Jan 23/04          Winter sale has ended yesterday. 

I would like to thank to all of you who took advantage of the winter discount and purchased their equipment.

Jan 22/04         Andre forced to toss spare parachute....

.... I knew that this time would come one day. I grab the rescue parachute handle.... rip it out of the outer container... glance for clean air and toss the spare with all the force I can gather...I worry that the spare will not open in time... I am not far from the ground... in fact I am very very low...    More here. 

Jan 22/04        Two RR's...10 000 ft...two Brontes...now where the heck did I park?

Picture by Dell Schanze - Walkerjet master dealer in USA. 

Jan 22/04        More pictures of Simon RR and Airwolf added.

Jan 21/04        Hacker captured my internet provider's server. 

My site and my email was down all day on Jan 20/04 therefore winter sale has been extended by two days. The sale will end at midnight Jan 22/04.

Jan 21/03         Not sure how to choose your powered paragliding equipment? See here.

Jan 20/04         Two more buyers who took advantage of the winter sale. 

Wayne has ordered Lift 30, Simon RR with 3 bladed prop, Sky Spare rescue parachute, auxiliary fuel tanks and paramotor accessories.

     Thanks Wayne I really appreciate the business.

Jeff has ordered  Lift 28, Simon RR with 3 bladed prop, Sky Spare rescue parachute and paramotor accessories.

     Thanks Jeff I really appreciate the business.

Jan 19/04        Winter sale will end tomorrow at midnight. 

Last chance to save $ 700 - 900 on purchase of your aircraft - order today!

Jan 19/04       Pictures of the WJ 2004 models.

Airwolf Simon XC Simon RR

Jan 19/04      Paraglider certification test demystified:

I have been receiving fair amount of inquiries from various pilots and newbies with respect to loading gliders, categories and certification test. After I spent few hours on the phone explaining this over and over I have decided to write an article that would explain the above subject. Read more here...and check out the videos below...


Jan 16/04      Venku je kosa jak svina. 

Neda se litat a vubec je nejaka vokurkova sezona. Alespon si clovek muze zalitat na simulatoru... Vylet do Grand Kanonu.


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