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Powered Paragliding Ontario PPG paramotor news  Current: Used equipment for sale, Fly in Aug, 20, 21,   ______________________________________________________________________

July 20/04     Daryl flew!!!  Powered Paragliding  with  Darryl - July 20/04

There was short window of opportunity this morning for Daryl to jump in the air. We got together at 7:30. Wind was perfect. Two forward assisted inflations and dry runs and we were ready for real try. Fuel up, get the radios ready. Inflation, perfect run and take off but at about 15 ft Daryl decided to go off power to idle. I yelled "Full power!" but it was too late, Daryl touched down and glider crumpled on top of the still running motor. Chop, chop, chop.....Read more here.


July 20/04  PPG Course with Dennis, Dennis, Imad and Darryl - July 10/04 - story by Mark

With an 8 o’clock start to the ground school some of us were looking a bit bleary eyed. Dennis and Dennis junior were first to arrive at the school, followed by Darryl with no shirt (always no shirt…even when it rains!). Imad arrived in style on his ‘superbike’ with personalised plates, complaining about how early it was and promptly disappeared to Tim Horton's to get a coffee... Read more here.

July 20/04        Gift certificates available.

July 19/04        Do you want your pictures?

-----Original Message-----
From: D. & J. Sroka []
Sent: Saturday, July 17, 2004 9:06 PM
Subject: Pictures

Hi Andre,
Love your website!  Looks exciting...far too exciting for me to ever try it!

I live in the Niagara region, and have seen either you or other paragliders out in the air from time to time.
Tonight I saw a blue with red? purple? single slash powered paraglider over the Welland canal playing above the rail road tracks near the towline tunnel around 5:30 pm.
I took some photos with my digital camera, and while the overcast weather and lateness of the day made them dark pictures, if it was you or someone you knew, I'd be happy to forward them along!  A few are quite large, but I hoped to be able to see the glider at home better, and I was happy to say I could.


Who ever that was. Let me know and I will hook you up with Jennifer to get the pics.

July 19/04        Good forecast for today.

I will be at the Sodom Rd. field at from 1 pm on. Anyone for more training or flying? Try 905 988 5013 or call me on my cell.

Forecast period: 1500 UTC 19 July 2004 to 0000 UTC 20 July 2004
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the W (260 degrees) at 7 MPH (6 knots; 3.1 m/s)
Visibility: 6 miles (10 km)
Ceiling: 4000 feet AGL
Clouds: broken clouds at 4000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather forecast for this period

July 17/04        Change of plans.

I will not be available this Sat and Sun. Sorry. 

July 17/04        To get insurance.

Join first then call Marsh 1  800  361 1625 and ask for the Silver wings plan application to be faxed to you. Fill out the application and fax back.

July 17/04        News from Sodom Rd.

Went to Sodom Rd. last night. Daryl ground handled and bought Walkerjet Superhawk. Tom flew three times. 30 min, 15 min and another 15 min flight. The landings are finally coming together. Good couple hours except the mosquito attack at dusk that was out of this world!!!


July 16/04       Mete is flying like a pro. 

8 flights completed in one day... See one of the take offs on video here.

July 16/04       Tandem flight with Walter.

Walter wanted to do tandem flight to see if he will enjoy the sensation of flight. If so, he will sign up for course on Aug 14/04. We have set up. I wanted to try new spreader bars that I have altered a bit. There was just enough wind so we tried to take off twice - no luck. The new, longer spreaders, kept swinging passenger to my left to cross load the risers. It was impossible to steer properly so I went back to my old spreaders.  By the time we switched them, there was almost no wind. We forward inflated and ran/stumbled like crazy... Finally, we were off and had awesome 1/2 flight in no wind conditions. See it on video here.

   Walter and the "Big Daddy" Simon RR.... 

BTW, Walter did like it and signed up for the course starting on Aug 14/04

July 16/04       Change of plans.

I will be available for training today from 5 pm on. If interested call. 

July 16/04       Call me at 905 988 5013 first.

Ladies and gentleman my cell phone bills are going through the roof. Try to call me at 905 988 5013 first. If you can not get me there and it is urgent, or need info on weather at Sodom Rd. field  dial my cell. Please be brief.  

July 15/04      I will be available for training this Friday and Sun after 3:30 pm.

Email if you are interested. Forecast looks good.

July 13/04      Ground  handling and Ray's first flight - July 11/04

Good day at the field. We had Ray, Dennis Sr., Daryl and Imad. Winds were more favorable so lots was done. Imad and Dennis bought gliders so they can practice on their own. Daryl did the same and picked up my used Lift 28. Ray took off for 45 min flight. Congrats Ray. Matt and Jeff hoped in and flew XC to Fort Erie after serious buzzing around the field. Jacob showed up but by the time he set up there was no wind. We tried couple of forwards but Jake needs his technique perfected - no luck today. Otherwise awesome day.

July 12/04      Buy equipment now.

Those of you who may be considering equipment purchase do it now. I have bought all the 2004 inventory at the beginning of the season when Canadian $ was at 78 cents of US $. Next batch imported will be approximately 2.5 % more expensive as Canadian $ is now down $ 75 cents.

July 12/04      Credit cards now accepted for sales of equipment

We accept  MC or VISA but you will receive 2 % discount if paid by debit, cash, certified cheque or money order. I have increased prices by 2% to off set part that fee that I have to pay to MC and VISA from each sale. If you will pay cash your price did not change at all.

July 11/04        Reminder.

I will not be available for training this weekend and also from July 24 to Aug 8 when I am on vacation.

July 11/04        Mark is going to help.

With 8 student going through the course in just last 10 days I knew I needed help. I could not believe my luck when I open an email from Mark who just recently moved to St. Catharines from UK asking if he could get involved and help. Mark, former physics teacher, is experienced paragliding pilot with over 100 hour in his log book who flew in all famous European place such as Mieussy, Chamonix, Annecy and such just as I did. You will be seeing Mark at the field helping out and you will be able to draw from his expertise. Short video of Mark in Chamonix executing spiral dive is here.

      Here is Mark. 

July 11/04        Ground school and ground handling July 10/04

Ground school success. Ground handling went well. Paul finally flew again but did not turn engine off on landing and busted prop. Mete flew his ass off - 8 flight total. No time to write story more detailed story. Pictures here.

July 8/04         Spam.

I get hundreds of Spam massages daily since I have three websites that take care of my businesses. I have a heavy duty Spam filtering program that sometimes sends email from non spamer to my Spamtrap box. If you have emailed me and I did not reply in 24 hours the chance is that you have been identified as spamer by accident. Call me and I will put you on my white list.

July 7/04        Anybody interested to start PPG course this Saturday?

I have two students that have requested course starting this Saturday July 10/04. I have two more places available. Anybody interested? You can be in the air on Sunday.....

July 6/04        Stunt man keep on flying....

Jamie had his first flight Tues morning. Tom had his second. Thermals started to act up early so we only managed one flight each. We got together at 3 pm  again. Both Jamie and Tom took off in very difficult light variable wind conditions. Nice control. Ray came down but the wind was not good for any ground handling. After short break the boys took off again. Absolutely smooth air! 100 % control. So we have fine tuned flying skills by flying low. was a flying circus. See it for your self. Video here.

  Tom and Jamie right behind him.

July 5/04       Ay caramba!! I have never seen anything like this!

OK. There is a student of mine who bought machine that does not believe that Walkerjet harness tested to 26 kn of dynamic force (an equivalent of 5732) lb will not hold his weight???!!! So he takes a needle and thread and butchers his harness. Ohhh my heart is bleeding. What sick bastard would torture poor Walkerjet like this...

See it here, here and if you can handle another one then one more here... There was also this crazy weird bracket wheel set up... I will not even to try to describe it. It was hideous, you would not believe your eyes if you saw it. I am still recovering....  

July 4/04       Toms first flight and reverse inflations Sun morning. 

  Pictures and videos here.


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