June 16/04  Powered PPG training with Matt - June 1 5/04

Four flights completed. Great time. Congrats PPG pilot Matt.

    More pictures here.

June 11/04    PPG Fly in at my field Aug 20, 21 and 22.

Gentleman, mark your calendars. I am planning to have PPG fly in on Aug 20, 21 and 22.We can camp behind Dora's if we eat and drink there. I was promised that they will stay open till last person stumbles to their tent. Let me know if you can attend. I welcome all licensed pilots or students holding SPP. All aircraft must be registered a liability insurance should be in place. Get your asses in gear!

June 10/04   New Sky Paragliders design implemented.

Photo courtesy of Dell Schanze WJ USA

June 6/04    Training with Marc, Jacob's first PPG flight and over the Falls with Ron - June 5/04

  New pilot Jacob. More pictures here.

June 5/04    Awesome forecast for today. Anyone to fly or train? Cell me on my cell.

Awesome forecast for today. Anyone to fly or train? Cell me on my cell.

June 4/04      Great PPG flight from Bieda's

May 3/04        No CAR's will be broken at the fields where I operate from.

Those of you who are not my students note that you will not be allowed to fly from my fields if you do not have license and third party liability insurance. The same will apply to those who have their own equipment that is not registered. 

June 1/04        202468 hits in May...

Summary by Month

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May 2004 6531 2981 3484 173 4983 5590324 5391 108030 92440 202468
Apr 2004 5589 2707 2725 166 3606 3806775 4993 81762 81235 167670
Mar 2004 5335 2854 2358 177 4245 4930371 5516 73125 88489 165401

May 31/04        Transport Canada definition of PPG and marks requirements in CAR's.


A powered parachute is an aircraft that consists of a motor, a structure such as a cart, bicycle, back packs, etc., to support the pilot to which a rectangular or elliptical-shaped ram-air parachute is attached. It has been determined that a "parachute" meets the Aeronautics Act definition of an "aircraft" and therefore powered parachutes must be registered as an ultra-light aeroplane.

Currently there is nothing in the CARs that stipulates what constitutes the identity of a powered parachute or powered paraglider for registration purposes.


A powered parachute must have a serial number in order for a Certificate of Registration to be issued. Bills of sale should identify the aircraft by the model and the serial number. Transport Canada will assign, at time of mark allotment, a six digit serial number to ultra-light aeroplanes that were not assigned a serial number by the manufacturer. The serial number is preceded by the letters "TC" and is keyed to the last three letters of the registration mark with relation to their numerical position in the alphabet. To avoid a possible repeat of a serial number each letter "A" through "I", which would normally have a single digit numerical position, shall be preceded by the number 0. For example if the last three letters of the mark are "AAA" the serial number will be TC010101.

14.3  MARKS

Standards 222.01(1)(i)

A powered parachute is a "heavier than air aircraft" and as such must display registration marks prior to operation. Marks allotted would be in the C-I series. When the marks are not displayed on the bottom surface of the wings (parachute) then marks can be affixed in accordance with 222.01(2)(o) which allows the mark to be shown only on the sides of the ultra-light. If the structure does not accommodate the required 30 cm (11.8inches) size marks on the side, then the marks shall be as high as possible, but never less than 7.5 cm (3 inches).

See more on Transport Canada regulations with respect to PPG.

May 31/04     More PPG training with Marc and Mete's first flight - May 30/04.

   More pics here.

May 30/04    Awesome forecast for today. Anyone to fly or train? Cell me on my cell.

May 30/04    Course with Jake, Marc and Roland - May 29, 2004

    Pictures here. Story will follow....

May 26/04   Letter to Jim Pengelly - aircraft registration department of Transport Canada

May 28/04

Mr. Pengelly,

As you may or may not know I own and operate flight school called Powered Paragliding Ontario. or PPG Ontario. We teach people how to fly what is known as powered paragliders. We also import and distribute the aircraft used in powered paragliding. 

In the past, several customers who purchased the equipment from our school have been having problems registering their aircraft with Transport Canada. I assume this is because powered paraglider is rather new and not commonly known aircraft. According do Transport Canada representative Sue Davidson in Hamilton, our flight school is the most active in Ontario. I consider my self an expert with respect to the training procedures and knowledge of the equipment used in powered paragliding. This letter is to give you and others at Transport Canada  aircraft registration department better understanding of the equipment used in powered paragliding in hope of streamlining and simplifying the registration process. 

Read more here...


10:11 am sipping coffee at Dora's after awesome flight. Spent 1 hour 35 min in absolutely smooth air. Now having breakfast. Still high on adrenaline. Coffee does not help. Finally nice day after all that rain GRRRRR. 

It looks like it will be good day for PPG flying on Sat. I will be at the field after 1:30 pm. Anybody in for more PPG training or PPG flying?

May 26/04      NEWS from Sky Paragliders 

On May 10 this year, Vojko Prah, flying Brontes M, managed to break the FAI WORLD RECORD - Speed over a straight course with length of 15/25 km. At the moment all the paper work is finished, all the protocols signed and we wait for the FAI office to recognize the record.

Petr Matousek, flying his BRONTES M, managed to win German Open Championship in PPG. He won his the PPG trike category by 500 points, which is a very remarkable result. 

Congratulations Vojko and Peter.

May 25/04     Excellent article on rescue parachutes.  Here.

May 25/04     Last chance to register for the course starting May 29/04. 

Do not hesitate and book.....you can be flying soon!


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