Feb 23/04       Cold hands? Get electric gloves from Gerbing!         More info here.

    I am going to order pair and will let you know how they work

Feb 23/04       Deep snow does not prevent Dave from flying...  Way to go Dave!

Feb 23/04       Niagara Falls restricted flight area CYR 518 demystified.

We fly from field that is very close to Niagara Falls. Due to the restricted airspace around the Falls all aircraft must climb to 3500 ASL ft prior to entering the circuit. The circuit can be entered from SW (50) or NW (100) directions. The boundaries of this restricted space start at the Welland river on the south side and at the QEW highway at the west side soooo if you are flying in the area make sure that you have 3500 ft ASL before you cross these landmarks.

Feb 22/04       Walkerjet's new model SKY, based on water cooled engine.



Centrifugal Clutch



18 hp

RPM max.




Diameter propeller


3 blade carbon propeller


2 blade carbon propeller



55 Lb

Weight of Pilot

130 220 Lb


130 Lb

Power exhaust


Fuel tank

2,1 gal

Starter Manual


Transport bag cage Yes
Transport bag engine


Hour Meter Optional
Metallic paint


Feb 22/04       Walkerjet...hundreds of paramotors manufactured and sold world wide!


Feb 20/04       Pilot's report from Walkerjet public discussion group re 3 blade propeller.

Let me start out by saying I own two WalkerJet RR's but am not affiliated in any way shape or form with any PG or PPG commercial entity. I pay regular price for all my stuff just like everybody else. I'm happy with my gear and brand loyal but will gladly accept any free stuff anyone wants to send me. ;-) I had the good fortune of having unlimited use of any of the WalkerJet units that were at ParaToys and they had 13 motors there. I made back to back flights using their RR's with a B&H 51x20 wood prop, then the two blade composite prop, and finally several flights on the units with the new three blade prop. The thrust tests later bore out my observations. Read more here...

Feb 19/04       Equipment in transfer.

Those of you waiting for your pre-paid glider from Sky Paragliders can track it here AWB-NO 12804470 and those waiting for pre-paid paramotor can track shipment from Walkerjet here AWB-NO 057-50038446

Feb 18/04       Updates:

Updated demo days    Updated course dates

Feb 18/04        Cool PG video.  97 MB. Right click here and select "save as".

Feb 17/04        WJ and Sky Paragliders tested new double apex rescue parachute.

As far as I know there is no rescue like this on the market! This is R&D at it's finest. See the picture of the toss here

Feb 16/04        Ground school with Bob, Feisal and Jeff  - Feb 14/04  

First ground school of the year 2004 started at 8 am. I have decided to teach it upstairs as opposed in the lobby since upstairs is where I keep the tables, chairs, study materials and so on. 

  Read more here...


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