Oct 30/03     Used Simon XC goes to new home in BC. Thanks Kirill, I appreciate the business.

Oct 30/03     First flight at Bieda's - Oct 30/03 

Henry Bieda is fine gentleman a two world record holder who I met at the Sodom Road field and also through Joe Zawadski - the Sodom Rd. field owner. Henry has offered his property at Bieda's Powersports for PPO use which is extremely generous. I must say I am quite lucky to know people like Joe or Henry who offer their land for our flying or training........ Read more here.


Oct 29/03     Video Ouch 2000

Various incidents and accidents.... Most of the situations and gliders are characteristic for the 1988 and 1989 years when I started paragliding... Been there done that... 26.5 MB click here

Oct 28/03     Video from "Fly in" in Thornton.

Andre flying in rough thermal conditions, Phil is tossing his rescue - just practice on the ground, Grant half flying half walking.  21 MB   Click here. For story from "Fly in" in Thornton click here. 

Oct 28/03     Video of another emergency parachute toss. 

Asymmetrical collapse, negative spin,  rescue parachute deployment. 1.4 MB Click here.

Oct 28/03     Thursday and Friday may be good days to fly. See here. Any takers?

Oct 25/03     Flying with Shawn and Dennis  - Oct 24/03 

I strap in. Get ready,  inflate full power. I run like crazy and finally I am off. But wait what is going on? I am coming down again! OK, legs out and run Forest  run....So now I am literally racing down the field at about 40 km/h. I am not kidding! I am thinking "Andre you have wind to your back! Abort! But it is soooo close..... Read more here...

  Denis    Shawn

Oct 23/03     See how many internet visitors PPO gets.  Click here.  

I have just switched to new internet provider back in the old country. If there is anyone looking for domain this company will register your .com .org .net domain and give you 300 MB of disk space. All for $ 10.00 Cad a month. Great deal.  If interested email me and I will give you contact.

Oct 22/03     Possible new home for PPO 

OK the new location at the north end of previous field is not too bad but the surface of the freshly cut area sucks. I have slaved my ass for close to 3 hours with my home lawn mover on Tuesday and cleaned up smaller area within the large cut area so we have half decent place to launch. It is still not as good as the previous spot though :-(  

I now have an access to a very nice property about 25 min from St Catharines. The owner of Bieda Powersports Henry Bieda is letting me use his land. The grass is beautifully cut, the field is big and we are even able to use his trailer sitting on the property. I have to come up to take some digital pictures of his place from the air first and then we can start coming up for flying and training.



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