reading the events and stories of this passing summer. I'm sure they'll be awesome and I look forward to reading them.

My brother just moved to your area so if I ever get a chance to visit him, I'd like to stop in and say hi. All the best and please keep up the good stories/pics.


Sep 2/04      Training with Cabo and Shawn -  Sep 1/04

   More pictures here.  

Sep 1/04      Great morning flight with Mark - Aug 31/04

Life is pretty good in Canada! I went for a two hour flight with Andre this morning. We flew from a small lumpy field in St Catharines. We both forward launched in a light breeze and were soon heading for Lake Ontario shoreline. From there we followed the highway for about half an hour making fairly slow progress into wind. We turned back inland and headed towards a nice little tree covered ridge to attempt some soaring. Birds were managing fine on the updrafts but we would soon have been on the deck without the engines. After a while I thought it time I started to head back since by fuel levels were extremely low. I set off downwind climbing as high as possible so that if I did run out I would have ample time and distance to consider my landing options. Well, sure enough I ran out! No problem I just called Andre on the radio and told him where I would land (he was just below me). We made our arrangements and I landed in a small vineyard just about a mile short! t of the launch site. Within 15 mins of landing I had been retrieved by Andre and we were off to get some coffee and bagels at the nearest drive through. A great morning! Now I had to go to work!...


CHEERS Andre - Awesome flight! Mark

Aug 30/04      This is funny.....

Maximum take-off weight was definitely exceeded ....... see video here.

Aug 30/04      Even gorillas fly Walkerjet - report from Fly in - Sunday

I had a great sleep. Mark was not squirming in the tent and Sam was relaxed. Just one peaceful sleep till wrrrrrrrrrrwwrrwrrrrwwww.... Who is that in the air? Damn! That is the end of my rest. I poke my head from the tent flap and see red paraglider. That must be Matt or Duke....  Read more here.


Aug 27/04      Big aircrafts brake prop too...

This is what happens when idiot buys helicopter.... see video here.


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