April 17/04       Busy day at the shop. 


We had plans to fly but it was too windy. ;-(  So maintenance and some repairs was undertaking. Tested Gerbings heated gloves. They work very well. I can not wait for the winter to come back.... Just kidding....

April 16/04      You can do this too just sign up... For info on training go here.


These amazing pictures are courtesy of Dell - WJ USA  

April 15/04        Spring flight.

  I had beatiful flight today. Pictures here. Story will follow....

April 14/04        Busy day on the popular "Rana" hill in Czech Republic.


Apr 14/04         Safety notice.

WJ owners, please check on position of your large pulley assembly. The way things are designed the large pulley is off center once the reduction belt is tighten. Make sure that if your prop turns counter clockwise the large pulley will be positioned more to the left if you face the prop. If you machine turns prop clockwise make sure it is more to the right. If it is not on the proper side, change it by following simple directions here

Apr 13/04         PPG course with Chris and Rob - Day 7, 8 -  Both Chris and Rob fly again!

   More pictures here. Write up will follow shortly.


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