March 6/04        Are you in trouble? If so, eject!

Pilot error caused a U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds F-16 to crash at an air show on Sept. 14 at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, the Air Force said on Wednesday. (See below for in-cockpit video of the crash.) The pilot incorrectly climbed to 1,670 feet AGL instead of 2,500 feet before initiating the pull-down to the Split-S maneuver, according to the Air Force news release. The pilot, Chris Stricklin, 31, apparently flew by mistake to the MSL altitude used when practicing the maneuver at his home base, Nellis AFB in Nevada, which is 1,000 feet lower than the Idaho field elevation. The pilot ejected just eight-tenths of a second before impact, after reportedly making an effort to steer the aircraft away from the crowd of about 85,000 ... and now works at the Pentagon, in Washington, D.C. Stricklin suffered minor injuries. The F-16, valued at $20.4 million, was destroyed.


When Stricklin realized something was wrong, he exerted maximum back stick pressure and rolled slightly left to ensure the aircraft would impact away from the crowd should he have to eject, the Air Force said. He ejected when the aircraft was 140 feet above the ground. There was no other damage to military or civilian property. Also, the board determined other factors substantially contributed to creating the opportunity for the error to occur, including the requirement for demonstration pilots to convert AGL elevations to MSL altitudes, and performing a maneuver with a limited margin of error. Instead of just zeroing the altimeter to deck level as a result of the crash, procedures have been changed to require that Thunderbird pilots climb an extra 1,000 feet before starting the Split-S maneuver. Pilots must also call out their altitude to the ground safety operator in MSL rather than AGL numbers.

March 6/04        Easier to use speed bar

Those of you that have WJ unit equipped with foot speed bar will appreciate this improvement. I have added another short loop to the speed bar so it is easier to get your feet on. The picture says it all.

March 6/04       If you fly Walkerjet you just can't get rid of them....   ;-)

March 6/04        Insurance through Marsh not COPA

Those of you inquiring about liability insurance note that you will have to be member of COPA first before you can apply for liability insurance with Marsh.

March 5/04        Notice to all WJ owners.

I just finished extensive research on sealed lead batteries and concluded that it would be better to charge the batteries once a month overnight as opposed to keeping the machine on charger all the time. That is what I am going to do from now on with my units and suggest that you do the same.

March 5/04       Windsocks from Sky Paragliders available.

        Cost 39 $ Cad + taxes + shipping      

March 5/04       Wet field and Steve's forced landing...

...I fly around for while and then decide to take my helmet off, pull my earplugs out, turn off the engine off and fly over Steven shouting "What is the problem? Can you get her started again?" Steven yells back "Yes, but I need screw driver!" Hmmm I wonder what for. Maybe he needs his carburetor readjusted. I am very close to the ground so I hit the start button and .....nothing! Yikes. What is going on? If I can not restart my machine in 5 sec I will have to get ready for landing as well. Then we are stranded...I push the start button again ...nothing....   Read more here.


March 4/04     Galleries updated. See here.

March 3/04    TAF forecast translated.

Those who use the Aviation Digital Data Service at note that the page now offers translated TAF. This makes the forecasts much easier to understand. In case you do not know the code for your local airport click here.

March 2/04    First flight with new equipment -  March 1/04

Brontes arrived, Brontes arrived. After flying PPG for 4 seasons I felt that I needed to upgrade to performance glider as I often fly thermals and it is tough to do with Lift, a standard category glider. It is not impossible but you need good thermal day to do so. With my new glider also came new 2004 Simon RR with carbon fiber 3 bladed prop. Oh... all these sweet goodies.... Monday - good weather forecast so I pack and go flying....          Read more here.

Feb 26/04       I will be out of St. Catharines until Saturday night.

Feb 26/04       First flight in year 2004 -  Feb 23/04

I woke up on Monday morning to a great day. Sun was out, I peek out of window...there is not even a trace of wind. I was not checking weather at all thinking this whole week will be write off so I was pleasantly surprised. This may be that one day in Feb that one can get out for a quick fix. Flight fix that is. I got on the TAF website, forecast was awesome. Calm and relatively warm... OK. Let's do it. Off I go to Peaks to get the trailer and 20 min later I am checking the conditions at the field. Perfect! No wind! It will be forward...   Read more here...

Feb 25/04       Pictures of 2004 Spider added.  See here.

Feb 25/04    It looks like we will have a nice weekend to fly. 

Anyone interested to get together for flying or training?

26 FEB
27 FEB
28 FEB
29 FEB
    Cloudy periods Cloudy periods Variable cloudiness Variable cloudiness Scattered showers Light rain
HIGH   2C 4C 7C 9C 9C 1C
LOW   - -6C -3C 0C 4C 1C
CONDITION   Cloudy periods Cloudy periods Variable cloudiness Variable cloudiness Scattered showers Light rain
P.O.P.   20% 20% 30% 30% 40% 90%
WIND   NE 5 km/h NW 5 km/h SW 15 km/h W 10 km/h SW 25 km/h W 25 km/h

Feb 25/04       Walkerjet wins the thrust test at Paratoys 2004.  Read more here.

                                                                        Thrust             Motor             

Unit Brand/Model      Prop Type                      (lb)                Brand              Pilot/Owner

 WalkerJet RR           51 3-blade comp.      160                  Simonini           Dell

 Sky Cruiser 200             46 2-blade wood         138                   Simonini           Steve

 Fly Power Gold 130       51 2-blade comp.        133                   Simonini           Mo

 Fly Power Plus              48 2-blade wood         124                   MZ 34              Dan

Feb 24/04       Paramotors arrived. Yupiiii. Inventory updated. See here.

    Walkerjet RR

Dave, Jeff, Wayne your precious babies are here...  Contact me to schedule pick up.


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