March 12/04      Thanks for the compliments Dean.

--- Original Message --- From: <> To: <> Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 7:56 AM Subject: Thank you for great services


I have been following your website for over a year now and I have finally decided to email you.  I find you site to be top notch; it is very comprehensive and fun to read. There is so much valuable information; I wish other companies would follow your example. I visit almost daily and you always exceed my expectation. Great stories, nice pictures, improvements, technical stuff, it is all there.  I wish I was living in Canada close to you so I could fly with you and share the fun times you seem to have. I know it is hard work to run the business and keep the site constantly updated but it looks like you really enjoy what you are doing. Please keep the good work. I hope to meet you one day. 

Best regards 


PS: I envy your students for having such great instructor and a guide.

March 11/04      Another PPO student successfully passes ULTRA exam. Congrats Haile!

----- Original Message ----- From: <> To: <> Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 9:48 AM Subject: Haile Abate

Hi Andre, I got the plastic tip for my cage and thank you very much. I will owe you for that. I also had passed my pre-solo exam with 96%. > > Haile.


CONGRATULATION!!! I told you will do it. As far as the plastic coupling, just buy me a beer next time. Take care. A.

March 10/04           Awesome thermal flight at Bieda's

I have enjoyed the tight and sharp thermals for about 45 min with the highest rate of climb at 17 ft/sec and highest climb, straight to the cloud base at 3800 ft AGL. Thermaling is definitely easier with this DHV 2 glider but you have to keep your eyes on it all the time. I was readjusting my vario at one point and not holding my brake lines and as I exited relatively strong thermal Brontes surged to approximately 75 degrees ahead of me. I am definitely not used to this from Lift gliders. Yikes! For sure more agile wing, certainly not suited for beginners. On the other hand, centering the thermals was a piece of cake and the glide ratio is unbelievable. I also like the higher trim and accelerated speed.

    Read the full story here.

Great flight. Can not wait to get out again. Since the field conditions at Bieda's are suitable for flying and training I am officially announcing the start of the season 2004. Those of you who would like to resume training please email.

March 9/04      Paraglide over K2, the second highest mountain? Sure! Why not...

More on John Sylvester's wild plan here.

March 9/04      Bad flight today!

Went flying today. Blue skies in St. Catharines but.....snowing in Niagara Falls.  #$%@! 

March 9/04      Only 2 spaces left for the course starting Thursday, April 1, 2004. 

Do not hesitate and book as spaces are limited. More info on courses here.

March 8/04     THE PURPLE PIG.

Do not miss the annual meeting of Ontario PPG pilots at THE PURPLE PIG in Aurora on March 27/03. 

March 7/04       Updates:

Updated demo days    Updated course dates

March 7/04        Find this ad in major newspaper and save $ 50 on training...

     PS: Copies printed from here will not count. Sorry.

Terms: One ad per one customer. 

March 6/04        It was Xmas today for Jeff....

Jeff has purchased Simon RR, Lift 28 and Sky Spare. Best PPG equipment available on planet Earth.

     Thank you Jeff, I appreciate the business.


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