March 13, 2003        Somewhat cursed flight.

I have opened back door to Peaks to peak outside and aaaaiiiiii my eyes are burning....The sun was shining right in my face and the sunlight in combination with the reflection from the snow felt like someone pointed 10 000 watt spotlight into my eyes and turned it on. After while my eyes adjusted which took about 2 min during which I saw black circles, purple circles, weird monkey, green circles and finally very soothing green circles and was able to take a serious look at the current weather. Sunny, cumulus clouds and not windy at all; at least not where I was standing. After 3.5 full days of slaving my ass of at Peaks, being flooded by kids wanting to climb, (it is March break here in Canada) I can rejuvenate my energy by sneaking out for a quick flight. Check the forecast, hook up trailer and off I go. Read more here.   

March 12, 2003      Those who are waiting for partially prepaid equipment:

Please note that I have received email from Walkerjet apologizing for longer then usual delivery time. Walkerjet production on my shipment was slowed down by Radne Sweden due to the late Racket 120 motor delivery. I was assured by Mr. Prochazka, the owner of Walkerjet, that my order will be shipped ASAP.

If you have, questions, please email.    Thanks for understanding.  Take care.  Andre

March 11, 2003      Study Guide for the Radiotelephone Operator's Restricted Certificate:

To get certified to be able to use aviation radios one has to know how to properly communicate with radio control tower or other aircraft and pass a written test. Here is a Study Guide for the Radiotelephone Operator's Restricted Certificate (Aeronautical) that will help you to understand proper procedures with respect to radio communication. For the study guide click here

March 10, 2003      Propeller guard for safe paramotoring lessons:

In the past season I had several PPG students perform what I call parablending. It involves lines or canopy falling into the spinning prop resulting in loss of lines or hole in canopy. This happens on the ground during inflation when canopy overshoots and student is too slow to apply brakes. This adds extra stress as most students do not wish to parablend.  Read more here


March 7, 2003         WJ Paramotor Cruise Control adjustment on the F 16 throttle # 2:

Always building better mouse trap........Not that long ago I have finished improvement to the Walkerjet Paramotor F16 throttle.  See here.  But I thought there must be a way to alter the cruise so there is more then just one cruise control setting. I have sat down and started to think. This is what I came up with....

I have used old cordless phone antenna and cut off the last 2 sections. I have bent the end as such...  Read more here

March 6, 2003     Sky Paragliders operating in new facilities:

Since March 1/03 Sky Paragliders started production in brand new facility. The new factory is equipped with several computer controlled plotters and cutters creating one of the most advance production facility in Europe.  The company is currently applying for the ISO 9000 certification. Congratulations! Keep up the good work guys!

March 4, 2003     Homemade radio helmet for paramotoring:

In Canada the use of helmet while paramotoring is required. So how does one have a helmet and radio headphones without spending tons of money? I have designed and build me own for 160 $ Cad. 

The helmet is actually Petzl rock climbing helmet that can be purchased from MEC. I believe I paid around $ 70.00 Cad. Next was to purchase muffs from local safety equipment store. I have asked for the best quality ones and paid around $ 35.00 Cad for noise-attenuation of 24 db. Last thing to get was a PTT-VOX microphone box. Read more here.

March 1, 2003       Warm almost spring like flight.

You are going to go flying, right? Says my wife as we drive back to St. Catharines from Toronto. Anne knows that when I stare at every flag pole that we pass by I am itching to fly. I have missed great day to fly on Thursday so there was no way I am going to miss another one. It was overcast, warm and almost no wind - great flight conditions. So go to Peaks, dress up, hook up the know the whole procedure by now, don't you?


Upon arrival at the field the wind sock was showing 3 - 5 km/h. Just enough wind for reverse inflation. Read more here.                                                                                                               _________________________________________________________________________

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