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Aug 27/04      Used package for sale.

Comtronics radio helmet (L)
2 Cobra wx315 FRS radios
Crispi paragliding boots (11)
Bretex flight suit (XL)
Sky Spare XL reserve
Lift 28 paraglider
Simon XC 2003 model - with 2 bladed wooden prop paramotor
Steel heavy duty cargo carrier for 2" receiver.
(misc accessories)

One of my customers realized that he does not have enough time to fly PPG. I know this equipment. The whole package has only been used 3 - 4 times. It is in mint condition. Pictures available upon request. Please inqure about price - sold as whole package only.

Aug 26/04      New WJ model released - welcome APACHE.

Based on 100 ccm engine Easy 100 ( cousin to RDM) with electric start. Same power as RDM based Airwolf, same weight as Airwolf, direct belt drive and no clutch. Tech specs here. More pics here.

Aug 24/04      FLY IN 2004 - Saturday

AAAHHHHHHHUUUUUUAAAHHHHHRRRRRRRRR........yap, that was Matt in the morning. What the heck was that!!!???? Can not we just sleep? Mark goes "Andre are you in for sunrise flight?" I fell like I went to bed just 5 min ago so I reply "NO!" 15 minutes later there is too much commotion so I am forced to get up. And BTW, I was not farting at all. If there was any farts then either Mark or Sam (my dog) are to blame...... Read more here.

Aug 23/04      FLY IN 2004 - Friday

Friday evening started the fly-in with everyone hoping the clouds would lift. The sky was looking dark and ominous, a few specks of rain were falling. Hopeful that things might improve, those that were keen enough to turn up, waited it out until we were all stood around getting wet, (with little chance of any improvement). We headed for Dora’s for some light refreshment. If we couldn’t fly we could at least sit around a table and exaggerate! A few ‘light refreshments’ later and Andre was pedaling his Monkey Butlers.....  Read more here.

Aug 23/04      Cabo and Ray D your gear is in TO I am on my way to pick it up.

Aug 22/04      I will not be available for any training on Aug 28 and Aug 31/04

Aug 22/04      News from Sodom Rd.

Fly in was success. Friday night was crappy but the "Monkey butlers" cheered us up. Sat morning was flyable. Everybody got up. Sky gradually cleared up so all games and competitions took place, I also took Debbie for tandem flight. Some people went to fly over the Niagara Falls. Some played low and slow. Sat night, more drinks at Dora's then trip to Casino where we quickly proceeded to lose each other. We bumped into Duke by accident, if we did not, he would still be there wondering around.... Sun morning - flyable again. Bunch of people took off for long XC to lake Erie. I flew disguised in gorilla suit and got Cabo to fly for the first time. Only one prop busted thanks to engine seizing prop busting master of disaster Mr. W.

Mark promised to write detailed report so lets wait.

Those who attended can you email  your pictures with a short note about the fly in. Thanks A

Aug 18/04      News from Sodom Rd.

Wayne came to start his ground handling training. As we were unpacking his new Lift 30 he has mentioned that he had try to use it beforehand and got the lines tangled a bit. Then he says "Well they were so tangled that I had to undo the lines"  the he says "I am not sure if I hooked it right..." Well to make long story short. It took us 1 hour to put his glider back in working order.... 

Wind was quite strong so revere inflation was the way to go. After couple hours of me yelling left brake, left brake, left hard, release, not right hand, left hand, turn and collapse and such; Wayne was getting hang of it. We also broke in his new RR. 

Then Jerry showed up and hoped in for quick flight even though it looked like storm was approaching. Then it was off to Dora's for some home made food and couple of beers. Good day.

Wayne RR+ Lift 30  Jerry Spider el + Lift 26

Aug 15/04      Started on Sat, flew on Sunday.

Michael got in the air for 45 min. Short video from Michel's first landing here.

  Congrats Michael on your first flight.

Tom the stunt man came for more and accomplished 2 flights totaling 1 hour using the Simon RR. For a guy who's weight is about 155 lb that is pretty god level of skill and strength.

Aug 14/04      Great day at Sodom Rd. field.

Michael practiced forward inflations and conquered the flight simulator. Dennis broke in his new RR. Mete flew 3 times and landed in bushes. Mark helped out and went for quick flight and busted about 7 forward inflations right in front of his girlfriend. Cabo, Peter and Bilbo stopped by for demo. Peter flew in on his Ultralight. Pics here.

Aug 14/04      Gordon call me  - I do not have your phone number.

No, I did not get any of your emails. Yes, we were at the Sodom Rd. field at  4:30 pm. I have no idea where did you go.

Aug 12/04      Daryl flew again

Daryl accomplished another 45 min flight. Nice take off in almost wind condition. Good landing. Just as we got ready for another one it started to drip and by the time we packed up it was full on raining. 

Aug 11/04      We had incredible flight on Monday evening. 

Check it out at Mark's web page. The video is at the very bottom. 

Aug 10/04      Register for PPG course starting this Saturday. 

You can be flying on Sunday....

Aug 8/04      Support this website by buying a T-shirt.  

   This awesome design is by Mark

Hi we are planning to print T-shirts with this design.  They will be 15 $ Can + applicable taxes + shipping if you order by Aug 31/04 and $ 20 after that. Are you interested? Can you let me know just so we have rough idea how many to make? Thanks. Sizes M, L, XL and XXL. We accept MC and VISA.  Thanks Andre.

Aug 8/04      Dennis flew for first time. Andre and Mark went for nice XC - story by Mark.

We arrived at the field to find a light breeze. I forward launched into wind for a quick flight whilst waiting for Dennis to arrive. The glider was up very quickly. It looked like the wind would be just right for Dennis to make his first flight. Dennis arrived shortly after I took off so I made a quick circuit to land. With little breeze in the field I was landing fairly fast, but nothing that I couldn't run off. Dennis was soon strapped in and refreshing his ground handling skills which are very good. He was soon ready top try the paramotor without the wing. Andre had him running up and down the field like a little aero plane without wings! I'm sure this isn't part of the training.... Read more here.

   Mark over Niagara.    

Aug 7/04       Bring a costume for fly in.

To make flying more fun bring a costume to fly in or party in. We will have also have a bunch of little competitions for those that would like to participate. Disciplines: Economy - you will get 1 l of fuel and you will have to make it last as long as possible. Target landing - land as close to target as possible. Blind XC flight - use the map to fly to and identify 3 secret objects. Kiting competition - who can kite glider the longest while smoking cigar.......just kidding. 

Aug 7/04       Video from Ray's second flight - link fixed

This video was produced by Mark.  See it here at the bottom of the page.

Aug 7/04  Flew the Cabot trail in Nova Scotia. 

Pics here story will follow.

Aug 7/04       I am back.

I am back from vacation and ready to resume training. Email or call if you are interested to do more. Weather looks good for today.

July 29/04       Do not email large attachments while I am gone.

I am getting my messages through my cell at 14.4 kb per sec. Very slow connection. It takes for ever to download anything big. Thanks.

July 28/04       Video from Ray's second flight.

This video was produced by Mark.  See it here at the bottom of the page.

July 25/04        I am on vacation till August 8/04

I will not be answering my cell. If there is something very important, leave message and I will call you back.


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