Nov 18/03    I have just received the emails - Winter sale in effect again!!! Yupiiiii...

Just like last winter both manufactures Walkerjet and Sky paragliders offer winter discounts so I have decided to pass them on. This is unique opportunity to pick up set of brand new equipment cheaper. Also the 2004 Spider units will no longer have electric start but unfortunately the cost will be almost the same. I have three 2003 models in inventory and those will be last Spider units with electric start. Do not wait and pick one up. If you purchase paramotor, paraglider and rescue parachute your savings will be $ 800 - $ 900 depending on what paramotor you choose. Terms are here.

Nov 17/03    New Walkerjet standard accessory! 

WJ is the only company to include this type of accessory as a standard equipment. See here.  ;-) 

Nov 16/03   Powered practice with Sean and Dennis - Nov 15/03 

Fforecast ffor Saturday looks good. Shawn is planning to come ffor more training. Mathew calls but does not leave complete number to call back. Andre tries to call Mathew back but none off the #'s on ffile ffor Matthew work. Dennis is planning to come ffor Saturday. Steven is also planning to come Saturday....                 Read more here.


Nov 10/03       Powered training with Mark  - Nov 9/03  

Brrrr it was cold. Two fleece jackets and hat. I was going for the scholar sophisticated look keeping my driving glasses on but looked more like the village idiot......Mind you the glasses help when it comes to observing student's feet kicking which is a positive response to my questions such as: "Should I have your spare underwear ready when you land? If yes, kick your feet." or "Is that Sleaman's Honey Brown Lager that you are opening?  If yes, kick your feet" or "Do I see you reading man's magazine and smoking cigar? If yes, kick your feet."  Read more here.

Nov 6/03      Troubleshooting Walbro 32 carburetor settings on Simonini Mini plus 2:

There was some confusion about how to troubleshoot the Walbro 32 carb on Simonini Mini Plus so I have written a guide on how to figure out why your RR or XC does not run the way it supposed to. See full table here. I also did the same for the Walbro 39 carb on Spider. See here.

Symptoms Reason Fix
Engine vibrates and idle is slow Idle screw (3) not adjusted properly  Turn idle screw clockwise till engine runs smooth but does not push while at idle.

Nov 5/03      Flight over Matterhorn Europe - First time in the history a tandem paraglider with Czech pilot and passenger flies over Matterhorn.  See pic here.

Nov 3/03      Check out these 2 crazy PG videos Video 1  659 Kb  Video 2  954 Kb

Nov 3/03      Please note that I will not be available to train this weekend Nov 7 - 9, 2003 

Nov 3/03      Course with Sean, Matt, powered practice with Mark and Dennis - Nov 1/03 

.....while I was packing used XC for Kirill, Mark stopped by Peaks all excited, telling me that the forecast for Saturday looks great and Sat will be "THE DAY". I had certain doubts as every time I have planned session with Mark we had bad weather. So far there was thunder storms, storms, heavy rain, tornados, floods, avalanches, light rain, earthquakes, Sodom Rd field fires, volcano eruptions, slugs falling from skies, electrical outages, hurricanes, snow storms.....soooo when Mark told me that he wants to do his first flight tomorrow I told him to kill couple of chickens to break the curse that must have been was placed on him while back. When Mark showed up on Sat his hands were still bloody....... I swear..... ;-)             Read more here.

  Super super strong man is pulling.... click here to enlarge


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