March 21/04          Spring is here but weather is still crap....   Bummer     ;-(

23 MAR
24 MAR
25 MAR
26 MAR
27 MAR
28 MAR
    Variable cloudiness Cloudy with showers Cloudy with showers Cloudy Light rain Wet flurries
HIGH   6C 11C 13C 13C 13C 4C
LOW   -7C -1C 2C 5C 5C 4C
CONDITION   Variable cloudiness Cloudy with showers Cloudy with showers Cloudy Light rain Wet flurries
P.O.P.   30% 60% 40% 30% 100% 70%
WIND   SW 15 km/h SW 15 km/h SW 5 km/h S 15 km/h SW 40 km/h N 25 km/h

March 20/04         More general info on spark plugs.  See here.

March 19/04       Ay caramba; that is big box!

  Work on traveling home for RR and Brontes continues...

March 19/04       Very cool HG, PG and kite surfing video. See here. 3 Mb

March 18/04       Yet, another home made box coming...

This season I want to get out more. Instead of spending every weekend at the field teaching PPG I would like to spent some time traveling Ontario and New York State to enjoy flying in different areas. Frankly, I know the Sodom road field  so well that I could take off, fly over Niagara Falls and land with my eyes closed. There is no reason to tow my trailer on these trips as I only need one paramotor and couple gliders. So as you see I am building trailer hitch platform and plywood box  to house my Simon RR, Brontes, Golem and all the other things one needs to fly. Some would say "Why do not you put your equipment in the car?" Well after 4 years of dealing with paramotors I can not stand the smell of gasoline anymore!  Wish me luck, I will keep you posted on the progress.

March 18/04       Technical notice.

Those of you who purchased Simon XC or RR model please exchange your 1 A fuse for 2 A fuse. In case of extremely low batteries the 1 A fuse will blow when the charger is connected.

  1. Charger connector or  12 V 2A supply

  2. Secondary ignition switch (turn off if you plan to spin prop by hand etc)

  3. Fuse 2 A 

  4. Motor connector

  5. Throttle connector

March 18/04       New radio helmet for students.

Only the best for PPO students... The old "dorky" helmet is GONE! From now on every student will look very very cool... 

March 17/04       Please note that I will not be available for training April 9 to 12/04 

March 16/04       WJ Simon models spark plug demystified. 

The spark plug that is used on the Simonini Mini plus 2 engine is NGK B10 ES. To learn more about features of this racing spark see picture below.

March 15/04       Acro Video. Sky Lift and WJ in action! Pilot Petr Dvorak. See here.

March 12/04      Yet another happy PPO customer.


Wayne has picked up his Lift 30, Simon RR and Sky spare. Thanks Wayne, I appreciate the business. You own the best paramotoring equipment! No if's and but's.


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