Jan 14/04      Function of the fuse on 2004 Simon models.

There was some confusion about the function of the fuse (# 2 on picture) on 2004 Simon models. The 1 A fuse is in the charger battery circuit and will blow if a charger with more then 1 A current will be connected to the charging connector.  This fuse has no effect on regular running of the machine. Position of master switch, ignition switch or secondary ignition switch does not have any effect on fuse or charging. WJ recommends to charge with 12 V and max of 300 mA. Chargers supplied by PPO are proper chargers.

Jan 13/04      How to remove engine or battery box on 2004 Simon models. Click here.

Jan 13/03      Preflight check should include flywheel. 

I was recently fixing seized crankshaft bearing on my 3 yrs old Simon RR and noticed cracks on the spokes of the fly wheel. After consulting with WJ, I was told that they have seen this and it is area of possible weakness for Simon machines with more then 150 flight hours. They recommend paying close attention to the fly wheel during each preflight check.

Jan 10/03      Little bit of PG history. 

Andre flying 3 TP competition glider at Hamilton mountain. Fall 1993. That thing was a beast. There was no time to relax at all. Symmetrical and asymmetrical collapses were very common occurrence with this glider. I have retired this glider after crash landing in Chilean Andes 1994.


Jan 9/03       Winter sale will end soon. Only 10 days left to take advantage of the winter sale. Even though there is not many paramotors left in the inventory you can still take advantage of the winter sale and get brand new gear cheaper. Simply decide what equipment would you like to purchase and let me know by email. I will then email you back an invoice and you will send me a cheque for half of the total amount showing on the invoice. If I receive the 50 % down payment by Jan 20/04 you will be eligible to receive winter sale discount. Do not wait, you can save anywhere from $ 700 to $ 1000 Cad. I will order WJ paramotors on Jan 21/04 and it will take approximately 4 weeks to get them in. I have all sizes of Lift gliders in stock.

Jan  9/03     Walkerjet introduces new 2004 model - AIRWOLF. This model is based on the RDM engine with centrifugal clutch. Light but very powerful model. A solution for heavy pilots who do not have enough physical fitness to handle the weight of Simon models. 



Centrifugal Clutch



22 hp

RPM max.




Diameter propeller


2 or 3 blade carbon propeller



50 Lb

Weight of Pilot

110 220 Lb


125 Lb

Power exhaust


Fuel tank

2,1 gal





Transport bag cage


Transport bag engine


Hour Meter


Metallic paint


Jan 7/03     Powered training with Haile  - Dec 13 to Dec 19/03

Jan 5/03        New glider by Sky Paragliders - ATIS

  More info on ATIS here 


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