Nov 27/03    Anyone to fly on Dec 17?

On Dec 17, 1903 at 10:35 a.m. Orville Wright flew the first powered flight in the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, NC. That initial flight lasted about 12 sec and covered a distance od 120 ft. Wilbur and Orville flew the aircraft three more times that day...  

I am planning to commemorate the 100 year anniversary by flying. Anyone is welcomed to join.

Nov 26/03    Some interesting weather.


Nov 25/03    Lift line plan

If you parablend some lines this will help you identify the lines you need. Soooo instead of writing "I need the third line on the C riser that is behind the 4 the line on A riser on the inside of the left riser with the small line on the right just in front of the brake line that has the small strap attached to it" just write "I need two AU." 

Nov 24/03    Powered training with Sean and Matthew's first flight  - Nov 22/03  

Since wind was weakening we have decided to do forward assisted launch. All this time Matt would always drift to his left on all inflations and gradually fix the sideway motion during his run. Therefore I have assumed that the same would happen during our real try. Start the engine, get ready, last set of instructions and go! Glider comes up nicely, I yell go, go, but Matt is not applying power. Matt, GO, GO, power up I yell gain. WROOOOOOOOOOOM there it is. But instead drifting to the left Matt is going to the right???!! I am totally in his way!!! AAAAhhhhhh how do get out? I think I have actually pulled off a real ballet move, I twirled, jumped and spanned at the same time.... Read more here

Nov 22/03    Boeing 747 meets stuff...

  More pics here, here and here.

Nov 21/03    Warning! If you see this cloud formation do not attempt to fly! Danger!

Nov 21/03    Second flight at Bieda's - Nov 20/03 

After I took bunch of pictures for Mr. Bieda a have decided to take XC flight to check out Welland airport that is about 10 km away. Here it is just past my foot. I was tempted to land and say hi to Bruce who I spoke to on the phone several times but it was getting cold and I decided to turn back. It would have been fun though. This picture almost looks like a situation out of MS Flight simulator... Read more here.

Nov 21/03    Simon RR sold to Oman.

Thanks Guy I appreciate the business. 



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