Feb 3/04     The art of giving up.

I have been following the forecasts for almost a month and there was not a single day that would be suitable for flying. Winds were hauling and sub zero temperatures were not inviting to fly either unless you were Sasquatch. Finally Sunday Feb 1 started to look good... Read more here

Jan 29/04     I will be out of office from Jan 30 to Feb 1/04.

Jan 29/04     Site and email down on Jan 28/04.

I have received bunch of emails from people who visit my site daily asking what is going on? Well my internet provider's server got fried in the hacker attack and hardware needed to be replaced hence the second interruption. Sorry.

Jan 27/04    Very funny flight related video.  

9 MB. See it here. You are not going to believe it is home made!

Jan 27/04    How to register your aircraft with Transport Canada?  See here.


Jan 25/03    WJ did not have any mufflers falling apart as described by B. Armond below.

I guess this problem could be caused by running Simonini Mini + 2 motor too rich and the associated vibrations would "shake off" the end of exhaust. I will keep my clamp on just in case.

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Nikdy jsem se s tim nesetkal ani neslysel
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Tady se proslycha ze na Simonini vejfukach upadava konec vyfuku. Viz foto. Vis o tom neco?

Jan 24/04       Course dates for 2004 set.    See here.

Jan 24/04       Very sophisticated flight log.

Those of you who like to keep track of many details of your flight visit http://www.jiffyloc.com/flightlog/index.htm and download the program. It looks very nice.

Jan 24/04       Updates:

Updated demo days    Updated course dates

Jan 23/04           Warning/Notice to all Simonini paramotor pilots - written by Bob Armond.

I have had (4) of the new Simonini chrome mufflers fail in a very strange way in the last two weeks. What is occurring is the very end piece of the muffler that looks like a coke can in shape (with a small pipe coming off it for the exhaust to exit), is breaking off completely from the muffler at the weld. Read more here.

Jan 23/04           Used Spider electric and Lift 26 for sale.    See more here.

Jan 23/04          Couple of nice pics... 

  Dell Schanze  Flying in Oludeniz


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