March 30/04      Video from Purple Pig get together - Updated. 

I took out the annoying sound of the motors and me like it much better.  See it here.  

March 29/04      Video from Purple Pig get together. 

OK, this is my first shot on digital video editing but the raw footage is very low quality sooooo please excuse...    See it here.  

March 28/04      Back from Purple Pig get together. 

Great flying on Sat. Prop that has decided to fly off on it's own. Monkey butlers but lack of pigs at Purple Pig.... Great fun, stay tuned for story and video. Sneak preview here.

  Jeff's feeble attempt on Monkey Butler... :-)

March 28/04      A very useful and cool interactive flight map. See here.

This will allow you to find out if there are any restricted air spaces in your area. 

March 26/04      2 spaces still open for the course starting Thursday, April 1, 2004. 

Do not hesitate and book. You can be flying soon.... More info on courses here.

March 26/04       Flying tomorrow.

I am heading to see Phil tomorrow and possibly fly from his location if weather is good. I will be arriving at Phil's place around noon and plan to fly after lunch. Anybody else in? If so email with your cell # so we can co ordinate. After flying off to the mighty, awesome, unbelievable, PURPLE PIG

I will introduce you to the most popular drink of Czech Pilots, the "Monkey Butler" Get Ready!

March 26/04       Sunglasses for flying with radio helmet.

As you know, I am always building better mouse trap. Every time I would fly on sunny day my sunglasses would dig into my temples during flight as the radio helmet ear muffs press against the  arms of the glasses. After while it gets very uncomfortable. As usually I thought there must be a better way. This is what I came up with. Take sunglasses and unscrew the little screw that holds the arms hinged together. Drill holes to fit rubber elastic, thread, knot, secure knots with superglue and you are done. The picture says it all...  

  Good luck making your super duper comfortable glasses.    Andre

March 24/04       Traveling home for Simon RR and couple of gliders finished.  More here.

March 24/04       And I thought that my tricky take off was bad... How about this??!!

March 23/04      Doufam ze vyjde pocasi.

Tak hosi, tuhle sobotu se bude litat jak o zivot jestli bude hezky. Drzte vsichni place at se nam to vyvede a nikdo si na tom padaku nerozbije drzku a nebo nerozstipe vrtuli...

March 22/04      Even better gallery of pictures here.


March 22/04        Proper license, aircraft registration and liability insurance required.

From now on all pilots that are not PPO students in training who would like to fly from our location/s must be properly registered. Please email, fax or snail mail copy of your ultralight pilot license, aircraft registration and proof of liability insurance. If you are not registered you will not be allowed to fly from our sites. 

Those of you who recently purchased equipment and plan to use it for training, please go ahead and register your aircraft with Transport Canada. The Canadian Aviation Rules (CAR) state that "No ultralight aircraft should be flown in Canada unless it is registered" Here is how to do it.

Thanks Andre.

March 22/04      Very cool gallery of pictures here.

March 22/04       Harness test. 

All paramotor manufacturers in Czech Republic must submit their products to extensive testing and certification by LAA the Czech Amateur Association of Pilots.


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