July 3/04       Ground school and powered practice. 

All went OK - finished by 12 noon.

  Tom, Jamie, Boris and Ray

Jamie testing the Airwolf

Busy day at Sodom Rd. field

July 2/04       Very busy. No time for major updates.

Jacob flew again and Haile did fair amount of flying

   Jacob      Haile

June 26/04       Starting procedure for 2004 Spider.

Some people were inquiring about this so here you have it:

  • Prime the engine.

  • Make sure the decompression valve is pushed in

  • Do a visual check of carburetor throttle lever - make sure it is in idle position

  • Pull twice with ignition switch in OFF position

  • Turn ignition switch position ON

  • Get good grip on paramotor

  • Push in throttle trigger by about 15 %

  • Pull start and immediately after engine fires release  throttle trigger to idle position

June 25/04       Training with Shawn, Haile and Paul.

Shawn had two awesome long flights.  Andre ripped start cord from Spider, then forgot to put one nut on critical motor mount and busted prop. Haile ground handled and Paul had several aborted take off attempts. Bitter sweet day....

June 25/04       Let me know if you are planning to attend my fly in.

Can you let me know by email if you are planning to attend my fly in. I would like to have rough idea how many pilots or onlookers will show up. 

June 24/04      I am always available for customer service...

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul .....[mailto:.........@.........]
Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 10:43 PM
To: Andre PPG
Subject: Friday ...

Andre - you're probably the only guy in Canada who took a cell phone call today while paragliding !! If you're going to the field Friday, I can get down there, but I'd have to get thru Toronto around noon to 1:00 pm to miss the traffic. I'll give you a call around 9:00 am to see what's up.

Yap, it does not matter if I am 3000 ft up.....I will always take care of my customers.

June 23/04      Beautiful morning flight this morning. AAaahhhh that was good....

June 22/04      New items added to used equipment for sale

June 22/04      Dave flying his trike equipped with WJ Simon XC plus and Sky Para Lift 28

June 22/04      Yet, another wedding....

I will not be available for training Sat afternoon and night. Any possible flying will have to be done in the morning. Fri and Sun is OK.

June 21//04    Powered training with Mark, Jeff and tandem flight with Julia - June 20/04

   Short video here.

June 19/04    Short video from June 18/04

June 19/04    Powered training with Sean, ground handling with Bob - June 18/04

  More pictures here.

June 18/04    Gentleman, secure your gear.

This is an email I have received yesterday from one pilot. Name of the pilot has been removed:

-----Original Message-----
From: pilot [mailto:......@.......]
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 7:41 PM
To: Andre @ Powered Paragliding Ontario
Subject: More Stuff

Hi Andre
 I did something stupid last night. I was going to go fly with another pilot and I threw the wing in the back of his truck without securing it. Well, what do you know, it blew out of the back of the truck and was run over by another truck. There are 5 holes the smallest is approx. 1-2" in diameter and the largest approx. 6" in diameter, and all of them are on the underside of the wing. Only one line was damaged. Can it be repaired?
signed Desperate pilot ..........

June 17/04    Used Lift 28 for sale. See used equipment.

June 17/04    Paul in the air again..... 

     Video from Paul's flight here  400 kb

June 16/04    Additional chest strap. 

Those of you who would like to be more secure in your seat or feel like sometimes the shoulder straps want to slip off add chest strap to your harness as I did.

    The picture says it all.


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