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Powered Paragliding Ontario PPG paramotor news  Current: Used equipment for sale, Fly in Aug, 20, 21,   ______________________________________________________________________

July 25/04        Great flight on Sunday morning.

Took off in no wind condition. Flew to the west side of St. Catharines. This is an area that I do not know that well so it was awesome flight. Met Craig who saw me fly by and followed me in his truck till I landed. He may be another student meanwhile I have permission to fly from his property. Yupiiii another place to fly from. It was 1:45 min in no wind. Hmmmm that was good.

July 24/04        Increase in rental fees.

So far I have been charging $ 10.00 per hour to use one of my gliders for ground handling but this fee does not cover the wear and tear on the glider during ground handling from now on I will charge $ 20.00 per hour of ground handling. The glider rental fee of $ 10.00 per hour of flight did not change. Paramotor rentals are $ 1.00 per minute of flight.

July 23/04        More about Mark.

   Read here.

July 23/04       T-shirt will be sold shortly.

Working on few preliminary designs....


July 23/04       Another RR sold.

Congrats Chris on purchasing the "Big Daddy". Be nice to it. Do not hump it!

July 21/04     Quick flight this morning.

I have recently secured access to a site right on the outskirts of St. Catharines. Literally 5 min from where I live. This is not site for teaching but it allows me to hop in for quick flight and not drive all the way to Sodom Rd. 

The flight is self was not so good. It was only 20 min. Very windy and hazy. 

But I still enjoyed it. Always nice to be in the air...

July 21/04     Short video from Daryl's flight.


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