Feb 27/03     Here is the proof! Tandem with Simon RR:

People often ask is it really possible to fly tandem with Simon RR even though it is only 200 ccm engine? There is a lot people that do not believe since for example the FB tandem unit - Monster - is based on much larger and much heavier engine. The answer is yes. Simon RR took me at 190 lb and Chris 180 lb up on first try for a nice 10 min spin this fall. This season I would like to do many more tandem flights as it is very nice way to introduce the sport.


Feb 22/03     Rescue Parachute Walkerjet Paramotor attachment:

OK, call me chicken but I am mounting rescue parachute..... It is not because all of the sudden I fear for my life more then before but I simply decided that since I own one I may as well use it. I figured it will not do me any good being on the ground if god forbid something serious happens while I fly. In the beginning of my PPG career I did not want to deal with the extra weight and bulk. Also since I went from performance/competition glider to standard category glider I was quite sure that  flying without rescue parachute will be OK as collapses of standard category gliders are rather rare. Even though a collapse of performance/competition glider  is regular occurrence I have never had to toss may spare. I was close once though. It was in French Alps near Annecy in 1992 but that may be a separate story one day. Also we, the motor heads, do not have to deal with a lot of traffic as opposed to non motorized paragliding where you may have as many as 30 pilots ridge soaring in relatively small area.  Another reason that I was not using the spare was the fact that the way things were set up my rescue parachute was mounted on my lap. So every time one would have to disconnect one side of the spare get in the harness, buckle up, re-attach the spare plus there was not any space for my GPS and other instruments. Read more

Feb 22/03        Gliders cleared through customs.

Guys, I will be shipping your gliders on Monday. 

Feb 21/03        Gliders have arrived at Pearson airport.

I just received call from the Vista Cargo people at Pearson airport in Toronto letting me know that there is shipment from Sky Paragliders waiting for me. I will probably go to clear it through customs on Sunday and will be shipping your glider shortly after.

Feb 19/03        Dates for the first ground school and possible glider handling of the year.

I am planning to run first ground school on March 22/03 from 8 am to 12 noon. Then if we get lucky and the weather will co-operate we can proceed to 4 hours of glider handling at the field in the afternoon. I have 4 spaces for the ground school and 2 spaces for the glider handling. If there is enough interest I will run another ground school on Sunday March 23/03. If you are out of town you may want to think about the possibility that the weather will not be suitable for any hands on training and may want to wait until next ground school session that will be mid April.  Please email me and book your session if you are interested.

Feb 13/03        Sky paragliders on their way:

Sky Paragliders shipped gliders yesterday by Danzas. You can track it on http://www.danzas.com  Tracking Air Waybill number for the shipment is 257 4292 2880.

Feb 13/03        Best US pilot endorses Walkerjet:

Martin Orlik has officially endorsed paramotors Walkerjet as the best PPG product. Martin is the 2002 USA PG champion and will be competing in the 2003 PWC races through out the year, carrying Walkerjet logo. We are proud to sponsor Martin. Martin sights features like easy and natural weight shift, superior comfort, power and light weight, unsurpassable quality, paramount safety and most notably a PG like experience in flight which makes the WJ units the best on the planet. Settle for nothing less. Team Walkerjet USA

Feb 12/03        Cruise Control power setting adjustment on the WJ F 16 throttle:

After 6 months of flying Simon RR there is one small thing that I have decided to improve. Walkerjet paramotors have a unique ergonomic F16 throttle with built in cruise control button. Unlike other paramotor manufactures cruise can be engaged by simple push of cruise control button without the need to operate throttle trigger. In practice you can be idling during descent or while flying thermals but if you decide to engage cruise you simply push a button. The RPM will increase to the point where cruise control power setting is. Unfortunately there is only one power setting for cruise and I found that once cruise control is engaged, the power setting is touch low for my weight and the equipment I fly therefore I do descent very slightly during cruise control flight. I thought of trying to set cruise control power in such a way that I would be rather ascending slightly which is preferable during cruise control flight.  Read more here


Feb 12/03           Possible disruptions of web page and email.

I am in the process of acquiring more web space through different web hosting package. There may be some interruptions of my email or the web page may not come up. You can always contact me at or call 905 988 5013. Thanks for understanding.

Feb 11/03           Shipment almost ready.

Those of you who took advantage of the winter sale and are now waiting for your equipment to arrive note that I have received e mail from WJ stating that all Simon models are ready to be shipped but they are still waiting  for some parts from Sweden to finish the Spider models. I assume the whole shipment will be sent in about 10 days.  Sky Paragliders will have gliders finished on Feb 15/03 and will ship immediately. In both cases the shipping and subsequent clearance through customs takes approximately 10 - 14 days.

Feb 7/03           Another sweet winter flight.

So I come out Brock U after super boring lecture on progressive tax and after while I feel like something is not right. What the heck is it? Wait the second! It is sunny,  I do not feel any wind and it is quite warm!!?? Perfect time for a flight. Ok, it is 2 pm. I have 3 hours of sunlight. Go! Go! Go! After the usual routine . Rush home, check forecast...     Read more.


Feb 6/03        Added page Walkerjet paramotor Spare Parts

Feb 2/03        Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002


OK, this is what I was afraid of. A computer game! I am a busy individual trying to juggle between, running two business, spending time with my wife, going to university, taking care of my dog  and maintaining some level of social life. As if I need to waste hours of precious time plying computer games. Well, that was all honky dory until I saw the MS Flight Simulator 2002. I have looked at the cover in the store and words like: fifteen different aircrafts to choose from, over twenty one thousand international airports in database, real life communication with air traffic control, as real as it gets....who could resist that? So here we go, $ 60.00 later I am home installing the program ready for my maiden flight. Read more.

Jan 30/03        Nav Canada Aviation Weather Service Guide


This a very helpful guide that will allow you to decipher all the flight weather info language such as KIAG 161553Z 23013G21KT 10SM FEW025 BKN220 M07/M11 A3017 RMK AO2 SLP237 8/106 9/107 T10671111  and also tell you more about variety of weather services that we can use on Nav Canada website. Click here for Nav Canada guide.

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