Feb 13/04        Very cool ACRO from Stubai 2004.  

See Tomas Lednik of Sky Paragliders flying glider sporting the new company logo.  Here. And interview with Sky Paraglider's Martin Nemec here. Sharpen your German though. ;-)

Feb 13/04        Sultans do not take economy class...

You are going to be blown away by these pics....  See here  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Feb 12/04       Question for PPG or trike pilots near by:

Guys, (and girls) I can buy chunk of property near Niagara Falls.  It is very large farm field. Tons of room. No trees. Flat. Groomed. Just perfect. If I was to purchase this we would have a place to meet on regular basis, build a cabin, camp and so on.... we can start a club and this will be our permanent flight site. We can fly: 
  • over Niagara Falls...  8 km
  • to Lake Erie... 7 km
  • to Niagara Parkway to check out the multimillion dollar estates ...6 km
Now the question is...would you be interested to purchase seasonal pass for $ 200 that would include unlimited access to the site including camping or pay daily $ 10 for flying + $5 if you decide camp. I am not trying to squeeze out every buck I can. I would simply need help with the property tax and interest on the loan if I purchase this. Can you let me know?

Feb 12/04       Sky Paragliders - New logo.   

   Nice eh?

Feb 11/04       Walkerjet unveils new 2004 trike.    

This thing is unbelievable. The wheels.... the seat...the handling... first class machine! I can not wait to get one in and try it out....  See here.     

Feb 10/04       Sky Paragliders - New design on Atis glider.         Me like, me very like.......


Feb 10/04     Check out an excerpt from Sky Paragliders promo video. 8 MB. See here.

Feb 10/04     Last spot available for the ground school Feb 14/04.    See here.

Do not hesitate and book...

Feb  9/04      Places to stay.

Those of you inquiring about places to stay during the course click here for info on bunch of B&B's.

Feb 6/04     The lines are strong...

I am sure that the first time most people see the lines on paraglider they think... "Oh my god, these tiny ropes are so thin...there is no way these can support my weight alone never mind with the heavy paramotor on my back..." Yesterday I have spent 30 min on the phone trying to explain to Richard that there is no way these lines will brake....So here you have it Rick, single line is supporting all my weight at current 190 lb... 

  There is total of 26 lines so there is no way lines will brake. See here.

Feb 4/04     Cleaning decompression hole on Simonini engine

After 70 - 120 of flight hours you may notice compression increase on you Simonini engine. It will manifest it self by starter motor barely able to turn the prop over or general difficulty to turn over the prop. If this is the case, you will have to clean the decompression hole. This is how to do it... Read more here.


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