Jan 5/03        WJ announcement - 3 bladed carbon fiber props available. 

From now on customers can chose between 2 and 3 bladed carbon fiber prop on Airwolf and Simon XC and RR models.

3 bladed props decrease vibration and noise level. I did not get a chance to fly with one yet therefore I can not describe the difference in more detail. I will post report on the subject as soon as I get my hands on one of these beauties. There is slight increase in pricing for models equipped with 3 bladed prop. 


Jan 5/03       Gary and his loved ones... ;-)

Dec 27/03   Testimonial:

----- Original Message ----- From: Gary and Patty To: Andre Zeman Sent: Friday, December 26, 2003 4:41 PM Subject: TESTIMONIAL

Hello Andre,

I just wanted to pass on to you and others who read your website how pleased I am. I live in Nova Scotia and was introduced to Powered Paragliding Ontario through research on the web. I must say I was quite apprehensive to travel that great of a distance, not to take the course, but if I purchased a machine, what would the service be like? Would I be forgotten shortly after the sale? Read more here.... 

Dec 20/03   I would like to thank  to all of you who supported Powered Paragliding Ontario by taking lessons or purchasing equipment in past 3 years. Please note that if there is any help that you need or have any problems with your equipment I am your personal slave for life...             Have a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.  THANK YOU   Andre

Dec 19/03   More powered training with Haile  - Dec 19/03  Sneak preview - text will follow.


Dec 16/03   Please note I will be out of the office:

Dec 21/03 to Dec 26/03  and  Dec 27/03 to Jan 4/04. If you need to get hold of me contact me Dec 26/03  in the afternoon or Dec 27/03 morning.

Dec 16/03   Powered training with Haile  - Dec 13/03  Sneak preview - text will follow.


Dec 10/03   Pre Xmas low flying and paramotor skating - Dec 9/03 

Did not fly for long time. Anxious to go. Red Hot Chilly Pepper playing full blast. Highway not busy. Weather awesome.............  Read more here.

Dec 10/03    Great PG video. See here.  25.5 MB

Dec 9/03     Another picture of WJ standard accessory.

Dec 6/03    Interesting PG video.  

XCeara 2003, Frank Brown is taking off in very thermal conditions.  700Kb. See here.

Dec 5/03    New cell phone number. 

Those of you who need to stay in touch, email me for my new cell # 

Dec 2/03    Traffic at PPO. 104 449 hits in November... not too shabby...

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Nov 2003 3483 1985 1438 141 2683 2673394 4248 43150 59555 104499

Dec 2/03    Simple guard for WJ paramotors.

Lately, I have witnessed several "parablending" accidents where  lines were lost. I had a serious guard made to prevent parablending but this may not be solution for everyone as this guard was not cheap, took time to manufacture and it also adds some weight. I thought there must be a simple way to prevent lines from falling into the small opening between the prop and cage. I have come up with this idea...   Read more here.


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