Oct 20/03     Walkerjets ...  Write up by Dell Schanze - Walkerjet USA 

The best in the world and nothing else is close. There are so many reasons that Walkerjet is by far the best it is hard to know where to start. Let's start with launching I guess or getting ready to launch. First you can actually sit in a Walkerjet and comfortably hook yourself in because it doesn't sit flat on the ground like other motors. Because of the skids below you it's really easy to hook in and stand up because you are not starting from flat on your fanny. This is huge because with the other motors you get muddy and wet all over trying to crawl around on the ground in order to hook in and stand up. With the easy design of the Walkerjet you can get yourself ready to fly and stand up without any assistance from others. Read more here


Oct 20/03       Ground school with Adam - Oct 18/03

Then it was to field for some ground handling. In 2 hours Adam was able to reverse inflate, control, stabilize turn and run. We did have the ideal condition + Adam was totally natural. If he can handle the extra weight and awkwardness of the motor with same speed he may be the fastest student to go for solo....

Oct 18/03       Updated demo days    Updated course dates    Next course and demo Oct 31/03

Oct 17/03       I am in a process of changing servers and getting more space. 

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Oct 16/03       Used paramotor WJ SIMON XC  available now - only 14 hrs of flight time  

      More pictures of this unit here.
There is very small dent in the frame. Other then that the machine is in mint condition. The customer upgraded to Simon RR. Cost $ 5990 Cad +  shipping cost if any. Only GST charged on used paramotor therefore total price would be $ 6400 CAD as opposed to new unit that would come to  $  7990 CAD. This is a great deal - save $ 1600

Oct 11/03      Beautiful calm fall flight

 I set my self up. Couple of partial inflations and I am off. The colors are dancing.....


Oct 11/03     Update re field access.  New site secured. More info here.


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